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  2. This list will now be continued with the newest story from Mark: The Freshmen Will gave ORAL to Drew, Travis, Gathan, John, (Gustave), Berto, (Tony), Ryan, (Tyler the cab driver), Jeff, Kristoffer, Shane, (Patrick), John Carullo, Alistair, Paolo, Kyle, Vic the Masseur, (Trevor & Hayden), Jake, Mason, Steve the realtor, Kai, Ethan’s friend Joe, Zach, (Buzz Dalby), Dallas, Patrick Christian, (Colin), Chris, (Tom), Aldon (pilot), (Johnny the model), (Dustin), Arthur, Mike, Billie Joe, Dan the frat boy, (Travis), Ian Will received ORAL from Drew, cousin John, Travis, Gathan, Gustave the kidnapper in Paris, Berto, (David), Jeff, (Mike skater), Shane, Cary the clerk in San Fran store, (Trevor), (Mason), Kai, (Malcolm), Alex, (Colin), Zac Posen, (Dustin), Mike, Billie Joe, Ian Will had intercourse with (giving): Gustave, Berto, Raine, David the ice dancer, Jason the Tech guy, Jeff, Hayden, Mason, Malcolm, Marie, Zach, Carullo, Toby, Alex, Colin, Conway, guy in shop, Dustin, Travis, Kenji (Patrick's boyfriend), French gymnast Paul Will had intercourse with (receiving): Berto, Tony, Ryan, Tyler the cab driver, John, Jeff, Patrick from party, Gathan, Kyle, Trevor, Chicago night club guy, Carmine, Kai, Erik, John Carullo, Zach, Pedro, Devon, Toby, Buzz Dalby, Patrick Christian, Ramon, Jorge, Colin, Conway, hotel guard, Giacomo, Chris, Peter Thiel, Arthur, Cam Squires, Dan the frat boy, Travis Other sex: Bar twink (rubbing against him with Will coming in his pants) Dallas (Frotting in the waterfall) Dillon (Hand jobs and oral) Colin (frotting, hand job) Tom (hand job) Johnny the model (hand job) Let me know if I have forgotten anyone.
  3. Have fun! I kind of want to go on a cruise. I always thought it'd be cool to see Alaska.
  4. Enjoy your time aboard ship, perhaps it will inspire a new storyline?
  5. Bon voyage, sir. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing vacation.
  6. Have a wonderful vacation! Hopefully none of us goes into acute withdrawal in your brief absence.
  7. I wanted to give you all a 'head's up'. I'm sailing out of NYC right now on a cruise and I won't be back until next Sunday. I'm not sure if I'll be able to post before then.
  8. Well, Mark, I know you're a 49ers fan (at least mildly) and I have to say I really was rooting for you guys. Oh, well.
  9. I just realized that this British young adult actor Louis Patridge is really close to how I pictured Jack in my mind when I originally read Be Rad in 2009. (Just lighten the dark brown eyes to hazel brown.)
  10. Chapter 4 -When JJ and Kris leave Hairspray and it's clear that JJ's one smitten kitten. "I Can Hear the Bells" from Hairspray -When JJ gets anxiety about his after-date feelings and then calls up Will to get reassurance. "Smile Like You Mean It" by the Killers -When JJ and Kris play striptease with each other before hooking up in the pool. "Breathe On Me" by Britney Spears -When we learn Kris's sob story and JJ is shocked at how a guy he would have dismissed as just a dumb barfry actually did a big emotional brain dump on him. "Sweet Jane" by The Cowboy Junkies
  11. Mark liked Nicholas Galitzine for Kris K. (Just swap out the hazel eyes for blue.) I pictured Sophie Turner as Susannah/Zanie.
  12. Chapter 2 -When JJ is in a (shocker) pissy mood feeling annoyed about his girlfriend, but then meets Kris, the poor noble, and gets instantly smitten. "Me Against the Music" by Britney Spears ft. Madonna -When JJ and Carullo break up, essentially. "If You Leave" by Nada Surf One of those rare covers that are just as good if not better than the original. -When JJ decides to get boy advice from the master. "Milkshake" by Kelis
  13. I finally found my model for Will. Tom Hardy 2002
  14. Renee Rapp would be a hilarious model for a grown up Maddy Graves. LOL I love Gen Z. They're so kooky.
  15. Chapter 1 -When we open on Will and Travis talking in Hawaii. "Love Song by 311
  16. Chapter 105 -When Will walks off, leaving Taylor smiling. "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" by Britney Spears I can't believe I'm closing the book with this, but whatever. It fits. LOL
  17. Chapter 104 -When Taylor Buck kills her father. "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle You know, I kind of love taking a sweet song and applying to a twisted moment. LOL I feel like it needed to be something that would be played during a daughter/father dance. LOL
  18. All this talk about past characters made me remember Alexandra Carmichael. The official fancast is Sigourney Weaver. Of course, to align with the age, we need to go with 2010's Sigorney Weaver when she was still in her 60's. (Alex would have to be at least in her 60's, right? She should be close to the age of Isidore, JP, and Fred, who are all late 50's/early 60's.) Such a stunning woman! She's aged incredibly well as a 70-something. I'm assuming she's gone to the school of, "don't do much, keep it subtle."
  19. Great work, Private Tim. I do believe that Ace divorced Cass and got back with his European fling from Man In Motion. That was basically how Mark wrote off his character. Can't remember which book that happened in- maybe Flux? I feel like Ace was around for 9/11 but dipped out after that.
  20. Here is the last I have. CAP Generations Timeline Generation 1- Marie and Jack Crampton. Had Jim Crampton together. Marie and Bill Hendrickson, had John Paul Crampton together. Gail “Tonto”Crampton and Barry Schluter, had Steven and William “Billy” together. Generation 2- J.P. Crampton, son of Marie and Bill H., married to Isidore. J.P. and Isidore, had Claire Hobart together. Isidore and Andre Clerrault, had Ace Clerrault. Isidore and Jeff Hayes, had Billy together. Steven Schluterand Mme. Bordet, had Stefan together. Brian, son of Bill Hendrickson, J.P.'s half-brother. Jim Crampton, son of Marie and Jack Crampton. Frank Hayes, married to Brenda Hayes. Brother to Jeff Hayes. Generation 3- Stefan, son of Steven Schluter. Brad Schluter, adopted son of Billy Schluter, and half-brother to Bitty Schluter and Nicholas Schluter. Ace Clerrault, son of Andre and Isidore. Married to Cass. Robbie Hayes, son of Fred Hayes and Brenda Hayes, committed to Brad Schluter. Billy Crampton, died single, 1980. Claire Hobart, daughter of Isidore and J.P., married 1985 to Jack Hobart. Generation 4- Matt Carrswold, b. 1980 to Robbie Hayes and Laura. Given up for adoption to the Carrswold. Darius Schluter, b. 1982. Son of Bitty and Random Iranian (Persian?) Guy. J.J. Schluter, B. 1985. Son of Bitty and Jim Crampton. (I wonder if this means J.J. will want a GM.) Darius and J.J. adopted by Brad Schluter and Robbie Hayes. Marie Hobart, b. 1986. Daughter of Jack and Claire Hobart. Will Schluter, b. 1986. Son of Brad and Jeanine. John Hobart, b. 1987. Son of Jack and Claire Hobart. Courtney Clerrault, b. 1995. Daughter of Ace and Cass Clerrault. Generation 5- Madison Graves, b. Sept 13, 2000, daughter of Jeanine Graves and Cody Warren. Riley van den Boss Danfield, b. Sept 14, 2000, son of Wade Danfield and Tiffany van den Boss. Robert Edward van den Boss Carrswold, b, March 24, 2003, son of Matt Carrswold and Tiffany van den Boss. CAP Timeline 1900?: Jack Crampton is born 1903: Gail “Tonto” Crampton is born, married to Barry Schluter. April 1925: Jim Crampton is born. May 27, 1925: Steven Schluter is born. 1936: Billy Schluter is born. June 20, 1936: J.P. Crampton is born, the result of an affair between Marie Crampton and Bill Hendrickson. December 17,1944: Steven Schluter dies in World War II. July 14, 1945: Stefan Schluter, the son of Steven Schluter, is born. November 12, 1945: Jeff Hayes is born. 1962-1963 School Year: J.P. Crampton begins teaching at Northwestern University. June 1962: Stefan Bordet Schluter arrives in Claremont to live with Gail Schluter. October 4, 1962: Brad Schluter is born. He is the adoptive son of Billy Schluter, and the biological son of Kevin Carmichael. Janice his mother leaves him with JP & Isidore, March 13, 1968, then commits suicide in SF. December 1962: Andre, JP's partner, is killed in action in Vietnam. March 6, 1963: Andre Charles Clerreault “Ace” is born to Isidore, having been fathered by J.P.'s lover Andre. March 1963: Robbie Hayes is born, the youngest of three children. He is the son of Frank and Brenda Hayes. April 10, 1963: Billy Schulter dies at sea on USS Thresher October 27, 1964: Clare and Billy Crampton are born. Clare is JP's biological daughter, and Billy is Jeff Hayes's biological son. 1968: J.P. Crampton begins teaching at Stanford. July 13, 1968: Jeff Hayes dies of an heroin overdose. March 8, 1969: Marcel is born. He is the biological son of Jeff Hayes, but is raised in France. April 24, 1980: Matt Carrswold is born. He is the biological son of Robbie Hayes, but is adopted by the Carrswold familyand grows up in Shaker Heights, Ohio. May 15, 1980: Wade Danfield is born. He becomes Matt Carrswold's boyfriend after meeting him on the hockey team at Stanford during the 1998-1999 school year. October 19, 1980: Billy dies in a car accident on the night of a party at Escorial. January 19, 1982: Darius Schluter is born. He is the son of Bitty Schluter and a random Persian man, but is raised by Brad, Robbie, and Jeanine. He has one biological half-brother, JJ, and one adopted brother, Will Schluter. July 25, 1982: Gathan Hayes is born. He was raised in Claremont, Ohio by his uncle and aunt, Wally and Clara Hayes. February 1983: Kristin Hendrickson is born. August 26, 1983: Ella Hayes, daughter of Richard Crampton, is born. May 30, 1985: Zach Hayes is born. 1985: J.P.'s lover Roger, and one-time lover Sam, both die of AIDS that year. December 7, 1985: Jeremy Schluter, aka J.J., is born. He is the biological son of Jim Crampton and Bitty Schluter, and has been raised in Malibu, CA with Brad, Robbie, and Jeanine. February 19, 1986: Marie Crampton, aka Maman, dies of natural causes. April 18, 1986: Marie Hobart, daughter of Jack and Clare Hobart, is born. April 20, 1986: Travis Buck is born. September 14, 1986: Will Schluter, son of Brad and Jeanine, is born. July 21, 1987: John Hobart, son of Jack and Clare Hobart, is born. 1990: Gail “Tonto” Schluter dies an old woman, warm in her bed surrounded by grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A death we should all hope to have. March 28, 1995: Greg Anders, Stefan's long-time companion, dies of a heart attack. August 4, 1995: Beatrice “Bitty” Schluter dies of a drug overdose. September 4, 1995: Ace's daughter, Courtney, is born. August 7, 1998: Robbie Hayes reunites with his long-lost son, Matt Carrswold. September 13, 2000: Madison Graves is born. September 14, 2000: Riley van den Boss Danfield is born. September 11, 2001: Robbie Hayes, as well as Jeanine and her partner Hank, die in the Towers. Senator Danfield dies at the Pentagon. March 24, 2003: Robert Edward van den Boss Carrswold is born.
  21. Maybe she did shoot him but did not intend to kill him. But shooting someone in the head I am pretty sure it's a I want you dead kind of shot.
  22. My thoughts are that Curtis wouldn't suicide for all the reasons others have stated, narcissistic, cowardice etc. He probably thought right up to the end that he could turn his fortunes around and ruin everyone who dared attack the "Great Curtis Buck" My two picks are Taylor - either daddy told her to dump Zach and she actually woke up that he is a sick incestuous paedophile because she really loves Zach OR daddy dumped her as a f*ck toy and she actually woke up that he is a sick incestuous paedophile. In both scenarios, she and/or Zach could have worked out for her to conveniently have a mental breakdown therefore become the victim or not be able to be prosecuted. Zach - because Curtis could have told Zach that he was going to out him anyway to get back at him for holding the blackmail over his head. Now everyone knows about Taylor and Curtis so Zach doesn't have that protection anymore. After all Curtis has history of outing and ruining people i.e. Jake. Also Curtis may have told Taylor to dump Zach and Zach may have thought that if Curtis was dead Taylor would come back to him. The outside picks were Big, but I just couldn't see him actually pulling the trigger, or Miranda but I truly see her as being just as sick and twisted, and too self centered to think of killing Curtis. Isn't it strange that we are so invested! This is so like who shot JR (even in Australia lol)
  23. actually the police don't know cause incest is illegal in all 50 states
  24. While I voted for suicide in the first poll, I've changed my mind. Curtis was too narcissistic to kill himself. I'm changing to Taylor who was my backup choice. Her melt down and hospitalization are part of her manipulation.

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