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I hate football



I hate football season, because this city seems to lose its collective mind. There's a Pitt/Notre Dame game tonight; my roommates are going and I'm under orders to watch it on TV (more on that in a second.) There are all these commercials on TV about how "college football is family." Er, right. I can't stand football, because I can never follow what's going on. I see the ball go up in the air, a bunch of people run around like mad, and end up in a pile. I'm going "who has the ball, who has the ball?" and god forbid a flag gets thrown out, or some poor shmuck is going to spend 5 minutes explaining to me why the blue guy wasn't supposed to be shoving the red guy right at that moment. I went to all my high school football games, but that was only because I was in the band. I rarely paid attention to the game, but if I did it was still a lot easier to follow than on TV. Plus there's the whole being caught up in a crowd aspect of it. But back to the point, my boyfriend told me I'm being a stereotype and gave me orders to watch the stupid game. To which I say: :P Give me baseball, or hockey, or even tennis, but keep the football away! Anyway, of the 4 of us here who went to college, I'm the only one who didn't go to Pitt, and if I did watch it, I'd probably rather ND won. *looks around in paranoia* :2hands:

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Like you Val, I'm not a big football fan. I understand the game, just don't care to watch. I do have a really interesting football trivia question you can use for your fanatical roommates. Let's see if they know their stuff.


Where did the concept of the football (American version) huddle originate and why?





PS. I'll PM the answer to you and anyone else who's interested.

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