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I am the penguin queen!



(I am, Joe made it so. :D )


Right, so just a little update for anyone who cares. I'm still totally swamped but I think I'm calming down a bit. And sorry Michael, but I haven't met a gay guy (that I know of) yet. :D I'm still sort of getting used to this whole being able to look straight out over the horizon thing. I can't tell you how weird it is to not have mountains. But all the water is awesome, and it's been like 10 degrees cooler here than in WV, and we all know how happy that makes me.


Also, my room feels much bigger now that a certain circus freak helped me rearrange it and I don't have my computer sitting in the floor and cables trailing across the room. I highly recommend moving furniture as an icebreaker, by the way. :P


I haven't had any interesting stories in ages, as a result of the whole living with the parents thing, and I have to tell you that last weekend I passed up an opportunity to go out drinking that ended with some people sleeping by the side of the road and one guy in a cop car. I'm still undecided on whether I'm disappointed or not...hehe.


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OK, well, I just hope someone else ALSO helped you move furniture because I KNOW you didn't just call me a circus freak. :angry:


Wait, maybe I don't mind that so much. :D


And yes, living on the coast rocks. When are you walking up here to visit?



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