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Call for Archive Additions

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Hi all!


We're currently in the process of updating the story archive. All stories by hosted and shared hosted authors, as well as all stories submitted as part of a GA anthology, are automatically eligible for addition into the archive. If you have a story that falls into one (or more) of the before-mentioned categories and would like to have it added to the archive, please PM me with the following information:


A link to the story - GA links are preferable but Nifty links will also be accepted.


A description of the story


The story's genre, chosen from the following list:

*please chose only one*


Fanfiction: Boy Bands

FanFiction: Celebrity

FanFiction: Harry Potter

FanFiction: Other

Fantasy: Medieval

Fantasy: Modern

Fantasy: Other


Historical: Pre-1950



Modern: Adults

Modern: College

Modern: Coming Out

Modern: High School

Modern: Incest

Modern: Military

Modern: Other

Modern: Survival

Modern: Teens




Sci-Fi: Alternate History

Sci-Fi: Modern

The Story's codes, chosen from the following list:

*please chose all that apply*

M - An adult male (18 yo or older)

F - An adult female (18 yo or older)

t - A male teenager (13-17 yo)

b - A male pre-teen (age 12 or less)

G - A Female teenager (13-17 yo)

g - A female pre-teen (age 12 or less)

tt - Homosexual, young male sex

oral - Contains oral sex

anal - Contains anal sex

oral/anal - Contains oral and anal sex

mast - Contains either solo or mutual masturbation

incest - Contains incestial relations

violence - Contains scenes of graphic violence

no sex - Contains no major sex scenes

Poem - A poem

***a few examples of story codes might be:

"tt, no sex, violence" - for a story about two teen boys that contained no sexual contact but some violence.

"MM, oral/anal" - for a story about two men which contained incidents of oral and anal sex.

"MF, mast" - for a story about a man and a woman that contained masturbation.

The story's status - Completed or In Progress


Your email address and/or web page (if you would like these included).


If you have any questions about what the archive is, how it works, or any other concerns please PM me for further information. Once your submission is added you will receive a confirmation PM from me. Please allow a week from the time your submission is sent for it to be added (after which time please do bug me until it's added :P ). You may also feel free to post your submission requests in the Story Archive Suggestions forum.


Thanks and have an excellent day!


GA Story Archivist

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