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  1. Hey, Tink! I'm staying warm... just like Minion.
  2. I got the wool socks at least. Hey, bro and Mum.
  3. Happy Tuesday, all! So bluefish cold!
  4. Aloha, Albert! -13c here... going down to -27c tonight... and will feel much colder.
  5. Me too! There's a bit of Johnny Cash in this song.
  6. Hey, Tink! Yeah, he cheered me up good. Says he wants to stay here.
  7. Talking is what is important. You don't have to agree... it's unlikely you and he will ever look at it the same way, but you have to respect how each other feels.
  8. OMG the air is cold. Turned my mare out for twenty minutes while I picked out her stall. That's hard to do when it's frozen.
  9. I am. Avoiding the cold air as much as I can because my sinuses still feel raw when I breathe in.
  10. Have a good sleep, Terry. All good here.
  11. Thanks for the informative data... and the hard work. Cheers!
  12. He makes his voodoo dolls out of those.
  13. I hope your migraine leaves soon. Namaste, bro. -12c here, but it's sunny.
  14. He only shares his glitter... generous with the glitter. Hey, bro and Mum.
  15. Reminds me of @Valkyrieand her herd... er... hot tamales.
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