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What is Reputation? What are Reputation Titles/Levels?


What is Reputation?

Reputation is the total number of reactions you have received for your posted content.  Each reaction (Like, Love, Ha Ha, etc) counts as +1 to your reputation.

What are Reputation Titles/Levels?

Reputation Title/Level is shown on the profile with the Reputation Count.  The Titles were changed in early 2021 to be writing themed and levels in a "Scribe's Guild".  They are:

Title Rep Count
Explorer 0
Novice Scribe 3rd 1
Novice Scribe 2nd 50
Novice Scribe 1st 100
Initiate Scribe 3rd 250
Initiate Scribe 2nd 300
Initiate Scribe 1st 400
Apprentice Scribe 3rd 500
Apprentice Scribe 2nd 600
Apprentice Scribe 1st 750
Journeyman Scribe 3rd 1000
Journeyman Scribe 2nd 1500
Journeyman Scribe 1st 2500
Adept Scribe 3rd 5,000
Adept Scribe 2nd 7,500
Adept Scribe 1st 10,000
Master Scribe 3rd 15,000
Master Scribe 2nd 25,000
Master Scribe 1st 50,000
Grand Master Scribe 3 100,000
Grand Master Scribe 2 250,000
Grand Master Scribe 1 500,000

The Numbers 3,2, and 1 should be read as 3rd class, 2nd Class, and 1st Class.


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