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If any of you have sent something to my MSN/Hotmail email address within the past 6 months (starting in July), then I sincerely apoligize for just now reading it. I don't check that email. I only use it for MSN. The best way to reach me is through PM or my Joe@gayauthors.org account.


I had 10-15 emails from members about issues that took place months ago, but I just now read them. If you were one of those people and you were wondering why you didn't get a response, this would be why.


Once again, I'm sorry I didnt get to it sooner, but I wasn't actually paying attention to the fact that people might send things to that account. But please, in the future send it to my GayAuthors account or my personal account should you know what it is. It'll get to me a lot quicker that way.


Thanks and Happy Holidays to everyone :)



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I don'l check my hotmail address either but I only give it out when I expect to get spammage.


Die, die, die Microsoft! :2hands:

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