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  1. And I think Will would be fooling himself if he thought that. How we perceive ourselves to be and intend our actions to be is very different from how the receiver perceives us and our actions. That is part of the crux of the #metoo movement.
  2. Will meets a fellow wolf and doesn't like it? Too funny.
  3. PrivateTim

    Chapter 8

    Yes it is strange to rape someone you like. Personally I would have given Cameron my phone number and asked him to call me and then give a better, detailed explanation (in person, but away from school).
  4. PrivateTim

    Chapter 5

    Yeah, I know this is from 8 years ago, but I have to agree with Connor that full on sexual assault seems out of the character that Quinn has been portrayed as. I thought maybe Quinn was going to apologize and come clean, at least partly, but instead he becomes a rapist. Not good.
  5. Disneyland and Disney World are so completely different it is really hard to compare the two. I guess a lot depends on what you like. At Disneyland you can stay 5 minutes walking time from the parks at reasonably priced hotels. At WDW even staying at onsite hotels, if you are 5 minutes from Epcot (Yacht & Beach Club or Boardwalk hotels) you are 20-30 minutes or more from the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. At WDW you have to reserve which rides you want to go on and where you want to eat months in advance and the time elements aren't the same, 180 days for dining, 60 days for rides; so if you want to eat at The Crystal Palace (MK) on a Tuesday, you can reserve 180 days out, but then you might not get FastPass+ for the rides in the MK you want 120 days later so you are basically screwed. Disneyland is smaller, more intimate, has more rides and attractions than the MK and better versions than the MK in several of them. Then, you can hop over to Disney's California Adventure, 40 yards from Disneyland's Main Entrance. Park hopping is difficult at WDW. All that said, I can do DL and DCA in two days easy. WDW when I go, I plan on 7 nights minimum, more like 10 usually. WDW for me is a real vacation, Disneyland is a fun weekend.
  6. Even though I went to Cal, my family ties to USC are wide, deep and long. I know a lot of the people in the "cheating" scandal and I'll keep my comments very generic. To start, I can't imagine why the FBI spent all the time and resources to bust 53 families for trying to get their kids into certain schools. I would have thought more resources devoted to China's involvement in U.S. universities, to Chinese students spying for their government, on what Qatar and Saudi Arabia were getting for the billions they send to U.S. universities might have been a better spend. Second, I have a hard time believing that Rick Singer was giving his clients full disclosure, such as, "you know what we are doing is illegal, right?" I have not talked to anyone caught up in the operation about it, but knowing the ones I do (from the parental side), I can believe they thought this was just the way it was. The ones on the university side surely knew what they were doing was wrong, but when you are struggling to fund your minor sports (water polo, crew, etc), someone offering $250k donation to your program goes a long way. Little, if any, of the money found its way into personal bank accounts of university personnel. Third, there are now questions about the conduct of the FBI agents in charge. In notes that Singer took at the time, he says FBI agents encouraged him to lie to his clients in order to get them to incriminate themselves. This goes back to the second point because the FBI/prosecutors were telling Singer to lie (allegedly) in order to shore up the case that the parents knew what they were doing was illegal. What looks very bad for the prosecution is that they withheld these notes until one day before the lawyers were to get together and set trial dates. Judge Gorton was not amused. It is especially bad now, as it piles on to other missteps by the FBI and Justice recently and looks more and more out of control.
  7. I Googled Cole Parker to find his stories faster and this thread was one of the first results. Courage has a new link. The one in the original poster doesn't work anymore. Almost ten years from the first post and it's still a great story and Cole still turns them out.
  8. PrivateTim

    Chapter 63

    It is a family house, not Stef's house. Common decency would have been for Stef to, if not ask JJ if he minded, at least speak to JJ about his plans before inviting people over. Stef is the one being immature, not JJ.
  9. PrivateTim

    Chapter 56

    Nice to see Will is still an arrogant cock.
  10. I actually find it creepy. Too many weird things between gay sons and mothers already. This feels like the creepy cherry on top of a Red Velvet Cake.
  11. PrivateTim

    Chapter 46

    Kelly Slater when he was a certain young, gay surfer in Malibu's ultimate fantasy.
  12. The where wolf (there wolf), vampire genre never appealed and I found/find the furry thing..... uh different. I get the native American tradition of shape shifters, but each nation has its own tradition and beliefs. I always wanted to be able to shape shift in high school into a hot chick to get with the few straight boys I wasn't able to nail.
  13. Texas courts respect the law. Stef will open probate in CA.
  14. The San Diego Zoo is a non-profit, the LA Zoo and SF Zoo are non-profit by virtue of being municipally owned. The SD Zoo is one of the leading resources for fighting off extinction and reversing extinction. They don't do so for profit, but because they think it is the right thing.
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