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Revenge Against Green



So it seems to me that the battle of the rabbits will carry on for another day. Though normally I wouldn't join in some stupid kid fight, today I was forced to do something I'm not proud of. The three hellspawns left me a flaming bag of poop on my doorstep. Now look I'm really not that naive that I would actually step on the bag to put it out. I sprayed it with water and scooped it up.Next as I tried to leave my house once again I was pelted with what looked to be seeds. So I went inside and called their parents who conveniently happened to not be home. So I went back out but this time with a super soaker filled with freezing water. The first got it in the face, the second ran so I couldn't get him and the third kid waited for the showdown. You know how twelve year olds are.As he stood infront of me waiting to bbe hit with cold ass water his parents pulled up. "What are you doing?" yelled their mother. I was about to answer when this came out of her mouth. "I told you to leave Green alone you little S#$@. Hit him Green." and I did just that.But the look on the kids face told me that this isn't the end of this. I expect the worst to come. GreenP.S. my bf finds this all to be hilarious.


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:lmao: I'm sorry 0:) Green :lmao:


But I'm with the bf on this one. :lol: I can sort of picture this all going down and it's pretty funny!!!


You know the next step is water balloons. :2thumbs:


Good luck on the home front. :ranger:


Rob :boy:


Oh and as a side note: If you stake them down in the yard, and cover there chests with bread crumbs. The ants will find them. Could be interesting. :D

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seriously these kids are the devil children and I blame the mother for ushering forth their wrath upon me sweet ole Green. She keeps appologizing and their babysitter is useless.



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Ok, so I have been silently following the bunny story...


Anyway, it is funny, but sad... those parents shouldn't be leaving those kids unattended EVER!!


So, my contribution to your cause would be to send you one of my bras to use as a slingshot... they might never see it coming...




PS. I just finished part 8 of Mr Black Sings a Sad Song, and I absolutely am loving it... you are really great.

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