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  1. Oh, those days with the Sims. My two hot "roommates" getting down to some good old fashioned woohoo in their fashionable houses with the very gay decor. I had straight housemates and a couple of awkward moments of "uh, I don't know why they're doing that...
  2. Gene Splicer PHD

    Chapter 73

    ...cum gutters. Cum gutters!
  3. If you want to support some fellow authors and want the story formatted well, it’s available on awesomedude here: http://awesomedude.com/ryankeith/one_life/index.htm

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  7. In the distance, a rumble. Closer to home, chapters get updated. He stirs.
  8. https://entertainment.theonion.com/novelist-has-whole-shitty-world-plotted-out-1819572899 bahaha...
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