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I came, I chatted... I broke my panties



Okay, well not in that order exactly... but it sounded better. Actually, I came, I broke my panties, THEN I chatted... and had SUCH a great time! So... thanks you guys! It was awesome! So many of you showed up and I am still so surprised about that, I'll admit. Kevin AFF, Kevin Bard, Krista, Conner, Drew, Justin, Natey, Robbee, Grant, James, Tony, Steve, CJ, Kurtie, Joey, I'm sure there are more that I am so... horribly forgetting so I'll apologize for that now. But my point was.... OMG! you guys... thanks so much! :2thumbs: I had a seriously phenomonal time!


So yeah... the panties thing... They really did break! :o And no, it was not Rich's fault either. Just... I guess that happens from wear and tear but... :( these were the purple satin string bikini's and... they broke! The best part of the story though is... since they broke... I threw them out, and the next day Rich was doing some laundry and says, "Okay so something weird... your purple underwear are missing!" :o So I say, "Yeah, they broke, so I threw them out." So he says, "Broke?!" LOL! I think it's oddly... sweet that Rich is keeping tabs on my panties! :lol:


So it's pink lemonade Jolly Rancher time now, while I am listening to KROQ online since SNOW PATROL is supposed to be playing LIVE in less than 10 minutes!!


I heard from Tobi! He posted this as a comment in my last blog but I thought I'd put it out here again... So for anyone wondering where I was, I'm in England now, for 5 months, out of internet, but fine. Hugs to all of you guys. I miss you, Tob


So, in better news... my brother has finally signed the refinance papers for our house and they should be arriving at Tony's house today for him to sign, and back here by Wednesday for us to sign again... I am SO getting a stamp this time cause OMFG! But whatever, it has to be done... I'll just pretend I'm signing my autograph or something. 0:)


So, and a side note... this is the 4th paragraph I've startes with 'so'... but on with it, SO... I called home on my break yesterday, like every day, and yeah, we have caller ID, but when Rich answered he said, "Hello my lovely wife!" :wub: And then later he asked me to come home early cause he missed me.


Eric is sick! :( Get better Beautiful! I miss your smooches... but I just can't risk getting sick making out with you so... hurry up already! :wub:


So I stopped to get gas today... in my jammies :*) I really should try putting on clothes when I leave the house... since I'm getting dressed anyway right?


Okay, 5 pages into the fall anthology! Totally loving it so far... I hope it turns out well. Can't wait to see how it turns out!


Okay, what else... I totally LOVE that song, The Kill, by 30 Seconds to Mars! HUGE bonus.. Jared Leto... VERY pretty! ;)


Okay so, I gave this guy I work with the address to my site so he could read my blog, before I realized that he could read my stories there too :o So now I'm nervous, but he's cool :D totally sweet and not judgemental so, I'm sure I'll be fine! Anyway, I'm totally freaking out too cause... well, no one but my family and all of you know I even write stuff... deep breaths! Waves hi to G from work! :P


Alright... so thanks to Bard for all the amazing questions in the live chat! I don't know how long you spent coming up with them all, but they were fantastic! So, thanks Kev! :hug:


Kay, off to edit!~ Write, and hopefully not break anymore panties!


Hugs, Viv


PS. My sweetie is snoozin' right now... maybe drooling all cutely, :P but I hope he gets some rest and comes back to play with me soon :wub: And, angel... ANGEL :wub: what can I say? It's just... one card :unsure: OMFG! They are AMAZING! Snow Patrol, LIVE, singing Chasing Cars! :2thumbs:


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Awwww yay Viv!!! :2thumbs::great:


I had so much fun too!! :hug:


hehhee don't worry about starting blog paragraphs with "So".... I think I might have done that once or twice myself 0:)


YAY for Tob! I hope he gets the internet back soon though :D


Boo for Eric :( I hope he feels better soon!


Yay for life :D


:hug: have an awesome day!!


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