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It's on netflix, here.


It's on IMDB, here.


It's a really good movie. REALLY GOOD.



This was...amazing. It caught the time, the place, the anger, the frustration. the use of period music, the use of really bad hair, all set the scene perfectly.

I was gay in the period in which this movie was set, it hits every note, perfectly.


Oh, and then there was that one part with the numchucks. THE SCENE WITH THE NUMCHUCKS. Holy crap.

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I'm not going to say this movie sucked or anything, but I didn't like it.


It was FAR too long (or maybe just boring imo) and it seemed like nothing would ever happen. While I liked him as a kid who was overly protected by his father (If I remember correctly), it seemed the more he grew, the more I disliked him to the point I turned it off. Maybe I should actually sit down and watch it taking in the detail, but I dunno. I guess being a 1990s/2000s kid/teenager I couldn't really relate to it. I'm not really into old settings or anything, but the smoking and the horrible hair and that awful fashion just made it worse for me.


While it did seem like a great film, I just wanted to let you know I didn't like it. :P

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I like it. It is a great family drama. Unlike most gay genre movies, this one actually has substance. You go through emotional journey with the main character. The story isn't just about the main character's homosexuality and nothing else, it actually talks about his relationship with his family members. The part his dad always sings the same song in annual Christmas gathering is just so funny, you can't stop him!


Edge of Seventeen is the other movie with this type of calibur.

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The actor was an excellent choice ... but the ending in typical french movies tends be weak

but in this case this was like a drama historical


we explore how CRAZY is ... the experience was wonderful


another movie but its not gay themed is a very good movie concept

"Across the Universe" ... featuring 60s music and mostly the beatles music

introducing the era of the 60s to us who don't know it

they missed one song ... "Yesterday"

perhaps this songs would work in a sequel but not this movie

however in youtube they use this song to create a tribute


but perhaps CRAZY is the Gay version we don't have to reinvent

its perfect the way it is

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