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  1. Feeling so alone, sad, depressed.... It's definitely been hard lately

    1. Krista


      Hang in there, dear. :) I'm sorry to hear things have been difficult for you lately. :(

    2. Headstall


      Things can turn around on a dime... have faith, buddy :)

    3. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      This is a good site to make friends. Don't despair, plz.

  2. new blog post - slroy.com

  3. Happy birthday, kiddo. Here's hoping your day's been a great one!

  4. In term of TV shows, my collection isn't so bad (and I include TV shows bought from iTunes too). : Early Edition (season 1&2) The West Wing Will & Grace Friends Boston Legal House Friday Night Lights Without a Trace (S. 1 &2) MythBusters (a few seasons) 24 Hell Kitchen (S. 1-8) NCIS Madam Secretary The Chicago Code The Blacklist Suits Lie To Me Roockie Blue (s.1-4) Degrassi The Next Generation (s.1-8) Les Parents (s. 1-5) Ummm. maybe I got too many? And before someone ask. Yes, I still purchase current season passes on iTunes. It's simply because some of them doesn't come out on Netflix or get removed from it after some time.
  5. Last weekend a friend of mine made me listen to him.. now, I can't seem to stop listening to this song :
  6. FrenchCanadian

    Random Pictures

    Here some picture from my collection
  7. RogersCup is back! Even seen guys I didn't expect...

  8. Good guys should be able to say "Sorry" to his friend and a good friend will have already forgiven and forgotten.

  9. I love Marissa Tomei, she deserved or Oscar for My Cousin Vinny, but, ain't she a little young to play the aunt?
  10. Happy Independence Day all my friends... now lets watch that movie....
  11. It's just a good album altogether... I do like "Ironic" ... in her iTunes Originals special, she modified her lyrics to say "meeting the man of my dreams, then meeting his beautiful husband" My favourites ones are : "Head Over Feet" and "You Oughta Know" and "Hand in My Poket"
  12. The media attention might be less in the CFL than in the NFL... however, he will still have plenty of it in Montreal. Just for the press conference he had... it was packed from all the sport journalist as well as lifestyle journalist. the LGBT magazine Fuges even sent a journalist to cover the event... And the first "incident" about him being gay, in the press, happened.
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