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  • About the Gay Authors FAQ

    Gay Authors offers two ways to view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  You can view a list of help related questions or you can view the topics directly using the links below.

How can I help support authors I enjoy?


How can I support authors whose work I enjoy?

Comment on their stories

Use the field at the end of each chapter to leave a comment. You can also reply to other comments from readers/the author.


Leave a review on completed stories

Once a story is complete, you may leave a review on the overall story.


Follow the author

Go to the author's profile and click on the 'Follow Member' button on their profile banner.


Add them and/or their story to your Favorites list on your profile

Go to your account settings via the drop menu in the upper right corner under your name.

Select the Stories tab in the column of options on the left side.

Toggle the option to show your favorite stories, authors, etc...

Follow your favorite author and/or their story(ies)


Add a link to their story listing or specific story in your personal signature

  • Click on the “Account Settings" link in the drop menu by your name in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the "Signature" button in the column of options on the left side.
  • Add your signature link or graphic to the text editor.
  • We have strict signature guidelines that must be followed, they are as follows:
    1. Signatures must be under 200 pixels high.
    2. Signatures may contain one “My Media” link and one line of non-wrapping text.
    3. Signature file size must be under 100 Kb. Smaller is best (< 30 Kb recommended).
    4. No links that give you something from user clicks (like game points, or website credits).
    5. No offensive images or content (swearing, flaming, adult material, annoying flashing graphics*, etc).
    6. No images showing the other user's IP Address, ISP, OS info, etc.
    7. No links that log a user out of this forum.
    8. No more than one image (no matter the size) per signature.
    9. No text above a font size of 5 will be allowed. 6 and 7 are too large.
    10. Members of political organizations must state their affiliation in their signature.
    11. All text (including all codes, links**, spaces, and image names) must not exceed 800 characters.
    12. All images, text, and blank lines COMBINED should be under 200 pixels tall.
    13. Text lines longer than 600 pixels are OK if they automatically wrap. However, text in a must NOT exceed 600 pixels.
  • *Annoying flashing graphics are defined as images that rapidly changes text or color to distract other members.  Gif images that change are accepted if each image is constant for at least 3 (three) seconds.
  • ** The website http://tinyurl.com/ may be used to shorten links to provide more space for regular text.


In this area you can also toggle the option to view other's signatures along with their content or not.



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