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***OK-Warning... Straight Sex Story Here...****So, on Sunday it was my day off. Since the three days before I have to get up so freakin' early for work that I only get 3 hours sleep each night I usually try to sleep in. I woke up around 10 and was cuddling with Rich, and eventually it turned into more, 0:) but not much more... see he got what he wanted from me, but then totally left me wanting more. :( He promises to make it up to me that night after the kids were in bed. Well, lets just say that never happened because he fell asleep!! :sleep: Hmph! So, as you can imagine, that combined with TOU 19 just made me ummm.... 0:) well you know what I mean. So last night we go to bed and we were watching TV for a bit, and cuddling some more... well the TV goes off and he says he's not tired yet and wants to watch some more... but I have to be up at 3:30am for work and it is already midnight. I tell him 'No way, I need to go to sleep' and he says 'C'mon, give me the remote...' and I say 'Well, maybe, if you kiss me first'So then I get to have my very own personal Jude and Quinn moment with the kissing, nibbling, licking, my hands in his long hair... :wub: anyway, so I guess you know what happens next... :whistle: So afterwards I am laying there sort of on my side, sort of on my stomach, and he lays down on my back, kind of, I guess I'm not explaining this too well, but nevertheless, he says 'You're so hot'. Well, Rich doesn't usually say stuff like that during or after sex... so I think he means temperature, not sexy... So I say 'I am?' because I don't feel hot really, even though he is sweating... so he says 'Oh yeah'.Hmmmm... ok so now I am confused because I REALLY don't feel hot (temperature). Then it finally dawns on me he means hot as in sexy so I giggle and say 'What do you mean?' and then he gets all embarrased... which I find entirely too entertaining that after all these years that it still makes him blush to say that to me. So I ask him 'What about me is so hot?' and he starts rubbing the small of my back and says 'I love this part of you' and I giggle again and say 'Me too, I think it is sexy' and so as he is getting more embarrased by the minute I say 'What else?' and he says to me, 'Nope, you will use it against me' and I say 'I already know' which I do, because after all these years I have noticed how and where he loves to hold on to me during sex... So I take his hand and put it on my hip bone, and he laughs and says ' How did you know?' and so I tell him that I should after all these years together, to which he replies 'If you don't stop that, you won't be getting to sleep at all before work' ;) ... so now it is 1:00am and I have to be up at 3:30am like I said... Anyway, I finally get to sleep, briefly, and then I get up and go to work... tired, but soooooooooo well worth it.Ok, enough of that... Viv :*)


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