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why am I the last one to know everything?



So this is a story about how my family never tells me important things. My brother and sister both live in South Carolina, about a half hour from each other. Yesterday my sister gets a call from my brother saying to call the police (why he didn't call them himself, I don't know) because there's someone under his house. The police show up, and my brother is running around with a butcher knife and freaking out. The cops look, don't see anybody, and are about to leave when my brother insists that there's someone there, and dives under the house, saying he'll flush them out and the cops should catch them when they come running. So they look again, still no one there. My brother tells them that the people were in the house, but he chased them out with his knife and that's when they went underneath it. At this point some nosy neighbor lady who's come over to see what all the fuss is about notices that my brother isn't looking so hot, and mentions matter-of-factly that her husband looked about the same right before he died from a stroke. They try to convince him to call an ambulance, but he can't afford it, so the cops drive him to the hospital. At this point my sister relays what she knows to my parents, and they're figuring he's on drugs or something. Anyway, a great deal of time passes, and it turns out that my brother had a kidney infection, was very dehydrated, and something about high calcium levels (my mother is a little hard to understand when she's repeating something that she doesn't understand.) He'd been having what he thought was back pain for a week, and wasn't concerned about it since he works a construction job and figured it was normal, but as it turns out it was his kidneys. Somehow all of his particular problems combined to cause him to have hallucinations, hence the invisible people under the house. He spent the day in the hospital, but has no insurance and insisted on going home, and he lives alone so my sister has taken it upon herself to keep making the 30 minute trip to see if he takes his medicine every day. So, I'm still a little fuzzy on what the hell's going on, since my mother always does a pitiful job of explaining stuff like this. Not to mention that I didn't find out about it until this evening, when I called her and she happened to mention it in passing. No one ever thinks that I might like to know when stuff like this happens. :angry:

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Sighs and hugs and hoping everything will be ok with your brother.


Prayers said, good karma sent and good thoughts...maybe the neigbhor can also help your sister and check in on your brother to make sure he is taking his medication.


I hope he will be ok..and I am sure he will be.


Keep us posted and I am sure your brother will be fine.


Michael xxx

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