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I hate banks



Okay, so I go to get a brand new car.... new for me anyway; Its a Red 2002 Chrysler Sebring 4 door sedan with only 29,000 miles on it... leather interior, brand new tires... suffice it to say, this car is awesome.


Thing is, it would cost me about 10,000 between cost of the car itself, taxes, tags and other nonsense. Well, thats what my credit union is there for, right? WRONG. At first they tell me they can only do 9,000 so we work it out with the dealer so that i can have 45 days to come up with the extra thousand. Then they demand to see my paystub.... and the only one i had was from several weeks ago when I was new and not making much... so the bank calls me back and says they can only finance 7,000 of the car. There is no way I can come up with 3,000 in 45 days, so that was the end of that. It was annoying, but i can sorta understand why they did it.


What really pissed me off was when I called wachovia who denied me for the loan based not on my income per se, but based upon a number they pulled out of their ass called my debt to income ratio, which they claim is at 63%. How do they get to 63% ? By pretending I have more debt than I do. I paid off two of my credit cards and the other two are at around half the limit and they calculated as though I had my credit cards maxed out. Whats more, they counted my student computer loan as though it was on a credit card instead of an installment account, which they aren't supposed to do.


Thank you wachovia and you can go screw yourselves, you've lost my business for... ever.


See, I don't hold grudges often, but I do hold them against places that I believe treated me unfairly.


In other financial news, I'm making somewhere over 300 a week with my tips. I could today pay off all my credit cards, and in two weeks pay off half my student computer loan. Which I intend to do. I won't forget that USF Federal Credit Union denied me for a loan when I have a clear history of paying them on time and more than what they ask for... I'll step it up a notch and deprive them of the interest they would have gotten. Instead of making the last payment on the loan in December of this year as I'd planned, which would earn them some hundred dollars additional interest, I'll be making it in August, and paying the substantial portion of the loan at the end of this month.


I've been checking through my credit report, and apparently if i just make payments on time for the next 3 months (there is no missed payment on my record) then I'll get a 28 point boost because of that. Its also estimated that paying off my cards will mean another 20 point boost. I'd really rather not wait 3 months to get my damned car though <_<

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You need to close the credit card accounts that you've paid off and ask for confirmation in writing that the account is closed. Even if you don't have a balance on the card, the total credit limit on the card counts as debt because you could charge up to that amount. All you need is one major card with the lowest interest possible.

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