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  1. Oh, those days with the Sims. My two hot "roommates" getting down to some good old fashioned woohoo in their fashionable houses with the very gay decor. I had straight housemates and a couple of awkward moments of "uh, I don't know why they're doing that...
  2. Gene Splicer PHD

    Chapter 73

    ...cum gutters. Cum gutters!
  3. If you want to support some fellow authors and want the story formatted well, it’s available on awesomedude here: http://awesomedude.com/ryankeith/one_life/index.htm
  4. In the distance, a rumble. Closer to home, chapters get updated. He stirs.
  5. https://entertainment.theonion.com/novelist-has-whole-shitty-world-plotted-out-1819572899 bahaha...
  6. I'd also suggest using the Save As... command to create a new version with a different file name in your word processor. Doing this, if you accidentally save over your work (classic example - I once hit Select All (ctrl-a), hit the space bar, and saved over my file, making it blank. All in a fit of spastic hand motion. By having an earlier version under a different file name, I recovered almost everything). Also, the "Save" command only saves changes to the document, making it larger because of all the save-tracking metadata that's saved with the file. Using Save as... forces the file to
  7. You're right - Apple isn't exactly on the top of my list either It's readable in small doses, but it gets pretty rough when it's more than a paragraph or so.
  8. Use care when changing to the Letter format if you want folks that use Apple devices to read it easily. It should only be used sparingly. See the screenshot for why this is so: on a PC the Letter format comes across as Comic Sans. Apple, rather crassly substitutes a nearly unreadable script font for Comic Sans, which isn't available on those devices. This is why Comic Sans should be scourged from the earth.
  9. Congrats Parker! Well done, sir. Keep writing, I really like your work.
  10. Sweet! Nicely done! Can't wait for more! I need to pee! congratulations🙌👍😄
  11. Okay so I think I said that oddly. You've done three months worth of work with only a months time available. So well done.
  12. Yeah so three months is an eternity to do a thing...if you're working on the thing full time, but you're not. You have a day job and so does the programmer. So considering the actual hours you have into the upgrade, how long has it really taken? A month? Don't sell yourself short, Emperor Myr. Considering the obstacles with all the upgrades and server shifts, it's been a bitch kitty (ha, I managed to bring kitty into it (ducks)) of a job and you should go do a gaming marathon or something.
  13. Here is a test given to eighth graders in Bullitt County Kentucky in 1912: http://bullittcountyhistory.org/bchistory/schoolexam1912.html. How do do you think you'll do? Here are the answers: http://bullittcountyhistory.org/bchistory/schoolexam1912ans.html?as-source=src507ak
  14. Hey Talonrider, Where is the font button missing? As I am replying to you, the button is there. However, it disappears if I downsize the window. I am using Google Chrome on Windows 7,
  15. Also Myr says the notifications will return in a few days.
  16. Yeah, wait for the indexing to finish. It's likely they're just caught in the process. Let us know if they don't return. And there IS sound on the video...not sure why you aren't hearing it. But it's your opportunity to hear the dulcet tones of our fearless leader
  17. Be patient! The site is still rebuilding. Wait to see if they return in 48 hours or so. If they don't, please post a bug report in the Bug Report topic and we'll take it from there (or just PM me and tell me if they aren't working). Thanks!
  18. Hey if anyone sees anything wonky please check the bug reports thread to see if we know about it...and tell us if we don't! Thanks for your patience everyone!

  19. Wooo - shiny! Looks good to me! Anyone with bugs to report? Please do so in the Bug Report topic, not here - we're trying to corral the bugs in one place. Thanks!
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