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  1. A girl I was seeing was also seeing the singer in my band. She then tried to destroy our band telling lies to the each of us. So I had sex with her mom! She still can't look me in the eye to this very day!ROFLMBO!
  2. It's been a while since I have posted. I don't come here much since the Soapbox has been closed. It's a shame that it was closed. I enjoy intelligent discussion about various topics. I don't mind opposing points of view. It seems that someone didn't have a strong enough heart or mind for it anymore. Perhaps it was too time consuming to moderate. Perhaps it was using too much bandwidth and not cost-effecient. Perhaps there just weren't enough kool-aid drinkers to make it interesting enough. Either way, it's too bad. I have been going to www.debatepolitics.com though to get my fix. Anyone interested should check it out. I use a different ID there but it might be fun trying to figure out which one I am. Other news, Mag and I are seperating at the end of the year. Have a safe and Happy Holiday!
  3. More likely, she doesn't -- she thinks she's being friendly and sexy, the same way men who whistle and say embarrassing things to women think they are being friendly and sexy. I have to disagree. Those men would sleep with the woman they whistle and say embarassing things to. There is a difference between straight men and women. Women know the next time they are going to have sex, men don't.
  4. I call BULLSHIT! Unless he works in the porn industry or is famous, that is an obvious lie. BTW, all of those under average, you still have time. Above average here. And who has sex 2 times a day for an entire year? Get a job, lol.
  5. Take the complement. I have been hit on by men and though, it is not what I am used to, I don't think it is violating. I think that half of the time it is because they know I am straight and want to make me squirm. I would think that that girl probably did have "cooties", or something worse (STD's). What a slut! I wonder how many times a shift she does that.
  6. Dude, I feel your pain. Life does suck! In fact it sucks so bad that it can only get better. Hold on to that thought.
  7. Dude, that totally sucks! I hate it when people wont give an explanation for leaving. I am not sure which is worse. Not saying anything and leaving, or lying about why you are leaving. I find both to be disrespectful and chicken-shitted. You need your friends right now. Ending relationships suck. Hopefully in time you can see this as an opportunity for something even better. That's the best spin I can put on it right now.
  8. I used to get customers like that when I worked at a pizza place. I always found it funny when people wanted to be assholes to the people who make their food. I won't admit to doing anything to anyones food. Although, the idiots complaining about deliveries always seem to forget that they have already given you their address and phone number. Being a night owl myself, let's just say there's "No rest for the wicked".
  9. I agree, like the saying goes: "You can't bullshit a bullshitter". Before getting married I had seen enough BS to go around and I know it when I smell it. I won't rationalize his selfish disregard for your feelings. Who goes to a movie with an ex when they are starting a new relationship? Anyone who thinks that that is okay isn't ready for a commited relationship. If a person really cared about your feelings, he wouldn't pull such a stunt as he knows that you could perceive it as a bad situation. Live and learn. P.S. A good rule of thumb to live by: If you have to ask the question, you already know the answer.
  10. I always liked, "A mistake on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part". I also like, "I can only be nice to one person a day and today isn't your day."
  11. You should talk about it. Whether it be here or with a doctor, priest, friend, or counselor. Bottling it all up will destroy you and it sounds like you are on the verge of a breakdown. I have seen what that can do to a person and it isn't very healthy. I am not sure what you need to talk about but I encourage you talk with someone soon.
  12. A really drunk guy is walking home from the bar and sees a pumpkin patch on the side of the road. He thinks how nice and squishy they must be on the inside, and decides to have a little fun with a pumpkin. He finds a big one, cuts a hole in it, and starts going at it. It must have been getting pretty good because he didn't even notice that a cop car had pulled up, and that an officer was walking right towards him. The cop says "Hey buddy.... Do you know you're screwing a pumpkin?" to which the guy respond,s "A pumpkin?!? It's midnight already???"
  13. I would have told her to call the police to see if there had been any reports of a cat burgler in the area recently. I would also have suggested that she not order chinese for a couple of months. I know, I am terrible. I just have a picture of this lady living with 20 cats who is crazier than ..... I don't even know what.
  14. Yes, "being forced" is a way of not taking responsibility for his own actions. My BS detector almost blew up when I read that. Not all 19 year olds are ready to "settle down". Perhaps he senses your willingness to "settle down" and doesn't feel the same way. I liken the going to a movie to the footrub conversation in Pulp Fiction. Going to a movie is/can be an intimate setting. I have never gone to a movie with a woman (I am straight, but relationships are relationships regardless of gender) I didn't want to sleep with. I have also never rubbed a woman's feet without the same intentions. I don't need to psychoanalize your bf to call BS. I do know that a 20-30 year discrecpancy in age also raises red flags. I wouldn't hang out with someone that much younger than me without having a common interest with them. Sex, drugs/alcohol, and hobbies come to mind. The difference in maturity could still be hard to overcome. Although with sex and drugs it is easy to overlook the maturity because addiction can help overlook these things.
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