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  1. Happy Birthday Gal,

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and a GREAT year :-)

  2. Happy Birthday ~!!~

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday ~!!~

  5. lagomorph


    So I'm fairly technology-challenged and I'm sure someone here has to know this. I was thinking about getting one of those unlocked cell phones you can buy on Amazon. It says you can just stick in the SIM card you already have and start using it, but I remember the last time I got a new phone it wouldn't work, and it turned out the reason why was I had the wrong kind of card. (This might have had something to do with the fact that the "new" phone was really cheap and crappy and presumably a much older model, I don't know.) So how do I know if the one I have will actually work?
  6. Well, I didn't flunk out of law school. I just got my last grade today, even though my exams ended Dec. 22. I've been such a stress case (well okay, even more than usual) for an entire month. My grades seem horrible to me, but there's this dumbass curve and I think the average for a class isn't allowed to be above like 2.6, so I suppose it's all sort of relative. At any rate, I'm just glad I'm still here. Also, it's 12 degrees here. Twelve. Two days ago I had my window open.
  7. I'd sort of given up on writing here, but no one seems to be awake for me to talk to. I went to this party a girl in my classes was throwing, she pretty much invited everyone in our section and I guess 20-25 people showed up. It was fun, finally having a conversation with people I've sort of know for 6 months but never really talked to. I actually know people's first names now (the professors call us Mr. and Ms. whatever, so everyone knows each others last name.) Let me say no, I am not drunk, I still haven't gotten over the October debacle yet. Our hostess kept handing me drinks and I kept sitting them down. I had this completely atrocious vanilla pepsi and vodka and decided I was done. There was a tiny bit of excitement but it was more funny than anything. I guess some of the neighbors called the police because we were getting so loud, so this cop knocks on the door, and he's young and not ugly, and the girl who opens the door goes "Well hello, look at you!" and then immediately looks completely horrified and sort of backs away. So the girl who actually lived there starts telling him, "I swear we're all over 21, we're law students" and he just sort of shakes his head and says "well, future lawyers of America, just keep it down" and leaves. I'm pretty sure he didn't hear when someone tried to offer him a beer. All in all not nearly as rock and roll as my last story, but still, there does always seem to be a cop involved somehow.
  8. lagomorph

    I made a pie

    No fair, bring me some!
  9. Well, three exams down and a take-home one to go. I'm fairly sure I completely blew the first one but the other two I feel okay about. I got really lucky and found another girl who has a flight leaving about an hour before mine, so she's driving me to the airport tomorrow morning. I was going to have to walk about a mile with my bags at 4 am and get on this shuttle that a taxi company runs, so I'm definitely pleased to be picked up by car at 5 instead. I hate flying, hate the whole ordeal with the crowds and not knowing where I'm going in the airport, hate the taking off and the landing and everything in between. Also I have to change planes at O'Hare...blegh. It's been a pretty long time since I've flown, the tag on my luggage still had the address I lived at 3 places ago. I had a conversation about Star Trek with a cute guy this morning. Just saying...weird. We're not exactly friends but we've studied together a few times and we talk when we see each other. Anyway, he told me about this rumor that Matt Damon is playing Kirk in some kind of prequel movie (I looked this up on and he said he hadn't even been contacted about it, otherwise I'd probably be ranting about that right now) and we expressed much irritation and disbelief and wondering how Ben Affleck would end up in it. I hate cute guys with girlfriends who are nice and talk about Star Trek. *sigh* I Netflixed this Henry Rollins comedy/spoken word thing (did I mention I just gave up and bought Buffy? so I can get movies from Netflix again.) It was absolutely hilarious, he's just so huge and loud and angry, and I love it. I've been listening to angry music a lot lately, somehow it helps get me in the mood for finals. This morning on the bus to school I was listening to Pantera, it's a great way to wake up. I just don't get people who can listen to talk radio and stuff in the mornings. In the morning I'm pissed off and I feel like death, and I need loud music. Anyway, here's to two weeks of no work and being able to sleep whenever I want, and maybe even some real food.
  10. Oh, using me for my baked goods. And yeah, I intend to make it as small as I can read it.
  11. It's 20 degrees right now, and I have the heat on but I'm still freezing because the top of the window in my bedroom is open about an inch. I close it, it slides right back down. And it was extremely windy last night, so thanks to the open window my door was slamming in its frame all night long. I haven't gotten a decent night's sleep in days. I haven't been able to fall asleep at night, and then there's this building being constructed practically right outside my window, and they start with the sawing and hammering at 7 am every day. I actually wish this weekend would hurry up and be over. I just want to get my finals done and get out of here. I'm flying home on the 19th, and then I have a take-home final due on the 22nd that I can email in. For this coming Monday's exam, we're allowed to take in one sheet of paper, written on one side, and that's it. The *insert long string of expletives* people in my classes actually voted for this, rather than being allowed our books and all our notes. This sounded okay at first, until I went though my notes to try to get them down to something manageable and they're still a quarter inch thick. I think having this whole week to study did me no good at all, because I actually work better under time pressure. There's been a lot of "why'd that person leave" and "I haven't seen this person in forever" going on around here lately. I've actually thought about just staying away from the internet several times. It's nothing to do with GA in particular, really, it's just...people. There's been more than one person who I'd known for years who just stopped talking to me and disappeared suddenly. Somehow disagreements never get talked out, one person just blocks the other or always pretends to be away or whatever, and that's that. I probably get way more offended than I should when stuff like that happens, but there are people here on GA who I feel know me a lot better than anyone in "real life," and it always hurts to be dismissed. OK, if anyone's still with me, I do have less bitchy stuff to talk about. I got this insane package from my aunt the other day. There was 1) all this homemade yummy fattening stuff, chocolate chip walnut cookies, molasses cookies, some kind of potato, pecan, and white chocolate candy that sounds weird but is really good, and these cherry chocolate bars, 2) a can of hot chocolate mix, a box of dry milk, and a bag of marshmallows, 3) a packet of this cherry cocoa in a christmas mug and a ceramic spoon with a snowman head, 4) two boxes of tea and a bottle of honey, 5) a sweatshirt and pants, 6) a singing card with $25 inside, and 7) a calendar that i'll never use because it's ugly and has angels on it. So I was altogether quite pleased. Also, I ordered the complete Buffy on DVD. I found it for $93 and just couldn't resist.
  12. Yay for getting into Firefly! And I think it's funny that you think 56 is freezing. My roommate is from Vegas and she tries to turn the heat on when it's 60, meanwhile I have the windows open when it's 45.
  13. I agree that I can't wait until this comes out. And I am SO glad that they finally cut Harry's hair, between that and just being older he looks much better now. Although I keep wondering what's up with how Sirius looks so bad. I mean, isn't he supposed to still be really handsome, even if he is all unkempt? There's a video of this sneak peek thing from HBO, it's got scenes from the trailer but also little snippets of interviews and "making of" type stuff. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7...dfeed&hl=en Val
  14. lagomorph

    confined spaces

    Wow, that's...horrifying. I had no idea what earwigs are so I looked it up, and now I seriously wish I hadn't, because I'm a little bug-phobic anyway, and those things are scary looking. Val
  15. lagomorph


    I'm done with the evil paper. Imagine me dancing around like a fool. All it took was a nice long string of cursing and throwing a book across the room. Now I just have one class tomorrow morning (and yeah, it's the worst one and the professor has taken to calling on me practically every day), but then I'm free for the rest of the week. And my mom mailed me a pumpkin roll today..whoo hoo. Although no one up here has the faintest idea what that is, which just puzzles me because my mom makes like 10 of them every thanksgiving and gives them to people. http://southernfood.about.com/od/pumpkins/r/blbb465.htm in case no one here knows what I'm talking about either. My mother is freaking about no one coming to visit her for the holiday. My brother just moved like 2 days ago, I'm too far away, and my sister is staying home because one of her kids' birthday is on or around Thanksgiving and every year he has a tantrum about how he has to eat turkey and doesn't get to have a party, so this year they're going to stay home and do his birthday thing. So yeah, I'm off to be slothful and watch TV and not do any work.
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