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  1. Benji

    Chapter 117 The Happy Clappers

    😎............ Yeah, that was in the back of mind while writing that!
  2. Benji

    Chapter 117 The Happy Clappers

    😎..................Coming a bit late, but I thought I would put in my two cents here, 😁 )as there were not enough cliches!) I think it wrong to assume that Robbies condition is medical. his doctors should have figured out that he what he really needed was a good therapist That he really needed was rest and no drama as he did not get any rest at home between Don, 'the clappers' and Sue! Of course, now with the current thing with Alex and now his father, his level of anxiety has only gotten worse. What Robbie really needs is to have a talk with Walter while staying with him to recuperate, at least a week, more likely two weeks is needed. I agree with Wildone he needs to be able to tell someone that he can trust, and Walter sounds like just the person! Alex disappering from his life will reduce his fear and anxitiey and possible protection from Alex's father and with Don and the 'clappers' gone maybe his anxiety can disapper. Finally if Robbie's stairwell assailant finally gets caught and prosecuted, if he offers up fellow conspirators, would there be any surpries for us? Great chapter, can't wait for the next one!
  3. 😎............. Robbie should be looking for a place to go soon and leave the home of Don and Sue for his on sake. The obvious place would be Rory's home, and he has the money to pay for room and board, but Alex has to go. That is why Robbie would never feel safe with Alex on the loose and I know Robbie would feel better. I wonder if Don will try to force Robbie into the Church's therapy for his own good, under the guise that Robbie 'brought it all on upon himself by being gay?' I also wonder if Sue will go along with it, or will Don's weekly prayer meetings go away with a resolute Sue?
  4. 😎..............A brain trauna victim suffers from a sexual assualt already compounding Robbie's fragile and physical and mental physche. His refusal to report the 'crime' is understamdable considering skeptical Don and Sue who would probably beleive Alex over Robbie, but is further evidence that he is not thinking clearly. "Flotida"? Is Alex on drugs? He does have the right idea, he should leave the area! However for Robbie's well being, he should also leave Don and Sue's home. The rape assualt will eventually get out, and Don will blame Robbie for it! Alex needs a mental institution, not a jail cell Graet chapter!
  5. Benji

    Chapter 115 Old Habits Die Hard

    😎....................I'm all in for that!! πŸ˜†
  6. Benji

    Chapter 115 Old Habits Die Hard

    😎............ In both cases. Alex was a culprit and instigator with Robbie and between Nathan and Robbie Robbie did lie to Nathan and Robbie did play mind games with Alex. So Robbie was not blameless in this mess, he was also aware of how violent Alex could be, so he probably shouldn't have poked that wasp nest with a stick. I'm not sure who Robbie could tell about Alex, his home and town seem to be overfilled with homophobia. However, he most definitely should tell someone of his reinjury to his head.
  7. Benji

    Chapter 115 Old Habits Die Hard

    😱.....................WTF! I so did not see that coming. I have no idea who Robbie awakened, but it wasn't the Alex that he knew! What started out as good morning, joking with Rory just got worse. And it sure didn't get better with Nathan busting his balls! Of course, (I could not believe Nathan calling the kettle black here! It got worse with Don's lonely threesome bible study group. I wonder how Sue managed to avoid Don's group, I thought Don's grip was tight? Finally. back to Alex, who went crazy on Robbie, I hope Robbie's head was not injured to the point where Robbie may need to be hospitalized again? I can see plenty of blame to go around, but Robbie seems o have brought a lot of upon himself!
  8. Benji

    The babies are coming!

    😎..............Omg! This one was stacked with tension-filled comedy, β€œI’d be less pissed off if I didn’t look like a thirteen-year-old Beiber fan.” β€œOh,” Kaleb waved his hand at him. β€œYou’re being the drama queen. Now punch the gas β€˜Beebs.’” Terrific gift form Kasey, the evil that spews from this family is definitely an environmental trait. "................raising her arthritic withered hand to give Kaleb the bird. β€œYou wish,” He muttered! Kaleb is definitely a charmer! Great chapter in the tradition of the 'Family Struggles' characters..
  9. Benji

    Chapter 114 Welcome to Cobourg

    😎 πŸ‰...............it all makes sense now! !
  10. Huh?


    1. wildone


      He should know better :P


  11. Benji

    Chapter 114 Welcome to Cobourg

    😎.....................Well, I'm glad Nathan and Robbie bumped into each other, perhaps they can resolve their ending relationship and move on from each other. Rory is floating a couple feet off the ground with his continuing dates with Conner's sister, hmm....when will he announce that she is his girlfriend? Likewise, Robbie is being careful not to rush into another relationship, his brain says wait.... his other brain could have done it on the table in the diner! Did Robbie say that he saw that diner on the bus to school and it was never crowded? Good reason alone not to eat there, it was either the service or the food,, since they walked out okay it must have been the service! Morbid yes, I mean if you are a rational person then a will is a necessity to have the foresight to get ironed out. I certainly would not want to leave anything to Don or Sue. I'm sure the next episode Robbie has will land him in the hospital, great chapter!
  12. Benji

    Chapter 113 Photographic Evidence

    Hmm, I was talking about emancipation from the adopted parents. That should allow him freedom to move and make his own judgement calls!
  13. Benji

    Chapter 113 Photographic Evidence

    πŸ˜Žβ€¦β€¦β€¦β€¦..I agree, although mentally Robbie was not ready to be on his own, he could have left his options open and if the need came to shove he could have rented a room somewhere (Rory's house?). Until his medical situation is rectified I think getting himself emancipated is not in his best interest. Problem is, Robbie has ignored the advice from people that really cared about him, it is obvious that Don held Robbie as a trophy catch and made himself look good by honoring his sisters wishes. It would be revealing if Robbie came across a journal or something left behind by his mother that shed more light on why she left Canada, and maybe some insight on her brother!
  14. Benji

    Chapter 113 Photographic Evidence

    πŸ˜Žβ€¦β€¦β€¦β€¦β€¦.Well, I was glad that Rory and Robby had a good time t the party, with both of them coming out better then they went in. Conner sounds like a nice guy, I hope nothing (or no one) mess's up their new found budding friendship. Rory is the surprise recipient of a very determined young lady, I'm glad for Rory's upcoming date, I'm sure after a quick tour of the town Robbie may take Conner with him to visit a very nervous Rory, who is as bad in getting dressed for a date as was getting undressed for bed, hopefully Robbie will help pick out some clothes. I agree that Alex is turning back into the dominate player that Robbie once knew, and although Robbie may enjoy the pursuit game. I think he is done with being the submissive (that brain injury will raise it's ugly head) for now. He may even surprise Alex with his newfound 'attitude', In fact Sue seems to have become more aggressive lately around Robbie, Don must have really laid down the law with her. Or has he groomed her with his newly found church fellowship and beliefs? I do hope Nicola has not succumbed to her parents! Nice chapter, why do I see a storm coming up soon?

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