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Confessions of an incredulous mind



You ever had that over worked ad underpaid feeling? I dont care what anybody says the cost of living is way too high for college students who dont go to these enormantly large universities.


anyway I'm kinda waiting to hear about the decisions concerning funding for school using lenders because I just know I'll be required to learn as much as i can to answer the students questions.


Does it make me a dumb ass if I would find another job in order to date someone that I've had a crush on for months? but then again it doesnt really matter if you think about it because I am stil the student.


and dont worry. Cute professor is holding on to his claim of being hopelessly straight :wacko: I'm just tired of it now. I dont have half as much patience as i used to but that may be from stress and lack of sleep. i spend my days talking to one of my hot co workers who i have been shamlessly hitting on. you know this would have been strangely awkward if i didnt know he was gay and yes he is he told me so and likes my attention :great:


I have hit the biggest case of writers block ever, and if i actually did have some time to write right now I would be absolutely pissed. but dont worry. I'll try to get Twisted Dawn done and pick up AEON, and Chapter 3 of Perfect dark is half done. and I still have to do my anthology entry. I got too much crap going on. and for the record Driving School is the sigle most boring thing ever discovred and forced on others in the known world. it's borderline cruel and unusual punishment.


I also apologize if it feels as if i have been abandoning everyone or just avoiding because I really am not. School is kicking my ass like the loudmouth little kid who dont know when to shut up. Anyway everyoe take care and make sure to check out phoenix_587's story X-Men Death Wish. It is one of the best XMEN fafics I have ever and trust me I read a hell of a lot of fan fics. oh and check out Myr's HP fanfic too! pure awesomeness.




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