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  1. Benji

    Chapter 1

    😎...…………….Confusing but interesting start to a story.
  2. 😎................Yay; Robbie! I'm glad to see him stand up for himself, and for taking Jo's advice about seeing and talking to Conner. But he should also be wary of Don, I don't think Robbie is worried enough to heed Jo's advice on how dangerous Don could be. (I think Jo may have to convince Robbie to wear a tracker for fear of him being kidnapped by hired people from Don). Nathan sure nailed Don! I wonder if Don recognized himself as "an evil, balding bigot, who lived at the top of the hill and preyed on young gay boys". But his actions provide an answer by his leaving the play.(P didn't know Don was balding??) 😄 Nathan was being sweet to Robbie and I'm sure he is still holds a torch for him. Bur Robbie has to hold firm, otherwise risk losing Conner. I'm sure Conner will keep Robbie feet on the ground and their relationship running smoothly. Great chapter, perhaps a for-bearer of things to come.
  3. 😎......................Looks like Don has made his decision, Sue gave him the ultimatum, either get counseling or get out of the house, stubborn and defiant to the end, Don has a tantrum and leaves. (I wish I could say for good, but I fear Robbie will not see the end of Don yet)! I agree with the assessment of Jo's presented so far, and I'm sure Sue has already scooped her out for her professionalism and her colleagues on the effectiveness as a therapists. Don's personal views on Jo's looks and how she dresses is insignificant as long if she gets results. What my question is, how is the author going to get rid of Don? Is he going to get his church people to kidnap and torture Robbie in desperation tp convert him? Or will Don have ab accidental death? Great chapter.
  4. Benji

    Sanc Chapter 3

    😎...……………...Hm! Another interesting story to follow. I'd be surprised if Jonah's mother 'new' BF or husband hasn't been abusing Jonah more then reported so far, and I suspect that the abuse only increased as his sexuality became known to them! I like the idea of this sanctuary, I wonder why the need for secrecy?
  5. 😎...….......I tend to agree as I have always believed that homosexuality is just a variant of the human sexuality spectrum. As further discovery's continue, I think this will be a settled question and the religious zealots will have acknowledge it, and stop it's persecution.
  6. Benji

    JV Chapter 5

    😎......….I wonder if Aiden has been kicked out by his loving dad? Did his dad figure out his communication with Davies? Or did dad discover that his youngest child was also gay? Great chapter!!
  7. Benji

    JV Chapter 4

    😎…...…..I had wondered about Mr. Weight's age and health early on in the story. Is Davie's set to inherit Mr. Weight's fortune? (although I'm not expecting his demise soon, I do wonder if he has any family...……...the comment about Louisa's estranged relatives have left a clue that when Louisa pass's on, the estate falls into Mt. Wright's hands and who would Mr. Weight's fortune pass on to?) I can hardly wait for the next chapter!
  8. 😎........…..Funny how you can start a story, forget about it and then pick it back up where you left off. So I'm talking maybe a year later, I re-found this story and finished it and the sequel with Oli, the story ended 8 years later, but left out a lot. As noted the wedding, Teddy and Ryder's kids, what happened to Mark. Yeah, book III is definitely needed here! Great book(s) Looking forward to more!
  9. 😎.....….…..It is a hard choice, but in the end Circumnavigation won out! It also expanded my spelling skills in learning how to spell it!
  10. Benji

    JV Chapter 2

    😎…………... A very interesting character his boss is, apparently filthy rich as well. I wonder if he (they Davies and Mr. Wright) will bump into his (Davies) dad in future dealings, as his father is a lawyer? It would be awkward, and understanding his fathers dislike of gays, maybe he will run into trouble with his dealings if his father's firm is associated with Mr. Wright. Another great chapter to a good start on a great story!
  11. Benji

    JV Chapter 1

    😎…...….....A different direction then your usual stories, I'll look forward to reading it!
  12. Benji


    😎………………. Damn, Harper is even stupider then I first' thought, the English major commits an assault crime in front of witnesses. He should be charged with attempted murder with a deadly weapon, and jailed for life. Great chapter!
  13. 😎…......…...A very well written story for a often ignored subject in our country today@
  14. 😎…………..Well, looks like an older angrier Don is back! But he still cannot fight the new Sue who mage ir clear that the happy clappers were not welcome in her home. So Don decides to lay all the blame on Robby for his failure to join his happy clapper group. To Don, Robby is the cause pf his marriage problems with Sue and the discourse with the rest of his kids. I believe that the drugs found, belonged to Don, the only other suspect would have been Alex. Although I don't understand how Don thought he could pull it off, as Sue would definitely follow up with a drug test, as the story went. I'm leery about Don trying to get his happy clappers involved and kidnap Robby for the purpose of reparative therapy by church. Great chapter!!Don's true colors have been exposed. (just got back from 3 months of camping)
  15. 😎…..……….And just like a bad recurring dream, Don is back. Lets see how he has changed in the absence,,,, or not! Rob is getting great counseling, I hope Jo takes a stab at Don soon! Great chapter!
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