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  1. Yes...he was blind-sided there.
  2. "Here's the plan, Rhy-Fry," Owin whispered to me. We hid beneath a cloth-covered table at one of the many Presentation ceremonies our parents always forced us into. Both of us knew it wouldn't be long before we were discovered. Time was running out. The determined glint in my brother's golden eyes meant that we were going to have to devise another "great escape." Both alphas and betas were easily enchanted by my older brother. But, the alphas tended to chase the betas away in their pursuit of him, which generally ended in someone getting hurt. Neither of us wanted that. "...I'm going
  3. Warning: Unwanted aggressive attention? My thoughts had been so focused on entering the Vesper estate that I never bothered to think about anything past it. Uniforms? Boots? I couldn't deny that learning a Craft under someone as distinguished as Eld Emery was a great opportunity. He seemed to be serious about teaching me, as well. I had barely finished sorting out my belongings when the man in question returned with the uniforms he had promised. "Now, these boots are a size bigger, but they will do for our purposes," the elegant wyvern declared. "Change into a set of these and meet m
  4. I had originally thought to write for Owin. But, then I realized that the person that really needed to get to a better stage in life was Rhyad. His lack of self awareness nearly killed me...
  5. Rhyad has no idea what he’s doing. Lol
  6. Thirdly

    Individual Stories

    Tuesday Staff Meetings, W.R.E.C.K., etc.
  7. The Dawn's Dusk is officially all posted and will be automatically updated every 4 days in "bite-sized" scenes. Rhyad gave me challenge after challenge, but I like to think it was worth it. spacer.png

    1. Thirdly
    2. Reader1810


      Your artwork is exquisite, Thirdly. 

    3. Thirdly


      @Reader1810 Thank you so much!

  8. Regret and sheer panic seemed to co-exist within me at the same time. Though the distance we covered was significantly shortened in flight, I would have never agreed to it willingly. Tears streamed down my face as I clung to my mother's back. While I was still in my squill form, she was in her winged wyvern form. If she knew that heights continued to haunt me, she didn't show it. She dove to land, and my stomach dropped with queasy vertigo, but I refused to close my eyes for fear of the feelings intensifying. My mother dropped the two bags she had carried for me and urged me to dismount w
  9. Rhyad's older brother is bold, daring, and openly opinionated. But, when Owin becomes desperate enough to run away from his problems, Rhyad is suddenly forced to begin resolving his own. Will the two of them ever be free from the avaricious influence of their parents? (BL, wyverns coupling, and more warnings in the chapters...)
  10. A/N: This story wouldn't be what it is today without the help of my friends and fellow writers: RamblingRobin, Kat, Timothy M., Hanna, Brayon, Toma, and Rainbow Cat. Every single one of you has my sincerest gratitude. My words can't express that enough! Thank you. :: Prologue- Owin's Gone :: "Owin?" I felt a fluttering of unease in my stomach at the silence that greeted me. If my brother wasn't in our shared room, then where in the Azure was he? My fingers fidgeted as I scanned the room, and my gaze swept past something on my bed. The vibrant gold swirls of Owin's sta
  11. Mogget always had me laughing. Another favorite of mine is Sirius Black. Gandalf, too...though Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of the dragon Smaug will always live on in my memory.
  12. ‘Coming of age’ is an unintentional recurring theme in half of the stories I’ve worked on. The characters all suffered through it in different ways, though! 😅 Thank you again for sharing your thoughts!
  13. Avion has been described (in a loving way) as a snarky snowball. He was fun to write about.
  14. Always good to know 30% think like me. Write or die; all comments welcome (good or bad).
  15. It’s always a great day if I get you to laugh, @Timothy M.! I am grateful to many members of the GA community. But, I can say with certainty that you’re one of the ones that had a direct hand in my writing improvement throughout the years. Thank you. 💜
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