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  1. Benji

    Chapter 20

    Nah, just looking for trailers,,,,Look it up 2:42 *OFFICIAL Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer (Netflix Original Series)
  2. Benji

    Chapter 20

    😎………..Idiot's don't know how to brush their teeth! Watching Stranger Things trailers for season 3
  3. Benji

    Chapter 16

    Yeah I know, but I was referring to your ego hat's head, not your raincoat one.
  4. Benji

    Chapter 20

    😎………..….While you guys are playing with Barbie dolls, I need to know if Melvin went to any GSA meetings and if his Daddy is still locked up? Good Chapter
  5. Benji

    Chapter 16

    😎………...Yes, but I know if we give you credit your head will swell, and I know you don't like that!! 😆
  6. Benji

    Chapter 19

    😎………...Nope, can't say I have, but the VA was great and my eyesight is much (MUCH) better then before 12/28/16 is when they sent me to a specialist for eye injections. I had an (for lack of a better term) eye stroke, the inside of the eyes are still ruptured and after 2 years they are using a different medication, they decided to fix the cataracts in the mean time so that I could see.
  7. Benji

    Character List

    😎………..………..Ya'll leave Benji out of this little skirmish!
  8. Benji

    Chapter 16

    😎………..….I was in gymnastics in high school, (I wasn't fast enough for basketball and definitely not tall nor heavy enough for football). I think Crawford had a gymnastic team back then 68' - 72', I was not bad, but not college material.
  9. Benji

    Chapter 19

    😎………..…..Well, nice going and I'm only 9 months late! But I do have a good excuse. My eyes were going on me (I still have treatments involving injections into my eyes once a month) but the VA took care of my cataracts and did the surgery, and new lense in them, just got the new glasses on Monday. Plus I beat out 2 different cancers during the year, the prostate is cured, and the cancer in the lung is in remission. Not bad for an old Marine Vietnam vet. I hope Wesley recovers form his loss, I don't know but I can only assume that his mother wasn't always a terrible person. Melvin was a big surprise, and sounds like a self-loathing closet case, perhaps his father found out recently. however I suspect his abuse has been going on for a long time anyways. Good chapter!
  10. Benji

    Chapter 16

    Sorry, I thought this was your quote; Yes, but many years after I had graduated. I certainly never met him or any of the other famous people who are also Alumni. RuPaul wasn’t happy with the school – or San Diego. I went to school in San Diego, graduated in 72' went to Madison High.  2
  11. Benji

    Chapter 16

    😎………..……….Wesley went to school in San Diego? Which one and what year?
  12. Benji

    Chapter 109 Mister Lube

    😎……………….I'm not sure what Don's secret weapon is, but the idea from the dream gives rise to such conspiracy, wonder is Sue is aware of his supposed fling? Of course Don is aware of his (figurately church, as he is not really a weekly participant, I wonder why?) churches' intentions, I can't see his kids not rebelling from this forced participation into Robbie's treatment, If Sue is aware of past indiscretions of Don's, perhaps she would join the boycott. Timothy's suggestion is a bit more extreme, however a pissed off Alex might be up to the challenge of Mr.Symmound. Awaiting the start of the Sermon that see's Don and Sue's children revolting by standing up and walking out of services.
  13. Benji

    Chapter 18

    😎………………….I know he is upset but I echo Sam's sentiment, "was that really necessary Aiden"! So how is Jason going to fix this? Amazing to get 2 chapters in a week! Thanks!
  14. Benji

    Chapter 17

    😎…………..………….Hmm, did Ryan let it slip that he knows something? I can't see him being involved with the kidnapping and rape, but what the hell does this guy know ? And how does he know? Hope Jason's hand is not that screwed up. The fight he had must of involved something someone said about Aiden, are the attackers getting close to getting caught? Good Chapter!
  15. Benji

    Chapter 108 A Spiritual Guide

    😎…..……..Wow, The moment Mr. Symonds mentioned 'spiritual guidance' I smelled gay conversion therapy. I think that Robbie should be asking the questions now, like who the hell was that? Walter can fill him in with those answers. My other question is why did Anderson have Symonds banned from the school? Does this guy have a record? Or did he get charged and the case was dropped? Something is not right about this guy and I agree with everyone else that if there is another session Robbie should record it. But I'd go further and have Robbie have a witness nearby. Don's surprise, well Robbie agreed to the adoption, therefore Don could send him to 'camp' as a legal guardian, I think the kid's would revolt then, but will Don blackmail Robbie into agreeing to it? Great chapter, made me mad and hungry for more!! 😋 Wait a minute, is Don's surprise another relative find?

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