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Cooking 101

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Is that a real programme. She's awesome. That's me when I'm making a big, home cooked meal, like Christmas Dinner or for a dinner party. I get through half a bottle of whiskey


ROFL Nephylim she is amazing!!! And she has won awards for her posts online :) she is not on "TV" more of a web blog on YouTube but if you like her check her out :) I can’t get enough of her:) you should post yourself cooking :) rofl I would watch :)



Hi Deathboi69,


That is the best .I subbed on her channel.Lots of laughs there.


Thanks for sharing.



Joe thank you for subbing her page :) she is amazing and funny!! As well as being a good cook even though you might not think that with her posts ROFL but she is my idol :)
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