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the ride home...







"What do all beaches need?"








"No, I'll give you a hint. It starts with L."


"Uhh... Light?"


"NO! Lifeguards."


"Okay... good idea."


"Except, sometimes they have to go."


"Go where?"




"Out where?"


"With their hotties."


"Did you say hotties?"




"Umm... what's that?"


"You know... their wives."


"Umm, okay, but that's not very nice."


"Yes, it is."


"Well, it's not very respectful then."


"It's nice."


"Well, I'm your dad's wife, but you don't call me a hottie."


"Well, yeah, you're my mother!"






"What does every wedding need?"




"Three people."




"Yeah. A pronouncer and a bride and a groom."


"What if it's two men, or two women?"


"Then he says, 'I now pronounce you wife and wife or husband and husband."







PS. 7 days... :D:wub:


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