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  1. Hey, wenmale64. You don't know how much coming back and finding this means to me. Thanks for the validation, and I'm sorry for the delay. I just love this story, so I'm more than pleased you do too. Fooling y'all with Jack was fun... the perks of being a writer. Again, thank you, and cheers... Gary....
  2. Hey, Geron. I haven't been around lately, but I see you've posted a new story. I look forward to reading it. It's nice to come back and read this. As far as being upset in the next chapter... You just never know... Cheers and thanks, buddy... G.
  3. Hey, all. Sorry if I caused any worry. The simple reason for keeping my laptop closed is I've been struggling, and needed some time to look after myself. Nothing dramatic... I'm good, or at least trying to be. Hope you all are well. On a bad note, Cookie met up with a skunk Tuesday night and I've been bathing her regularly... three times now. She still has an odor... and I had to wash all my bedding(which had just been done) and take out the family room rug. On a good note, I received my first Pfizer vaccine today... get the next one in four months. Stay well, my friends. I might n
  4. This, right here. Thanks, @Ronyx. Reactions and comments are fuel for me... and if someone was to ask how many are enough, I'd say there are never enough. It is maddening when a reader consumes sixty chapters and leaves a reaction on the final one, or none at all. It is maddening too, when PMs come in relentlessly for more of something, and the reader asking(and keeps asking) has never bothered to leave comments. If they can write a PM, they can write a comment. I hope that doesn't sound harsh. I'm just being honest. Right now the system is going through a needed purge, and because of tha
  5. No, not Josh. It's the guy from yesterday, without the shirt.
  6. Headstall

    Week Three

    This collection might be your best in memory. It's not often I am enamored of every poem in these weekly offerings, but I am with these... "I am a housecat trapped inside, twitching my tail." Love this line. I feel trapped as well, and constantly go to check my phone for messages and emails. Fifteen shows the callousness we are capable of, as faceless victims pile up. The second poem took a couple of readings before I connected, but then I really did. So many times I find hope where there was none. Sometimes I think Mother nature is all knowing, and sometimes I think she
  7. Headstall

    April Haiku

    The barn swallows are back here too. Nice poem, buddy.
  8. Zero degrees here, and only going up to five. A smattering of snow overnight, but tomorrow is supposed to be much warmer. Hey, bro.
  9. Don't expect it to happen again. Hey, Tinkerbell.
  10. Headstall

    Week 3

    The last three were my favorites. I like how you paint time, and strawberries bursting with stored sunlight makes me smile--and my mouth water. I would go back to the time I first held my precious daughter in my arms... that feeling....
  11. Snowed overnight... just enough to cover the grass, but it's disappearing from the sun. It's zero degrees out right now, but should reach four.
  12. She's an equal opportunity consumer. Hey, Marty.
  13. People like to live dangerously. Sleep well, B.
  14. Oh, ye of little faith. Hey, Tink.
  15. So, there was a 10 inch sliding, laser mitre saw on sale this week, and I mentioned to my son that I should buy it. My kids ended up going in on it together for me. It's my very early Father's Day gift.
  16. It's the kind of chill here that seeps into my bones... too warm for a winter jacket but too cold for two light ones. I didn't get much done today, but I weeded, raked, and spread more mulch yesterday. My lawns are looking great, and the tiger lily shoots are coming up gangbusters. I've never been this far ahead before.
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