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iomfats.org has begun to post Grasshopper's latest tale, "Darkfall" at http://iomfats.org/storyshelf/hosted/grasshopper/ (and scroll down). If you've read Grasshopper before, you know the writing is amazing. If you haven't encountered Grasshopper before, go read!





B) .......Very well written story!!! Dark, disturbing, had me on the edge waiting for the explosion to occur.

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Ok, I am in a major need of a nap- I am very tired. I just read the entire story in one shot, every single word, since around 11 this morning and it's 5:30 and I haven't eaten or drank anything.


It was just so riveting. This story had everything- a love story, family connections, betrayal, umm what else? Oh thriller/mystery about his mother and his father, the pit, and supernatural forces. I got chills. Loved it so much.


Will definitely read more stuff when my eyes recover--like tonight. :D

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