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  1. Thirdly

    Chapter 1

    Seems like you’ve been enjoying reading this one so far! Thanks for giving it a chance.
  2. Thirdly


    As am I!
  3. Thirdly


    Yes. And she had a rough time of it, too. I imagine the tomato slice and the meat kept sliding out of the buns. Definitely washing tabs commercial material!
  4. Thirdly


    Sassy indeed. I will miss Avion (at least until I get the time to work on a comic rendition of this story...if I ever finish my currrent projects). The character I'm working on now isn't very sassy at all. It's actually difficult to write him, but I had little control over how his personality developed. He grew on me.
  5. Thirdly


    Glad you enjoyed the epilogue! I do have another story in the works (I want to finish it and fix it up before posting that one, though) Robin and I are also still inching towards the conclusion of Lust and Propriety.
  6. Saydee appeared distressed from the moment she entered my class. She was jumpy and distant. I wondered just how much of my lesson she managed to grasp. Then, around two in the afternoon, I saw her grasping her stomach. Her face was so pained that I knew exactly what was going on. "Class is dismissed early today," I declared. "Try to think about the phrase 'return with your shield or on it' and of modern day cultures that have similar phrases for next two weeks." "Saydee, please stay," I added as the young Pomeranian began to get out of her seat. "Tell me, by any chance, is this your bi
  7. I'm glad you enjoyed them. It's definitely a waiting game (especially these days) but keep trying! While we were writing this story, my cowriter Toma dated, broke up, dated, broke up, and eventually found and married her current husband. Theyve been together for at least 5 years now.
  8. Thirdly

    No Knocking

    Oh Mason, one of the sweetest Elders in that world. What are we going to do with him?
  9. Thirdly

    No Knocking

    I solemnly swear that we are still working on wrapping up this one. It’s still about an inch a week, but it’s still going.
  10. When Hazeth Montcroix promised not to touch the Perazan prince the night prior, he hadn’t expected to have temptation literally draped over him the following morning. He knew fully well that none of this would help paint him in a good light despite Winter being the one to subconsciously cling to him. A part of him wanted to touch the Unicorn all over, consequences be damned. But, it was neither the way to get into Win's good graces, nor into his pants. "My prince?" He gently called, unable to stop himself from nuzzling the top of the sleeping man's head. "It's time to get up, Winter."
  11. Thirdly


    I’ll pass them along. They even sent everyone in the family one of those seasons greetings picture postcards. So cheesy, yet adorable.
  12. Thirdly


    Update: Seth's real life reference and Ken are officially engaged as of last week. The family is super psyched.
  13. Thirdly


    Liam bottoms for Seth on occasion, yes. Kris (all the characters, actually) was based off a real person who is literally aging alone right now and has no loved ones (after having lived an overly selfish and criminal life). But, he's not in jail. Michael also occasionally wears girly things. Also, my reference person for Seth just got engaged last week to the reference person for Liam.
  14. I'm feeling pretty down. I like to think I've been handling everything well on the outside, at least. I was compared to my oldest sister in a very derogatory way by a parent. As much as I understand that it was mostly backlash aimed towards her, I'm still quite hurt about it. I think the accumulation of stress from everywhere (work, home, hobbies) has me pretty messed up inside. My creativity is usually my escape, but nothing seems to work right now. At times like this, I understand why some of my other family members turn to drugs and liquor so often. Even if I wanted to, neither of those vices have ever worked for me.

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    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Sending you lots of  :hug: :hug: :hug: .

    3. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      :hug: and :kiss:  from Denmark. Wish I could send you some nice Danish sweets.

    4. Thirdly


      @Page Scrawler and @Timothy M. : Thanks, guys. I’m feeling much better today. Spent some time with my siblings and, after a whole night full of silly anecdotes, I was finally able to get a normal night’s sleep last night after a week of insomnia.

  15. Thirdly

    Chapter 15

    Glad you enjoyed this one so far.
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