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  1. Thirdly


    Update: Seth's real life reference and Ken are officially engaged as of last week. The family is super psyched.
  2. Thirdly


    Liam bottoms for Seth on occasion, yes. Kris (all the characters, actually) was based off a real person who is literally aging alone right now and has no loved ones (after having lived an overly selfish and criminal life). But, he's not in jail. Michael also occasionally wears girly things. Also, my reference person for Seth just got engaged last week to the reference person for Liam.
  3. I'm feeling pretty down. I like to think I've been handling everything well on the outside, at least. I was compared to my oldest sister in a very derogatory way by a parent. As much as I understand that it was mostly backlash aimed towards her, I'm still quite hurt about it. I think the accumulation of stress from everywhere (work, home, hobbies) has me pretty messed up inside. My creativity is usually my escape, but nothing seems to work right now. At times like this, I understand why some of my other family members turn to drugs and liquor so often. Even if I wanted to, neither of those vices have ever worked for me.

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      Sending you lots of  :hug: :hug: :hug: .

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      Timothy M.

      :hug: and :kiss:  from Denmark. Wish I could send you some nice Danish sweets.

    4. Thirdly


      @Page Scrawler and @Timothy M. : Thanks, guys. I’m feeling much better today. Spent some time with my siblings and, after a whole night full of silly anecdotes, I was finally able to get a normal night’s sleep last night after a week of insomnia.

  4. Thirdly

    Chapter 15

    Glad you enjoyed this one so far.
  5. Thirdly

    Chapter 18

    Yes. They do eventually meet in the combined sequel. But, Robin and I are focusing on finishing Lust and Propriety first.
  6. Is there anyone interested in giving a few of my test chapters a read? Just for the sake of if it makes sense or not? They're pretty short chapters. 

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    2. Thirdly


      I'll send you a message about it right now. *scampers off to do just that*

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      If no-one else is up to it, I'll give it a try... I have no experience and am totaly un-reliable, but am willing to give it the old college try!... :)

    4. Thirdly


      @Norrin001 Thank you kindly. I am very grateful, as I had four amazing people step forward to help in various degrees (all of which I will credit whenever I start posting it). I do, however, need help of another kind if you are willing. I'll message you about it right now. *scampers off to do just that*

  7. Thirdly

    A Rescue Mission

    Yes. But, I think in the next segment we’re back to Hazeth and Winter. I’m surprised no one mentioned the hilarity of Jack and his mates having gone undercover before Andy and Tyr even got there.
  8. Thirdly

    A Rescue Mission

    Actually, I'm just a very visual person so I always use or make pictures to keep a clear idea in my head. I want Renke and Penni to be official, too!
  9. ...so, after a long and frustrating battle with giving the story I've been working on for nearly 9 months (it's like I've been giving birth, lmao) a decent title...and by decent, I just meant a title that has at least something to do with the story itself, despite how it insane it sounds (Foxies, My Faceless Bus Stalker Alpha, I'm looking at you)...

    ...I decided on a title that sounds suspiciously like a romance novel booklet from the 90s. I mean, why the hell not?

  10. Thirdly

    A Rescue Mission

    This is the only collaboration we are working on bit by bit every other day. In this case, we began work on the chapter we just posted around May 15 and it's taken us up until now to complete that one chapter. So, if all goes well, other chapters should follow in at least a "once a month" fashion. This chapter also took a good long while because I had to compile all of the important bits of information we needed (things like Kimset's eye color, Alain's origins, Renke's origins, etc.)...I also made an "escape map" from Rathburn's estate to the portal in the woods (as seen below). So, I can only hope that the chapters that follow will be rolled out faster than anticipated. Areas that were mentioned: Woods- Woods surround the mansion. It’s where Andy and the twins met. It’s also where the twins hide Kimset and their “secret base.” Not only that, but the twins found a portal in the woods and were already planning their escape bit by bit, through its use. Hallways- From where the twins are always keeping tabs on Andyvion from a distance. Tub/Pool- I can’t remember which, but at some point the twins were bathing in a very large bathroom in which Andy rushes into in his Unicorn form. Laundry room- Andy’s seen with sheets and laundry often, bustling about doing his job. Rathburn’s bedroom- Self explanatory. Rathburn’s office- Where he puts on a grand show to the twins’ parents to torture them. The Twins’ bedroom- Where they huddle away and try to heal one another. Servant’s/Keeping quarters- Where Andyvion’s room is. That being said, I borrowed a mansion blueprint an edited it to get this: Which means that the best path for both teams (Jack’s and Andy’s) would be from the “bottom right” where they enter through the portal, sneaking in through the laundry area, past the keeping quarters, and then to the Twins’ room. Usually there are guards all over the outskirts of the mansion, but Rathburn took most of them with him, leaving only about eight guards in each shift…
  11. Tyr and Andyvion made for quite the sight as the two of them rode their respective mounts and trekked across the snowy terrain of Peraza towards the portal that would jump them to Cha Borolan. They were well-prepared for the weather, but packed lightly. Both had experienced losses while traveling in the past. Though Kimset’s displeasure of the snow sticking to his fur was apparent, his amber eyes were sharply focused and his gait was steady. Though Button generally took the lead in everything, she allowed the pard to walk a few steps ahead. The dire wolf was there to support the rescue of his people, after all. Andy reached over to take hold of Tyr's hand in a vice grip as they all made the jump through the portal. He worried about over-jumping as he had done before, or worse, coming across another dangerous area. Once in the familiar woods of his homeland, however, the aqua-eyed Unicorn felt a mixture of relief and impatience. As much as he wanted to rush headfirst to rescue his mates, he knew that they had to stick to the plan. The two Unicorns had studied Andy's roughly drawn map of Rathburn's mansion and the grounds. The twins' chambers were at the center and towards the back of the building, but they couldn't very well walk right through the front door. Though the king generally brought most of his guards with him in his entourage, he usually left around eight guards behind to patrol. As the four of them approached the edge of the woods as silently as possible, Andyvion was surprised that he saw no sign of any of those guards. “This doesn’t feel right…” he whispered to Tyr. “They usually run a pass every few minutes or so.” Button caught sight of something and quickly padded over towards it. She let out a sound that sounded suspiciously like a snort before pointing her muzzle towards her discovery behind a few bushes. Andy was about to rush towards it, but Tyr gently held him back. “Allow me to investigate first,” the larger Unicorn urged. He hadn’t realized he was holding his breath until the sight that greeted him caused him to release it. “It’s alright,” he said as he motioned for Andy to take a look. “I imagine that these are the patrolling guards you mentioned before?” Andyvion’s eyes widened at the sight. One of the guards had a rather large bump on his head, his helmet propped on his shoulder. Another guard was face-down on the grass, unconscious. Two other guards were curled up together asleep beside them. What could have happened to them? Did they get into a fight? The teal-haired Unicorn made a mental count one more time. “Four of them...then, that means…” Tyr quickly tugged Andy down into a crouch as Kimset and Button followed suit. Just past the bushes that they were hiding behind, four guards spaced several feet apart marched past them. The two Unicorns glanced at one another and gave each other a firm nod. When the remaining two guards turned the corner, they all rushed towards the laundry room entrance as if their lives depended on it. Andyvion wasted no time in ushering them all into one of the large linen closets. “Ok, Kimset and Button need to wait here for us," Andy insisted as he made a rough pile of blankets on the corner and then used another sheet to cover the pard and wolf up. "Keep still, or you'll spook any passerby staff." He then proceeded to strip down and pull on one of the maid uniforms, but not before handing Tyr a butler uniform. "Sheesh," Andy grumbled in an embarrassed manner when he realized that he needn't have gone so far. "I feel a bit stupid for putting on this uniform instead of a man's uniform...it's not like Rathburn is in the mansion, after all. I guess old habits really do die hard." "You look cute," Tyr told him softly, a blush staining his cheeks. "I look like a stuffed sausage." He gestured at the material staining across his chest and biceps. "Let's go find the twins before the seams give way." :::: Deeper into the mansion, the twins froze in the middle of their small tea party. Nico nearly shattered the porcelain saucer as he dropped the little cup back onto it. "Vin?" he murmured, a tremble in his voice. "I feel him," the older twin said with a nod. "Our sweetness has come back to us." :::: A grin formed on Andy's face as the two Unicorns continued their path towards the twins’ chambers. "If the seams don't give way by the time we get to them, I'm sure that they will try to break you out of them." They passed a maid or two down the hallway, one of whom gave Tyr an appreciative glance. However, none seemed to care enough to stop them. Andy even recognized a few that gave him polite nods in greeting as they continued on their way. After a cautious knock, Andy peeked his head in and gaped at the sight that greeted him. His beautiful mates were seated at a round table with a tiered tray stand overflowing with tea snacks in the center. Seated beside them on the other chairs were four men that were quite diverse in appearance, but were all wearing the same maid uniforms. "Andy!" Nico squealed, leaping over the table like a gazelle with Vincent right behind him. It was an impressive jump. The twins barreled into Andyvion, pressing the smaller man tight against Tyr standing behind him. Nico and Vincent included Tyr in the embrace, only stealing the minimum number of gropes to his backside. "You're here," Nico choked out, leaning down to nuzzle into Andy's neck. Taking in his mate's scent soothed something inside Nico that had been tight and painful since Andyvion had left. No one knew which one of them started it, but all three of Tyr's intended mates began to weep in front of him. He pushed back the shock and embarrassment of being hugged and groped by the beautiful Unicorns in order to focus on comforting them. His massive arms wrapped around the twins' shoulders, and he patiently waited for them to settle down. “Isn’t that just the sweetest sight?” “Lee’en love, are those tears?” “I'm not crying; you are!” “Now, now, there’s nothing wrong with being moved to tears.” “I’m getting a little teary-eyed myself.” Vincent gave Andy a quick, dirty kiss before reaching up to kiss Tyr’s cheek and turning back towards their guests. “Do forgive our rudeness,” he said as he motioned towards the group of men. “Lovies, these men are the Kierny-Montcroix from Zirao Zion. They arrived just an hour before you did. Raj, Jack, Vilas, and Lee-en.” “Montcroix...you are related to the Zirao Zion kings?” Andyvion questioned. “I am,” Raj admitted. “King Alistair is my cousin. These are my beloved mates.” “When we heard about the plight of the undercover maid and his twin mates, we jumped at the chance to help,” Jack confessed as he re-adjusted his apron. “Though, I must admit, these maid uniforms aren’t as uncomfortable as I thought they’d be.” His gaze fell on Vilas and Lee’en. “And damn if you two don’t look hot in them.” Lee’en smirked and struck a sexy pose for his amusement while Vilas’s face glowed pink. When the golden-eyed chef began to sputter and cough, Lee broke character (as a sexy model) to gently pat his back. The action was quickly mimicked by Raj on the other side, as a show of concern. Tyr’s gaze fell on Jack as he realized. “So, the four guards we found behind the bushes…” he prompted. “Yeah, that was our doing,” Jack explained. “We’d have crossed paths or even passed each other if Vincent and Nico hadn’t asked to eat first.” “One should always eat before traveling,” Vilas added. "Thank you for coming to help," Tyr said, voice deep and sincere. "We couldn't leave them once we heard about everything," Lee exclaimed. The petite pink Unicorn's serious expression looked like it didn't belong on a face made for smiles and mischief. "And now that my sugar-pie Slim has filled some bellies, it's probably time to go. Are we escorting you to safety with Prince Winter or with the Montcroix?" Andyvion straightened up suddenly as he recalled important news. "Vin, Coco, the kind kings have been caring for your parents in Zirao Zion!" He declared. "Elder Mason said that he had spoken with them before I arrived, and they've been staying with Kings Alistair and Finian." “Yeah, that’s how we recognized you two so fast,” Jack affirmed. “You look just like them.” “You’ve spoken with our parents?” Nico gasped in delight before placing his hands on his hips, just as his mother generally did when displeased. “And you didn’t think to tell us, as well?” “We kind-of wanted it to be a surprise when we got ya to safety…” Lee’en admitted sheepishly. “Wouldn’t make sense to count chickens before they hatched, as humans say.” “I agree. As a matter of fact, we should make our way to Zirao Zion right now before-” The shrill sound of shrieking down the hallway spurred all the men into action. “Uh-oh! Looks like someone found Kimset and Button!” Andy deduced as he immediately clutched each of the twins’ hands. In Rathburn’s mansion, there had never been so many people rushing down the same hallway before. Andyvion was out in front to do damage control. He needed to pacify the maid that stood trembling in front of the storage room. “These beasts are tame,” Andy explained in his slightly higher tone of voice. “Duke-the King had ordered these exotic animals as pets, and the men that brought them over had them stay here while they set up supplies outside." “Th-they’re going to be outside?” the terrified maid responded before shaking her head as if to clear her thoughts. “But, Andrea, Elaine has fainted!” She pointed towards the floor. “Don't worry, we'll bring her over to the Healer Marjory," Vincent suggested. When the twins rushed in to pick up the collapsed maid, Kimset's excitement rose to a peak. However, Nico's stern look ensured that the pard remained where he was while they performed their task. “...and we’ll handle the animals. Don’t worry. Go with her to the Healer,” Andy cajoled the maid in the hall. When the twins and two maids left, the aqua-eyed Unicorn then turned towards the group. “Ok, before we leave, we need to fix this storage room back to how it was.” As a Liwa, Andyvion couldn’t live with himself if he left such a mess for the other maids to clean up. He expected the others to ignore his request and rush him out the door, but to his surprise, they all pitched in without any hesitation. With many hands to help, the job was done in a matter of minutes. Tyr, Jack, and Raj began to discuss the path back while Vilas and Lee’en brought Kimset and Button some water in a large bowl. Andy waited anxiously for the twins to return. No one so much as tried to stop him from pacing up and down the hallway. As soon as he saw them running towards him, he rushed back over to them and gave them a tight hug. They decided that the easiest way to escape would involve a lookout first. Andy grabbed a basket of laundry as if he were running errands and walked out of the laundry exit first. He waited until the four patrolling guards turned the corner before putting the basket down and ushering everyone outside. The twins rode on Kimset while Vilas and Lee rode Button. They set off towards the portal first. The other four began to flank them. But, before they reached the shelter of the woods, four new guards who arrived for their shift caught sight of them and took chase. “All of you, run ahead, I’ll hold them off!” Tyr commanded. “You’re not doing this alone,” Jack insisted from towards his left. “Agreed,” Raj added from his right. However, the guards skidded to a stop and gaped in fear at the area behind them. Kimset and Button had dropped their charges in the woods and backtracked for the rest of their people. Kimset's eyes glowed, his claws extended as he prowled forward. Button's fur stood up as she growled menacingly, her canines glinting. The pard let out a loud roar that had the guards tripping over themselves in their haste to retreat. Andy, who had been ushered behind them all, hurried towards the two beasts to snap them out of it. “We’re safe!” He told them. “We’re safe, so let’s go.” Button seemed to give a huff as she turned back towards the woods. Kimset urged Andy onto his back. The rest of the path towards the portal was clear. The young men talked among themselves about the region they were going to and how much room and food were readily available for them. Raj and Jack took the lead, since they knew the jumps required for Zirao Zion. A few moments later, they emerged in the now-familiar lush gardens of the Montcroix grounds. As they passed by the water fountain, Andy blushed as he recalled when Kimset had dyed the water pink. However, the fountain was filled with clear water once more. Their first destination was the kitchen. Vilas was adamant about Tyr, Andy, Kimset, and Button being fed since they hadn't been part of their earlier tea party with the twins. The sound of cat-calling and whistling greeted them as they walked into the kitchens. The kings Alistair and Finian were seated at a long table next to Lucien, Felix, Simon, Amshel, and two newcomers. Al and Fin rushed to their feet to greet Andy and his mates with relief on their faces. “Your parents are here. They’ve been resting in one of the guest rooms,” Finian relayed to the twins. “Are the two of you alright?” "We're wonderful!" Nico chirped happily. "We're free," Vincent said, wonder in his voice. He looked down at his clothes. They were the most modest items he had. He still looked like he belonged in a harem. Nico's attire was no better. "I hate to impose," Vin began as Nico stepped next to him and took his hand. "But do you have anything less whorish we could borrow to wear?" Nico added. "Before we see our parents?" Lucien covered Felix's mouth before the young Nightmare could offer them any of his clothes. However, Finian was already on the task. "Absolutely. I also imagine that Andy and the captain will want to change into more comfortable clothing. All of you come with me…" The human urged as he led them towards the guest rooms. “That’ll give me plenty of time to cook up something hefty for them,” Vilas deduced as he adjusted his apron and got straight to work in the kitchen. “I’ll help,” Lee suggested. Raj and Jack sat on two stools as they gazed at their shorter mates. “They’re really something in those uniforms, aren’t they?” Jack mused with a lop-sided grin. “Agreed,” Raj responded. “So many things at once,” Alistair admitted with a sigh as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Rathburn trying to overtake Peraza, a rescue mission...and if it weren’t enough, my best friend’s stealing my nephew for his own.” “He didn’t steal me!” Amshel huffed. “Although, I feel I’ve certainly stolen you,” Renke whispered into Pennicola’s ear. Penni giggled and blushed, leaning against his love. "I would take him as my mate," Simon growled, lips in a tight frown. "Don't hit him again!" Amshel cried as Alistair's eyes darkened, and he took a step toward Simon. Renke set Pennicola further from the irate Nightmare. Penni peered around him curiously. "I wasn't going to hit him," Alistair snarled only to settle down when Finian, who had finally returned, laid a hand on his shoulder. "I wouldn't do that in front of guests. I said I'd think about allowing the mating if Simon courts Amshel properly." "And I said I would!" Simon returned. Amshel didn’t know how courting him ‘properly’ would work when the two of them had gone so far already, but he didn’t want to lose all of Simon’s hard progress with his uncle and kept quiet about that part. “Uncle Allie...I know I’m young, but I’m not a little kid anymore.” The plum-haired young man pointed out. “It’s not that I don’t appreciate how much you care about me to go so far in protecting me. But, the decision is mine on whom I chose for a mate...and I’ve already chosen.” Pennicola sniffled quietly. He and Renke had been courting an amount of time that was more than proper. Yet there still wasn't an indication of when or if their union would ever happen. Penni felt guilty for his jealousy of Amshel and Simon. Though Alistair stomped and huffed, his mate, Finian, seemed to be calming Alistair and bringing him around to accepting the match. Penni felt he had no one to help him sway his family into accepting his big, sweet, gentle Renke. “Simon has his faults, but he sure don’t give up,” Renke told Penni quietly, his bi-colored eyes glinting with his determination. “And I sure as hell ain’t giving up on us, either. Your parents are going to have to swallow that pride o’ theirs. I’m not goin’ anywhere.” He then pressed a kiss to the top of the fair Unicorn’s head. All conversations paused as Lee’en, under Vilas’s instructions, brought over two snack trays to the table. One was full of salty snacks, the other one sweet. He grinned at them, looking far too confident in the Cha Borolan maid uniform than he had any right to. “If you ask me, I’d say the worst is over,” Lee commented. “You found your mates...that’s pretty damn hard in and of itself. None of you need anyone’s permission to be together.” "Lee'en," Alistair grumbled in warning, which the pink Unicorn entirely ignored. "Maybe I don't understand some cultural thing here," Jack said, curling an arm around Raj's waist. "But if the outcome is the same, why bother waiting with the courting business? They're getting married now or later. Why make them both miserable with waiting when they can be together and happy?" "Yes, thank you! I've been saying that!" Simon said, waving an arm at Jack. Alistair glowered at Jack but said nothing. Finian had said similar things and then had knocked all arguments out of Alistair's mind by thoroughly seducing him. Alistair's clever mate had even gotten Ali to concede to letting Amshel and Simon mate after courting while Alistair had been drowsy and sated, cuddling Fin close. The human in question took hold of the indigo Nightmare’s hand and threaded their fingers together. “This wouldn’t just make Amshel happy, my love,” Finian responded softly. “It’d make me quite happy, as well.” The big, dark Nightmare looked adorably disconcerted. "It would?" Ali said so softly it was only for his mate. Finian’s smile bordered on just a hint of mischief as he pressed a kiss to the king’s cheek and whispered in his ear. “Absolutely,” he verified. “I think Simon’s suffered enough without a mate of his own...don’t you?” "I suppose…" Alistair responded, clearly uncomfortable. He looked between Amshel and Simon, then stared intently at his old friend. Simon had always been a bit of a rake. He had a good time with his lovers and then walked away. The royal had often wondered if he'd ever take a mate. Before this, the thought had saddened Alistair. Simon was a good man, loyal and honorable. He'd been at the king's back whenever he'd needed him. Simon could be gruff and irreverent but also gentle and kind. Alistair once thought that Simon would be an excellent mate once his friend found the right person to love. He had also tried to make a match for Simon more than once and had never succeeded. Alistair looked at Amshel, trying to truly see the boy and found a young man instead of the child the Nightmare had known. Amshel held Alistair's gaze firmly and confidently. Ali realized that the mating would happen whether he willed it or not. Continuing to fight, it would only estrange Amshel as Pennicola's family had done. Finian smiled and patted his mate's hand as he saw the change in Alistair. In the past, the human had been quite jealous of Simon’s place in the other man’s life. But, the more he observed, the more he realized that the dark-haired Nightmare was a supportive presence in Al’s life. His mate let out a long sigh, shoulders slumping, which brought a wide smile to Finian’s face. "I may have been…slightly unreasonable…" Alistair slowly admitted, frowning as Amshel began bouncing. "If it is truly what you both want…" Alistair closed his eyes tightly as though in pain. "I will give my blessing to the match." The plum-haired young man rushed over to give his uncle a big kiss on his cheek. “Thank you for understanding!” Amshel cried out. “And for not maiming Simon any further!” "If he hurts you, he will be worse than maimed," Alistair grumbled, earning an elbow on his side from Finian. Pennicola watched with tears in his eyes as Amshel and Simon embraced, the taller man cupping Amshel's face with happiness shining from both their eyes. "Now, we just need to get that for you," Jack said to Penni and Renke. "We could deploy Fin like a weapon on your folks. They wouldn't stand a chance." Penni sighed and shook his head. "They won't budge. Unless Renke can somehow magically turn into a titled aristocrat, they'll never bend." Pennicola slumped, heart aching. "Well, Alistair and Fin are kings," Jack pointed out. "Can't they give him a title or something fancy?" Vilas made one of Jack’s favorite drinks and slid a large tumbler towards him. “Excellent suggestion,” the chef agreed. “With a high enough title, I doubt that Penni’s parents would turn him down, especially if the titles were backed by Montcroix royalty itself.” “For the kings to bestow such titles, we’d need to gather more information on your background,” Lucien pointed out. “What do you know of your origins, Renke?” Felix stood up, straighter in his chair. Lucien had learned his lesson about not including him in dangerous missions, and he had a feeling that one was starting to brew! His mate wouldn't dare leave him behind. “I don’t really know,” Renke responded. “All I know is I was dropped off at the orphanage on Blaire Avenue. Never bothered to ask for any information beyond that. I mean, why’d I go hunting for the people that abandoned me?” Penni frowned, hugging Renke tight. "Then, they were fools." "They will have records," Alistair said. "I'll have them sent over." "Blaire Avenue?" Finian said with a wide smile. "That's where we found-" Fin was interrupted by the door swinging wide, and a small, blond tornado bounded in. "Alain!" Fin said happily as the child nearly knocked him over with a hug. Alistair smiled fondly at the cherubic five-year-old. A nursemaid at the orphanage had noticed Alain's cobalt jewel eyes, just like Alistair's own, and had wondered if the child was a lost Montcroix. Like Renke, nothing was known of Alain's parents, and the boy had no memory of them. He had the look of a Montcroix, however, as well as platinum curls the same shade as Finian's. "Pa!" Alain began excitedly. "Gramma showeded me a biiiig fish and lotsa flowers, and we had a picnic with Grampa, and for dessert, we had carrot cake ass cream!" "Carrot cake ice cream," Finian corrected. Alain frowned. "Tha's what I said, Pa, assi cream." He turned his head, still held securely in Fin's arms. "Daddy, Gramma said you used 'ta play with her make-up and climb trees all nakey." "Of course she did," Alistair said dryly. "And did she tell you about my punishments for it when I was caught?" "Gramma doesn't punish," Alain said with a frown. "Grampa says she's all soft on little boys, and she's full of sugar." The boy made a disgusted face. "Then Grampa was kissing on her like you kiss Pa, Daddy. It was gross." "She's a grandmother now. She was strict when she was only a mother. Being your grandmother, she couldn't help but turn soft." Alistair ruffled Alain's curls. "You're a special boy." "Uncle Vilas says I'm made of sugar with just enough cinnamon. But I licked my arm, and I was just salty." “He was talking about your personality," Finian explained. "You'll understand it better when you're older." He then turned towards their guests with his son still in his arms. "Please excuse us, this is our son, Alain. Alain, these are two of our new guests, Renke and Pennicola. We have four more new guests, which you will see later today." Alain waved at them with his whole arm and a big smile. "I'm Alain, and I'm five!" “It’s a pleasure to meet you, young Alain,” Penni responded with a large smile of his own. “Same here,” Renke added. His opinions of the kings kept rising to levels he never would have imagined. They adopted a boy from the streets, an orphan just like him. He felt he could trust them. “So, ye both’re sayin’ there’s a chance to find my blood family and raise my status?” “We’ll find a way,” Finian replied. “As you’ve seen for yourselves...I don’t give up very easily.”
  12. Thirdly

    Chapter 30

    Both...it was temporary on hold before this chapter, and it's currently on hold at the moment...BUT, as of today (6/02/2020) she did say: Robin: Prophy has been bumping around in my head lately. I should write. (to which I replied with:) Thirdly: omg yes prophy is my drug (So maybe we might get another chap in the upcoming month or so!)
  13. It's been one crazy year (and it's not even over yet). Robin and I are FINALLY working on Lust and Propriety again. All other stories are on hiatus, though, since she can barely work on one story at a time. I, on the other hand, have been working on 3 projects at the same time (CTM comic, LP, and a solo story that I'm about a third of the way into).

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      She passed her Exams!... Kudos and congtatulations on that!... :) . And don't you take on too much on at once!, your stories are a balm to the soul of many of us, and we don't want you burning yourselves out!... :]



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      @Norrin001 I'll pass on your congratulations. And, I only feel burned out when I CAN'T fit drawing or writing into my day. My soul would die.

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      Not to be selfish... but, music to my ears!... :).

  14. Thirdly

    Chapter 30

    I know, right!?
  15. Thirdly

    A Solid Bond

    We're glad you enjoyed reading. Thanks for the comment!
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