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MSN Virus Alert


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Please note that if you use MSN and have other GA members as contacts on there, you'll most likely run across a virus being sent out. It'll tell you they have an image that looks like you or of you they want to post. It will send you a zip file that's trying to pass as a .jpeg.


Do not accept the file transfer.


Do not open the zip file.

If you open the zip file, you will most likely be infected if your Anti-Virus program doesn't catch it fast enough. Keep your virus definitions updated and you should be fine.


Even if it's from someone you know, make sure you ask them what you're downloading because the chances are, they don't even know they're infected until it's too late.


The virus also blocks many of the anti-virus sites so you can't get to them to download a fix. The best way is to run your anti-virus program and it should detect and delete it quickly. If you need to access the anti-virus sites, I would suggest using a web proxy to get around the blocked list.




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Lol one of the great selling points of Mac's is that the only reason they're largely virus-free is because most virus's are written with Windows code to hit as many computers as possible.



The internet here sucks so I haven't been on any instant messengers for a while. AIM works every now then but MSN is more tricky.

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Well I said MSN because I know a lot of the GA members talk to each other through that more than any other program. It seems to have calmed down and people aren't sending the messages anymore.


But please, if you've been infected, change your MSN password.

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