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Who In The Cap Series Is The Most Like George Granger?

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After rereading both sagas I was wondering about this. The three characters that come to mind are JP, Wade and Will. George is brave, caring, passionate, and kind. He also has a lot of control. At 24, George is a hero. So who is most like him? JP at 24? Wade is about 21 now in the story or Will in about 8 years. What do you think?

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My first reaction is to say George Granger is unique... there is no character like him, but further thought makes me wonder if I feel that way because he exists in a different time. His loyalty and his dedication to his country is paramount to who he is, and that too is a factor of the times. There is also a stoicism in George I see no match for in CAP... glimmers in others, yes, but George is not a self-indulgent man. I am hard pressed to find that particular quality is a character in the other universe Mark writes. Will has the loyalty... Wade is quite tactical until he isn't ( he deviated with the Alex dynamic)... JP has a similar tempered rigidity, and respect for tradition, but I don't see him in the same light as George either. I see tremendous potential, believe it or not, in Matt, but it's too early to tell where he will settle in CAP, and how much of a force he will be. It's an excellent question... at this point, I would have to say Will, who has been full of surprise, comes closest to that family loyalty George exhibits, and he has shown flashes of tactical brilliance... he is also slowing gaining respect within the family and beyond... so while there are definite differences, he would get my vote for being the closest... at least, potential-wise... cheers... Gary....

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