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Hi Everyone



Well, this is something new I didn't know I could do here...this place get cooler and cooler. Anyway, I found this site a while ago and I've been reading the stories, especially Dom Lukas stories. He is so talented and his stories make me think about so much. Anyway, I started writing a story myself, but I have no idea what to do with it, so I've been posting each chapter on my Xanga page, and I've been getting some feedback from certain people. I guess right now a lot of people are upset because I made it about me, and it's a true story, so it doesn't have a bunch of sex and stuff in it, It's actually a story about how me and my bf met and started going together, but I thought it was important to write about my family and how we ended up in Va Beach from Modesto, Ca in 1999. Anyway, I dont think it's good enough to submit it to GA or Nifty, especially since so many of my freinds are already disapointed that it hasnt had any sex parts in it, but if anyone reads this and wants to read it, I can email you the chapters...some of them are edited, but I dont think they were edited that good...lol. Anyway, here's my first entry.. :boy::boy::boy:


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Hey, I'll read it! Always on the look out for a good new story. And real life experiences make great stories, no? Can I read it? Please!

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If you want to read my story, you can...You can either go to my Xanga page or I can email you the chapters...The chapters arent edited though...just let me know what you want to do

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