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  1. I actually find it creepy. Too many weird things between gay sons and mothers already. This feels like the creepy cherry on top of a Red Velvet Cake.
  2. PrivateTim

    Chapter 46

    Kelly Slater when he was a certain young, gay surfer in Malibu's ultimate fantasy.
  3. The where wolf (there wolf), vampire genre never appealed and I found/find the furry thing..... uh different. I get the native American tradition of shape shifters, but each nation has its own tradition and beliefs. I always wanted to be able to shape shift in high school into a hot chick to get with the few straight boys I wasn't able to nail.
  4. Texas courts respect the law. Stef will open probate in CA.
  5. The San Diego Zoo is a non-profit, the LA Zoo and SF Zoo are non-profit by virtue of being municipally owned. The SD Zoo is one of the leading resources for fighting off extinction and reversing extinction. They don't do so for profit, but because they think it is the right thing.
  6. PrivateTim

    Chapter 41

    Oh be nice to the Texans..... they don't all have big hair and eat steak at every meal
  7. PrivateTim

    The Chair

    It would be virtually impossible for the two characters (Billy & Brett) from the first two stories to not have had sex 16 months later. It would be impossible enough for any two middle schoolers who discovered a mutual interest, but these two were on a specific trajectory. Without an intervening event (discovered by friends or parents, one moves away, etc), it stretches credulity.
  8. Happy Birthday Tim! Looking back, my 40's were the ten best years of my life and I hope you enjoy them as much!

  9. Club version of I Am What I Am by Gloria Gaynor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHcDnqIz0jg
  10. PrivateTim

    Chapter 38

    I hope Allister is going to Harvard......
  11. When Will was 14 his maturity was that of a 12 year old and he isn't progressing. He is like every rich, over-indulged kid I've ever known and in an emotional state of arrested development where they don't develop beyond the concept of self. As I said in the review, I really hate that the adults at Escorial enable the drug and alcohol habits of the youth. It is one thing to be a teen and do sex, drugs and rock 'n roll behind your parents back, but quite another when the parents enable it.
  12. PrivateTim

    Chapter 37

    Will in wet, clinging boxers? Where's Christian?
  13. PrivateTim

    Chapter 36

    It was a good chapter except I hate parents who enable and indulge their high school kids drinking and doing drugs.
  14. It all started when Nelson met a young painter....
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