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Urban dictionary



I have contributed some old eighties slang to the urban dictionary. There is, of course, much more of it. This is all I've written up so far. [entries in red have not been accepted yet.]


The Urban Dictionary is pretty raunchy but where was I going to find out what a filthy-Sanchez was? Wikipedia?







Disgusting alert! Be warned- it gets ugly below.



A mind-blowing, earth-shaking orgasm so intense that you never forget it. It must be something of a religious experience as most people shout, "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!".


Holy crap Jessie can give great head. That was an organ-spasm I'll never forget.


synonyms: big-o wet rapture climax squirm cum





A young guy that is such a horn dog that he will try most anything sexual.


My buddy Shawn is a try-sexual: he f**ked his that fag-hag girl Mandy and her pal Travis.



Leg Hound

1. a male dog the humps your leg

2. a young man with a powerful sex drive that will f**k anybody, anything, anytime, anywhere.


1. What could be more awkward than meeting your girlfriends parents with their damned leg hound humping and nutting on your shin.

2. Jesus Shawn! I can understand f**king fag-hag Jamie but did you really have to f**k her buddy Travis too?


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