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  1. Back from getting my car undercoated. Of course it's raining buckets... um... not you, B... I wouldn't mind that.
  2. It's impossible to remember everything, buddy... there is stuff that has caught me by surprise during this reread. I'd forgotten about the bros-in-law part, yet that was a favorite moment for me. Yeah, Kellar's questions to Tobyn about what his parents might have known before they died, was touching for me. Kellar ia an enigma of sorts... this big strong giant of a man, who can do all these amazing things... yet he is still s little boy in so many ways. He spent a lot of years without love... and he needs the reassurance. Thanks, buddy. This is so rewarding. Cheers! G.
  3. Thanks, Sherye! They used to call westerns 'Horse Operas'. I'm loving how you're seeing this story, my friend... I see it the same way. I'm with you... I think I would have been very happy living the way these men do in this era. Yes, that would be the ideal, for Mitch to drop his walls and let Will in, but I don't think we should hold our breath on that happening. But, he's only serving to cause both of them more pain. I think we know Will would like nothing better than to be there for Mitch and help him face what's coming. Maybe crossing our fingers will help? 🤞 Thanks again, Sherye. The next episode of "As Larkspur Turns" airs on Monday. Cheers! G.
  4. Enchanting? Why thank you, kind sir! I don't know about a trilogy... it's unusual for me to write a Book Two, but I do really enjoy writing about this setting and time period. You seeing parallel's between these pairs is interesting. I get it. Mitch went out of his way to push the boys together(or keep them from separating), and Coy is doing the same thing for Mitch and Will. Both men are just a little pushy(interfering), but for the right reasons, and I think a bond has grown there. It's always been true that, in our community, we tend to make our own families... and there is a father/ son dynamic going on here. You're spot on that Boone(the other son) proceeds with a little more caution than Coy... and Will is holding back on what he really wants to do(grab Mitch and hold on). I guess there might be a parallel there. And yes, there is definitely a what if? aspect that can be heard in these revealing conversations. Coy, to me, does drive this story, but he's met a wall in Mitch. The man has opened up some, but I think he's winning the 'stubborn sweepstakes'. I think we've seen already that Mitch tends to be immovable in his personal life... and as angry as he has been at Will, Mitch owns his mistakes and regrets, and doesn't want to repeat the past... one where he really hurt Will. Pride is ruling him, so he just might be the more stubborn one. Coy has learned the damage pride can do... and Mitch is only thinking he's taking the high road in not wanting to put Will through a bedside vigil one final time. There's only so much Coy can do... so where do we go from here? Stay tuned, my friend, and thanks for the great comment. Cheers! G.
  5. Lol. You mean dat big-headed one? Leave it to you, Dan. Okay... I'm still laughing...
  6. Thanks, buddy. I am not going to argue with you. It really was a couple of powerful scenes, and I did my best at the time I wrote this chapter. You have read this so much you are probably more of an expert than I am. The best thing for me, and I've said it before, is how much I enjoyed giving a healthy Logan to Tilly. Cheers, buddy.
  7. I've been worried too. I thought he would be by now.
  8. Do rust modules actually work? While device manufacturers have plenty of anecdotal evidence from satisfied customers, Iny says he's seen no studies showing electronic rust inhibitors actually protect your car on the road. ... Corrosion, oxidation and rust all mean the same thing — water, salt and pollutants are dissolving your vehicle.
  9. I finally got a decent night's sleep last night. I got up and fed at six, but was able to fall back asleep after. Now I'm trying to think of a reason to drive my new car. Tomorrow I get it rust proofed... I didn't get that rust module... I have no faith in those.
  10. There is so much new information in this chapter, which fires up new speculation. This one was so much fun. Introducing Cahlar was thrilling for me... that painting is one I can picture perfectly in my head... I can see all the colors and the depth. It's what I love most about writing... these things become real to me. And now we will get to see how Logan has fared. Thanks for the kind words, buddy. Cheers!
  11. I slept about three and a half hours... I was like a little kid at Christmas. Ah... that new car smell...
  12. No guarantees about that ending, ma'am. I'm not sure locking the sheriff up in anything is the way to go, but maybe with some time, he can see fit to give Will the time of day. Not sure it would be what Will wants in the end, but you can't solve nuttin' with avoidance. Mitch was a stubborn man when Will met him, and it appears he ain't changed much with age. Thank you, dear friend... hope your patience holds up... y'all might need it before we're done. Cheers! G.
  13. I'm a "Days of our Lives" fan. Seriously... I used to watch it with my mom after school when I was a kid. She loved 'her story' and I still check in on it now and again. Thanks for the congrats... I'm very happy with it.
  14. Thanks, Albert! All we can do is hope there is some sort of solution where these guys can have a real conversation. It would be nice if Mitch stopped worrying about hurting Will, and just be selfish for a while. Will is a grown man, and he can handle Mitch's secret. Pride, though, can be a very limiting thing. Coy is Coy. He can't sit on the sidelines and watch his friends in pain. Can he help these two? It's looking less likely each day, but I don't see him giving up. Happy to hear you're still loving the story, buddy. I'm enjoying all the interaction. Cheers!
  15. He he. Tell us how you really feel, buddy. Contumacious? Oh, I love that... going to use that one someday. Lol. Oh my God. I don't think Blue needs more feed... but how about a bite of sympathy for the dying man? Seriously, though, I get you. As rational as Mitch might sound in this chapter, I think he's an absolute mess underneath, and probably feeling really sorry for himself at the timing of meeting Will again. I don't think Will needs to crack... but whatever he does, he has to tread carefully. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't know why that should be the case. If I wasn't the author, I'd probably be crossing my fingers for these two and the situation they're in. Ah, what the hell... 🤞 Cheers, my friend, and thanks for sharing your amusing thoughts.
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