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  1. The first one. Hey, bro. Hope you are having a good day.
  2. Hey, B. Beautiful days and cold nights here. Had to bring my geraniums and other potted plants in earlier than usual this year. Life is a daily struggle.
  3. Headstall

    The Komsomol

    Interesting and surprising little story, Talo. Not all parents and grandparents are oblivious... this grandfather gave his grandson a great gift. Cheers... Gary....
  4. I hope that's true... LGBTQ rights are precarious enough as it is....
  5. With the passing of RBG, what happens now? Never take what you have for granted....
  6. I made it sixty five years without getting bird crap on my face from eye to lip... c'est la vie...
  7. Headstall

    Sad News

    So sad to hear, Joh. I will pray for Rob... my thoughts are with you and him.
  8. Lol. Thanks, buddy. Happy to have you along for the journey, but I reckon we got to get you a horse. That's supposing you can ride? If not, I can teach ya. xoxoxo
  9. Hey, Tink! First time I've heard of it, but it sounds effective. Take some time, though, and look up some testimonials from people who've had it twenty years ago.
  10. My daughter brought my groceries tonight because she has to work tomorrow... and while we were talking, a bird in the tree above me crapped on my face. OMG... it was gross... black. Ugh. My daughter says don't worry, Dad, it's good luck. And... she bought me a jigsaw puzzle to help with my blood pressure. She is so sweet....
  11. I would send him, bro, but he's kind of busy at the moment. As soon as I saw this guy, I thought of Boone. He's pretty much how I pictured him, except for the tee shirt. Boone was never on a Lacrosse team. The next chapter posts Monday... and we have many months of Mondays ahead of us.
  12. I know. We're all in the same boat, or as my mom would have said... up shit creek without a paddle. Every day I have to tell myself to snap out if it... is it sad that my revised dream is to someday walk around "Home Depot," and know it's safe?
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