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Ive got a cold...


Now everyone gets colds at some point so its no big issue. But the twisted hands of fate chucked a mix of asthma into the equation, so I now have breathing problems.

I ended up at the docs the other morning pretty much unable to breathe, now if you don't suffer from asthma or have never been seriouslly short of breath, trust me when I say it's seriouslly scary..


The good old doctor gave me a sparkley new Inhaler and a sweet little dose of steroids. So off I went on my merry way to the pharmacy to get the prescription filled. Waited in line (still unable to breathe :thumbdown: ) before they gave me my drugs. A couple of quick puff's and I was back to semi normal breaths :great:


Fast forward to last night and I'm now in the middle of a massive coughing fit. Like I seriouslly couldnt stop. I coughed to the point where I was physically sick, then coughed some more.

In the middle of one of these coughs I spat up all the crap that had been blocking my wind pipe. Blood... Yeh I coughed up blood... So I freaked out, I called up Chris at work in my mad panic (which set him off :*) ) and told him all about the blood I was coughing up.


He told his work he had to leave then five minutes later he was here bundling me into his car and speeding us off to the hospital. Thankfully 3am in the A&E dept (E.R to most of you) here isnt very busy, so I was whisked right in to see the Doc. After having him prod at the back of my throat (thank goodness for no gag reflex :P ) He got this wire camera thing out and rammed it down there.


Basically he told me I had a tear somewhere in my throat which had caused the blood to show.

He also sent me on my merry way with another prescription (from the hospital pharmacy) for Antibiotics and stronger steroids. (I had to give him the first batch.)


So now I feel ok, no mad coughing tonight so I guess the steroids are doing their job.


Now the point of this whole thing.... I can't sleep! God dammed drugs, making me feel better then messing me about!






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Aww Dave,


Whats even worse, those steroids are gonna make you grumpy and want to eat like a pig. Since they are the wrong kind of steroids, you won't get muscles, but all the extra food you eat will make you fat. :) Aren't drugs fun


:king: Snow Dog

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