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Pitch Perfect

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Hey :) I've started a story called Pitch Perfect. It's about two people Lucca and Sam. Lucca volunteers at a nursing home and is drowning in his troubles. Sam just moved and is trying to make a clean start. It's a romance/drama. It's also my first story so any comments would be appreciated, thank you!

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Chapter 12 is now out Posted Image You can read it here: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/intune/pitchperfect/12


If anyone reads this forum, let me ask a question: Who do you think Sam would sound like? (singing wise) I have my own ideas, but I'd be curious to hear from others Posted Image


that's an interesting question. I get the feeling that when he opens his mouth the voice that emerges is not what most would expect and that makes it all the more gorgeous to Lucca. not sure if that means he's tenor like josh groban or angelic and high ptiched. right now i'm hearing josh groban as sam singing when you say you love me to lucca lol fantasies! love this story

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