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  2. Epilogue 10. -When Jake proposes to Brad. "Just One Look" by Linda Ronstadt.
  3. Epilogue 8 - When JJ and Carullo close out this chapter by deciding to be okay with each other's weirdness.
  4. Some of you may have noticed a lot of editing activity in "Paternity," and that must seem odd to you since the story posted in 2012-13. I went back and made some minor edits and also put in the standard leader lines for each segment, noting who was narrating, the date, and the place where the action begins. With those in place, I made the font and color uniform. If you are reading this story and find any errors, be sure to let me know with a comment.
  5. I guess Carullo makes it number 5 for JJ. Aww. He's so chaste for this series. Lol.
  6. The next person Will has sex with, will be no 50 (if we include the 'other' category). If we only count anal and oral, Collin was the 47th sex partner and 23rd guy to fuck Will, as far as I can work out.
  7. Epilogue 4 -When JJ and Carullo have their moment in bed. "Your Body is A Wonderland" by John Mayer This song was everywhere in 2002-2003, and you know what? That was fine by me.
  8. He's incredibly cute, but in a way that makes you think he's a total sleaze, which seems to be what Mark is going for with Chris.
  9. Beautiful boy, except for the tired/dopy eyes. I would love to run bare-foot through those curls. but I would do a search for needle tracks before giving him an unqualified vote. MisterWill
  10. I just shifted over here from Black Widow as I find I understand this story line much better than trying to keep up with all the different characters on that one. I have been following this series since the very beginning (Gun Room?) and feel I have learned a great deal about the 1800's British navy and the politics of the period especially the relationships (many) between Britain and the other monarchies of the 19th Century. I made the comment about Paul I of Russia because my superficial readings of history lead me to believe he is the mad Czar and he is due to be assassinated in March of 1801, which, considering the slowness of ocean travel, would be just about the time Lord Granger is in Saint Petersburg. I am sure THAT will make his stay there interesting to say the least. Misterwill
  11. I am back after a long hiatus, and am enjoying the current updates to your stories, Mark. But I will have to admit that conditions in the world have changed dramatically since last I chatted with you. Misterwill
  12. I like Richard Madden's latest boy toy Froy Gutierrez as Chris, Will's somewhat identical cousin. Damn, he's cute.
  13. I hear you. They truly are completely different experiences. When I go to WDW, I usually end up enjoying EPCOT most of all (I realize I'm probably an outlier on that). If I was going to the MK, it would be in Anaheim, not Kissimmee.
  14. Hey, just wondering...if you were ever to go Disney bounding at Disneyland, what character would you go as? *If you don't know what Disneybounding is, here's a video that explains it. Disney doesn't allow people over the age of 14 to dress in Disney costumes, so using normal street clothes with a color theme synced to a particular Disney character has been a way around it.
  15. Nice to see my favorite Orange County dude posting here again! Now if only Blue showed up.
  16. Disneyland and Disney World are so completely different it is really hard to compare the two. I guess a lot depends on what you like. At Disneyland you can stay 5 minutes walking time from the parks at reasonably priced hotels. At WDW even staying at onsite hotels, if you are 5 minutes from Epcot (Yacht & Beach Club or Boardwalk hotels) you are 20-30 minutes or more from the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. At WDW you have to reserve which rides you want to go on and where you want to eat months in advance and the time elements aren't the same, 180 days for dining, 60 days for rides; so if you want to eat at The Crystal Palace (MK) on a Tuesday, you can reserve 180 days out, but then you might not get FastPass+ for the rides in the MK you want 120 days later so you are basically screwed. Disneyland is smaller, more intimate, has more rides and attractions than the MK and better versions than the MK in several of them. Then, you can hop over to Disney's California Adventure, 40 yards from Disneyland's Main Entrance. Park hopping is difficult at WDW. All that said, I can do DL and DCA in two days easy. WDW when I go, I plan on 7 nights minimum, more like 10 usually. WDW for me is a real vacation, Disneyland is a fun weekend.
  17. Even though I went to Cal, my family ties to USC are wide, deep and long. I know a lot of the people in the "cheating" scandal and I'll keep my comments very generic. To start, I can't imagine why the FBI spent all the time and resources to bust 53 families for trying to get their kids into certain schools. I would have thought more resources devoted to China's involvement in U.S. universities, to Chinese students spying for their government, on what Qatar and Saudi Arabia were getting for the billions they send to U.S. universities might have been a better spend. Second, I have a hard time believing that Rick Singer was giving his clients full disclosure, such as, "you know what we are doing is illegal, right?" I have not talked to anyone caught up in the operation about it, but knowing the ones I do (from the parental side), I can believe they thought this was just the way it was. The ones on the university side surely knew what they were doing was wrong, but when you are struggling to fund your minor sports (water polo, crew, etc), someone offering $250k donation to your program goes a long way. Little, if any, of the money found its way into personal bank accounts of university personnel. Third, there are now questions about the conduct of the FBI agents in charge. In notes that Singer took at the time, he says FBI agents encouraged him to lie to his clients in order to get them to incriminate themselves. This goes back to the second point because the FBI/prosecutors were telling Singer to lie (allegedly) in order to shore up the case that the parents knew what they were doing was illegal. What looks very bad for the prosecution is that they withheld these notes until one day before the lawyers were to get together and set trial dates. Judge Gorton was not amused. It is especially bad now, as it piles on to other missteps by the FBI and Justice recently and looks more and more out of control.
  18. A question is buzzing around in my head. In my current residence in Brazil, I have no worries about Coronavirus infection even though Brazil is certainly not totally immune to the problem as I am living with only one other person. How are you doing with the isolation rules where you are? I have been in this state of isolation for a couple of years and have become used to it. But I do enjoy reading the latest chapters to my favorite stories. The temperatures here are in the low 30's and I do not feel right about leaving my favorite Captain in the wilds of frozen Russia. Let's get him out of there before the Tsar goes totally bonkers! If I remember my history correctly it was something the Tsar was prone to do. I especially enjoy your writing as I feel I have learned a great deal about the British wind navy of the 19th Century. Right from the Gun Room on up to the lookouts.
  19. Chapter 75 -When JJ and Brad watch Avenue Q after an important talk. "It Sucks to Be Me" from Avenue Q Wow, is JJ actually learning that other people have problems besides him? Hmm. -When the Black Widow turns and walks away from Elizabeth and Wade. "Summer Overture"
  20. WOW,, the latest chapter of Black Widow is up and it is just grand. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did.
  21. I, who am a staunch supporter of Mark and his story telling abilities, wish, first of all to express my support in his present difficulties, and temper that with a bit of patience in following his current story line, I have just read chapter 22, but will go back and read it again when additional chapters are posted to be able to mentally tie it all together. Take care, Mark, of yourself and your family as a prime requirement, but know you have a multitude of friends out here in Readerland, who wish you well. Mister Will
  22. May it be the first of many....(he says selfishly!😍)
  23. A delightful surprise, chapter 22 is up and posted. It picked up from the last chapter beautifully and just flowed...
  24. Hi All, I have heard from Mark and has had a major setback in his life. A member of his family suffered a truly devastating medical diagnosis and is undergoing treatment. Unfortunately, complications have arisen. This is really taking all of his time and focus. We did not really even mention a timeframe for his continuing either of his current stories. I just don't think that is important with the current situation. I am asking everyone for some prayers for those that believe and for those that don't just good thoughts to go out to Mark and his family. He truly has given real joy to the lives of so many; so a few moments of prayers and good thoughts just don't seem like to much to ask.

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