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  1. Happy Birthday Tiff! Miss you! :D

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Gal,

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and a GREAT year.


  6. Tiff

    Chapter 15

    Chapter 15 --------------------------------------------- Pete’s hands shook as his fingers held onto Rob’s elastic band. His heart pounded. He licked the sweat off his upper lip. His mother’s voice made his head ache. Her voice was so shrill. Then he heard it. The lively ring tone echoed against the tiles. It rose above the sound of his beating heart. It was the special ring tone that Andy had programmed specifically for whenever he called. Andy. Andy and his reassuring smi
  7. Tiff

    Chapter 14

    Chapter 14 --------------------------------------------- “Susan,” Andy said in a controlled tone. “I’m going to have to tell people eventually.” “But why?” Susan’s eyes were wide with tears. “Susan,” he began patiently. “You can tell everyone we just divorced and couldn’t make it work. But I’m tired of lying, Susan. If someone asks me what’s going on with my life or if I’m dating someone, I’m not going to lie. I care about you, I really do, but I can’t lie. Not even for you.”
  8. Tiff

    Chapter 13

    Chapter 13 --------------------------------------------- “Have a good day at school.” Pete felt the slightest pressure on his lips and smiled as he groggily snuggled into the comfort of the blankets. “Is it time to wake up?” Pete murmured. Andy chuckled. Pete felt a gentle caress glide along his cheek. “It’s time for me to go to work. I know you have class today, but I’m not sure when.” “Later. Soon,” Pete sighed. He was way too comfortable to move or form whole sentences.
  9. Tiff

    Chapter 12

    Chapter 12 --------------------------------------------- It was beautiful. It was breathtaking. It was final. Maybe that was the cause of its beauty; its abrupt finality, its sweet closure. Pete inhaled the dewy scent of the morning, his eyes taking in the damp grass, so green and so vibrant. It was ironic that the grass looked so fresh, the soil so fertile, in the presence of death. He was so overwhelmed with emotions, most of them conflicting, that in the end he felt noth
  10. Tiff

    Chapter 11

    Chapter 11 --------------------------------------------- “What’s this?” Pete asked in confusion. He stared at the colorful carnations before him. They brightened the entire kitchen. “Flowers,” Andy said his cheeks tinged pink. “I know,” Pete said sarcastically. “But for me? Why?” “You’re leaving.” Pete rolled his eyes good-naturedly. “I’m coming back you know. I’m only visiting my brother for a week.” “The other night,” Andy paused blushing, the red flush spreading ac
  11. Tiff

    Chapter 10

    Chapter 10 --------------------------------------------- Pete stared up at the bright lights. He loved Times Square. He loved it before he had ever seen it. But once he saw it in person, he fell in love all over again. It was beautiful. It was breathtaking. It was so alive, even at this late hour. People were milling around, talking in various languages and accents. He loved it all. Why couldn’t he feel this alive? Right now he felt dead, completely empty. Someone bumped into
  12. The Price of Revelation by Tiffani Chin Chapter 17 --------------------------------------------- “Are you hitting on me?” Sean asked incredulously, staring at the tall blond in front of him as they both stood in the lobby. The man was giving Sean an overly charming smile. Sean inwardly groaned. Granted, the man was good looking and had the prettiest blue eyes Sean had ever seen, but he wasn’t interested. He was only interested in one guy, and that was Weston Chadwick Smith. “Why wo
  13. The Price of Revelation by Tiffani Chin Chapter 16 --------------------------------------------- Sean sat alone in his room, the covers bunched around his waist, his mind racing. He kept hearing the gunshot over and over again. He saw the fighting, the blood on Ethan’s face, on his father’s knuckles. It happened more than a week ago, but it was still fresh in Sean’s mind. The police had come. They saw the mess in the back of the restaurant and Storm standing with a gun in his hand, ov
  14. The Price of Revelation by Tiffani Chin Chapter 14 --------------------------------------------- The salt filled air wafted into Sean’s nostrils as he lay face down on the bed, clenching the pillow edges in his fists. He knew that they were by the beach. He could see it from their hotel balcony, and smell it in the air. It was quiet at night; it was quiet during the day. It would have been peaceful if Sean had been with someone else, anyone else but Ethan. Sean grimaced and buried
  15. The Price of Revelation by Tiffani Chin Chapter 13 --------------------------------------------- Hopelessness pulled at Storm’s insides. The police had caused quite a stir when they showed up at Target, questioning all the customers and employees. Some had seen Sean running around the place. Supposedly he had run outside to the parking lot and that’s when he disappeared. After that, no one saw him. Once the initial questioning was over, a squad car had escorted Rachel and Sammy hom
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