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  1. Oh, those days with the Sims. My two hot "roommates" getting down to some good old fashioned woohoo in their fashionable houses with the very gay decor. I had straight housemates and a couple of awkward moments of "uh, I don't know why they're doing that...
  2. Gene Splicer PHD

    Chapter 73

    ...cum gutters. Cum gutters!
  3. If you want to support some fellow authors and want the story formatted well, it’s available on awesomedude here: http://awesomedude.com/ryankeith/one_life/index.htm

  5. Happy Birthday !!!  🌷🌱🌸🌱🌺🌱🌹

  6. Happy Birthday!! :wizard:



  7. In the distance, a rumble. Closer to home, chapters get updated. He stirs.
  8. https://entertainment.theonion.com/novelist-has-whole-shitty-world-plotted-out-1819572899 bahaha...
  9. Happy Belated B-day, Gene! I hope you had a great day!! :) 

  10. I'd also suggest using the Save As... command to create a new version with a different file name in your word processor. Doing this, if you accidentally save over your work (classic example - I once hit Select All (ctrl-a), hit the space bar, and saved over my file, making it blank. All in a fit of spastic hand motion. By having an earlier version under a different file name, I recovered almost everything). Also, the "Save" command only saves changes to the document, making it larger because of all the save-tracking metadata that's saved with the file. Using Save as... forces the file to be rebuilt without that extra data, making it smaller and potentially removing corrupted data that could cause problems later. Try it - save a document normally, then use Save As to create a new file. The new file will be quite a bit smaller.
  11. See the source image   


  12. Happy Birthday !! :) 

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