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Ok yea It is a fan fiction, but to me, it works even if you don't know about where the characters originated. I think. Please give it a chance. It only has 3 chapters, and has 2 posted as of now, the third will be available tomorrow. Posted Image


Gerard has agreed to help out a friend, and do one thing that he would never normally do, join a frat. The initiation consists of spending the night in a haunted house. He knows this house well, and the ghosts within. Sometimes bad things happen, but sometimes, awful things fix themselves.


Story Note


This is a Fan Fiction based on two members of the band My Chemical Romance.

The only part of the characters used in this story that is real, are their looks, everything else is from the mind of the writer. This is fiction.

Title from: Vampires will never hurt you by: My Chemical Romance


"And as always, innocent like roller coasters.

Fatality is like ghosts in snow and you have no idea what you're up against

because I've seen what they look like.

Becoming perfect as if they were sterling silver chainsaws going cascading."




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I am not with it tonight. I put in the review that I keep calling My Chemical Romance, Chemical Romance... that's just silly. I keep calling them Chemical Wedding.


Good story. I have to take some interest because my son's name is Efan so it always catches my interest.

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