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  1. I just turned in my final assignment for my Bachelors!!! :D 


    I'm going to sleep at 9PM for the first time in four years!!! 🤪


    I'm crying, I'm so happy. Good night, everyone! :sleep:

    1. Lizzydolphin37


      Congratulations 🎉. Hope you get awesome marks and hope sleep well.

    2. Puppilull


      Good for you! Quite an achievement!

  2. Thirdly

    The New Solare

    Miscellaneous artwork from the story The New Solare, by Toma and Thirdly.
  3. I just convinced my boss to allow me to cut out after lunch so that I can turn in my last several assignments on time. AND they're giving me paid time off. 🤸‍♀️

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      Awesome!  Congrats :D  What's your degree in?

    3. Thirdly


      Computer Science

    4. Daddydavek
  4. Chapter 9: Oh man, there was so much action, I was rolling around in it. I can't believe the lengths they took just to invade the house and steal Diarmad and Ivan. They took off on choppers! I loved it. I mean, I hate that they took Di and Ivan and the guys couldn't do much of anything about it...but, the chapter itself was amazing.
  5. Thirdly

    Chapter 9

    It wouldn't have made much of a difference. They would have had to have planned a viable escape route, which would have taken more than the few minutes they would have had.
  6. Thirdly

    Chapter 9

    Aaaaand I'm back. Before he could pull his chair out from under the table, he felt such a burst of hatred and contempt he involuntarily took a step back. Before he could determine the source, it stopped, as if a door had been slammed closed. - OMG! Who's hating on Nico? Don't be jealous just cause he's talented, powerful, and Di's mate. Or is it that they want Di dead? Something bad was going to happen. - I knew it! I will say one last thing that is not directly related to the negotiations. My mate and I have rescinded our separation. - Halleluiah! Diarmad frowned at his mate, wondering why he was antagonizing the Order delegate. - Shhh! Nico's investigating. Attacks coming in from air, over country, and from seaside. - Well, then... He had a bad feeling about them. He tried to scan them, but the commotion was too great; he couldn’t concentrate enough for a clear scan. - Blast! Sho cried out, "No! Ivan!" He wanted to run after him, but Jamie held him back. - *flips table* Dagnabbit! They got Ivan, too. A sudden feeling of powerlessness and uselessness overwhelmed Nico as he picked up a discarded helmet and threw it after the disappearing helicopters, yelling out his frustration. - LMAO! Best part ever. Simon relayed they had managed to capture three attackers alive, but when they saw they couldn't escape, they had triggered some sort of suicide device and died a horrible, but fast, death. - Does nothing ever go right for our guys? "They took Ivan. Why did they take Ivan?" - Good question. I doubt they wanted to take a chef hostage just for free catering. "We have a strong and clear signal." - Woo! Go hunt them down, go!
  7. Thirdly

    Chapter 9

    OMG! New chapter! Where are my glasses??? *dives for glasses* What time is it? *noticing I have to drive to work in one minute* ... *pouts* I'll be back, chapter. I won't be too long, I promise.
  8. Thirdly

    Chapter 4- Emyve and Ruthed

    Yes, this story went through little to no editing. It was written just for fun in response to a whimsical dream. I wouldn’t dare burden anyone to revise it at this point. My recent work is My Faceless Bus Stalker Alpha, where I would more greatly appreciate advice and tips. This was a collaboration from five years ago.
  9. Thirdly

    Chapter 8

    Yes, yes they are. They know it, too.
  10. I'm super curious and eager to find out about Ruy and his perceived Seraei mate?? At the same time I hope it's not a trap. But, first I can't wait to read a little more Ivan x Sho. I adore those two so hard. I'm also loving the heat between Di and Nico now that things are a little more settled. Superb.
  11. Thirdly

    Chapter 8

    "All spic and sp ─ very funny," Diarmad grumbled then turned his head to hide a smile. He never thought he would be happy to hear Noël—Nico, mocking his, as he called it, antiquated language again. - Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. The negotiations are important to us, but they are still a local matter. So, why is there this sudden interest in clan disputes?- I know, right? Do we really believe somebody tried to get rid of Nico because he is the one guy who could cut right through whatever bullshit there might be?- That's what I'm thinking. Ivan pushed back his chair. "That's the garlic bread I put in the oven earlier." - Yuuuuum. I wanna go to one of their meetings just to eat stuff Ivan makes. "I disagree. Somebody could still see you. No, and these are my last words about this." - Dagnabbit, Di. Why are you so stubborn about this? You know you need his help. Nico took Diarmad's hand in his and pleaded with him. "It's a good compromise. D?" / "Very well," Diarmad conceded, through clenched teeth, and Simon smiled. - Yaaaaaaaaay. And Nico? Look out for him if... I... he is still human. Okay?" - Eeeeeeeeeeee. He cares~ Lifting his hand to put a strand of hair behind his ear, his gaze met Sho's in the mirror. "Well, what do you think?" - Ain't nobody dope as me I'm dressed so fresh so clean~ (So fresh and so clean clean) Don't you think I'm so sexy I'm dressed so fresh so clean~ The black Henley shirt he'd borrowed from Nico showed his tightly-muscled upper body. Nico smiled briefly, thinking how Ivan was going to have problems staying focused, seeing his future mate like this. - Eeeeeeeeeeeeee. "Simon chose well. You look good," and with that, he grabbed him by his shoulders, covered Nico’s mouth with his own, and kissed him, hard. - Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Oh, one member of the Order delegation inquired about the chair beside yours. Luckily, Cieran surmised it might be a gesture of honor in memory of your recently deceased mate. - That guy's so gonna crap his pants soon. *bounces in chair* Ooooh man, I can't wait for the next chapter! Things are gonna go down! I also can't wait to see Ivan's face when he catches sight of Sho. LMAO.
  12. Thirdly


    Wow, it's amazing! A great representation.
  13. *curls up into a ball in a dark corner*


    I'm so stressed, everyone. Last night I bit my nails down to the nubs and it still hurts to type (but I'm gonna keep typing anyway, I have no choice). My dumb self went and took a couple of antihistamines due to some rough allergy symptoms I had when I woke up. The symptoms cleared up, but I was knocked out cold for hours. It left me very little time with which to work on assignments. Though I stayed up all night and had only 3 hours of sleep, I didn't get them all done. I just want to go to sleep. 


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    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Warm hugs from Denmark and best wishes for a refreshing sleep. :sleep:

    3. Thirdly


      @Timothy M. Thank you. 

    4. aditus


      *pats* stressed ball gently.

  14. Thirdly

    Chapter 12 Romantic night

    The intimate time we’ve all been waiting for. - *GASP* Dagnabbit. Why am I still at work? I can't read this one until I get home. *childish pout*
  15. Thirdly

    Chapter 11 Visits and meetings

    *tip-toes towards the chapter* *peeks to the left* *peeks to the right* *whispers* Ok, I think it should be safe to read another chapter sneakily at work. I need something pleasant to counteract the stress that caused me to bite my nails down to nubs to the point that it hurts to type. *cradles coffee while reading* I've also had less than three hours of sleep. But apparently Mr. Archibald had a grandson who was a year younger than Michael and had a passion for LEGO. This came out on Wednesday when the cardmaker brought home a rather expensive set which the boy lusted after. - Why am I jealous of a little kid? LMAO. Star Wars terms in English and the sounds of star ships fighting seemed to transcend the language barrier.- Exactly! I’ve settled Michael for a quick nap in my room. - Whyyyy am I jealous of a little kid again? The angel voice in his head was cooing: ‘oooh, he’s home early, show him how happy you are to see him’ while the little imp was chortling ‘fuck yeah, go for it boy, let’s give the whole neighbourhood a live show right here in your front garden.’ - *dying* I'm with the imp. And ehm, I guess we gave the woman next door a shock too. I’m not sure she approves. - Forget her! Why was she so adamant at staring, anyway? Not that I wouldn't have stared too, come to think of it...but, I wouldn't have kept staring...not that much.

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