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Beach, ND



As I've said in previous blogs, there's no beach in Beach, ND. Other than the sky blue water tower, there's no substantial body of water to have a beach. I suspect it was someone named Beach who designated this little bit of America's Siberia to be a beach. It's been reported that some winters in ND are so cold diesel fuel gels and the trains stop running. I believe that because just across the border to the north is Canada and everyone knows how cold Canadians are. You'd be cold too if it never stopped snowing. Remember all those Ice Ages? Guess where all that ice came from. That's right, Canada!


Today has been blustery, to say the least, with gusts exceeding 50 mph. Makes for a fun drive, but it also turns the prairie into a shimmering sea of greens, yellows, and silver. I think the wheat fields were the prettiest because they aren't quite ripe, so there's still a lot of green in the stalks and the wind opens up the rows exposing that green. They literally shine with the gusts running across the field.


I also passed a sign advising Terry, MT, is The Official Home of the Evelyn Cameron Gallery. It's also the home of Evelyn Cameron, but I had to Google her to find that out. I think it's interesting they have to say Terry is the OFFICIAL HOME of the gallery. It's as if there are UNOFFICIAL galleries hiding out all over the place pulling in tourists and admirers of her work, while all the time no one is going to Terry, MT, to see the really good stuff. Terry, MT, isn't much of a place and I think dear sweet dead Evelyn is their claim to fame and they're going to run with it until everyone has seen enough.


It feels good to be back on the road, but this load is a bear because I have to drive at night the whole way and you know who likes to stand in the middle of the interstate and ponder the meaning of life. There are lot of dumb creatures out in the wild and I wish they'd stay out in the wild instead of playing on the freeway. The last thing I want to have is an accident with a suicidal deer. It's bad enough hitting one who just plain didn't see me because my headlights blinded the silly thing, but to have one stand right out there and just dare me to hit it is unbelievable.


Tonight I get to drive across ND and MN, hopefully getting to WI where I'll spend tomorrow sleeping. I've started Chapter 12 and this one will be totally about Casey. Chapter 13 goes back to Six, Jim, and Ben.



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