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  1. MOTOR Many oval tools oust ratchets. OUSTS
  2. The biggest surprise in my DNA profile was the "0.2% Scandinavian." It's a shame my maternal grandpa's no longer around. I'd have liked to see what his DNA profile looked like. The rest of it was already known ( 31.4% Spanish, 19.4% Native American [Taino tribe], 18.8% African, and the rest was miscellaneously European (23.5%)...the 0.8% French and German was also due to grandpa). 

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    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      The Vikings liked to travel. :P 

    3. Thirdly


      @Page Scrawler I'd laugh, but herring tacos actually sounds delicious to me. 

    4. Thirdly
  3. Thirdly

    Chapter 16

    That would be another in-depth discussion with Robin. I imagine if the chip even improves vision, that they might see something similar to what we see on Doctor Who. We might never know.
  4. Thirdly


    ...I want one.
  5. Thirdly

    Chapter 16

    Technically, he's speaking a more advanced Kaynen, and everyone else is hearing their respective languages. But, agreed!
  6. Thirdly

    Paper Doll #1

    This is amazing.
  7. Thirdly

    Chapter 16

    ...and end up talking to a moth? Pretty much. Yes, unfortunately, Tilly's chapter seems a way's away.
  8. Thirdly

    Chapter 16

    Yes, he's a bit more Kaynen, exactly. And yes, just like back with Adrian's injuries and other minor kinks in KIAO (we never saw it since we started the story with Adrian waking up AFTER the procedure, but he had a chip implanted just before the story began), Zane's minor kinks and vision improved (it's at least 20/20 at this point).
  9. Thirdly

    Chapter 16

    Yes. Yes, you truly understand my vision.
  10. Thirdly

    Chapter 16

    Opposites do attract. Louie and Lilly were meant to be.
  11. Thirdly

    Chapter 16

    She's an alien goat that happens to be fluffy (I imagine she must appear similar to an angora goat, I'll have to ask Robin). We had always planned for Louie to have a mate of his own.
  12. Thirdly

    Chapter 16

    Yes, as sad as it is that it's nearing the end, it's a good thing. We can't get to sequels without completing it first.
  13. Thirdly

    Chapter 16

    Right! He'd call everyone by a random trait! But, yes it would still be Lilly that would be more trouble. She's more eloquent and blunt than Louie.
  14. Thirdly

    Chapter 16

    Ah, but to most aliens, a talking "Kaynen" is not too far-fetched. They're fascinated by anyone that can talk in that form (just like Mycha, and Daniel, if I remember correctly), but it wouldn't be that "shocking" to them.
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