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Hangover, anyone?



I feel like total crap today, and I can't even exactly remember if it was worth it.


There were like 8 of us that went to this bar, which was unbelievably crowded and loud. There was this band playing and I don't think I heard a thing anyone said to me all night. I just sort of started pretending I knew what was going on and shaking my head. It's hard to tell what I might've agreed to.


It's been a loooong time since I had that much to drink, and now I remember why I'm always swearing I'll never do it again. I think I had two beers, a Jager bomb, a long island iced tea, some other mixed drink that someone gave me and I have no idea what it was, and at least 4 shots. The guys kept bringing shots and passing them out, and we'd ask what they were, and they'd just go "it's good, drink it!" So yeah, I have no idea. Then the bar closed and we all came back to my apartment and kept going, and I think I had two more beers then. And (fair warning, this is sort of gross) in case anyone is wondering, yes I did pay for it, the bathroom rug is in the washing machine as we speak. I have no idea when everyone left, because after that I went to bed and passed out. There was some hard liquor sitting out on the table this morning, so I have a feeling that there's at least one person in much worse shape than me right now. That's right folks, we're all future lawyers. Scary, isn't it?


Oh, and I'm pretty sure I called Joe at some point (hopefully he's the only one I called...you know those buttons are tricky when the room won't stay still) and he made fun of me a lot. So, sorry Joe. :D


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