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  1. rjo

    Chapter 8

    It is interesting how this chance encounter with Cody will add a trusted friend to the mix for the whole family. Sometimes I sit in awe how your mind works. It is truly awesome and what we love about you and this saga.
  2. rjo

    Chapter 13

    This may not be the right place to post this ( however, maybe it is. If this is a book about Will's freedom to be his own person it is). I feel I am compelled to do this. Yesterday the trial ended and today the verdict to the Chauvin trial found him guilty on all charges. Honestly, I have never felt prouder of my city, my state. Today Equal justice for all rings true. After May 25th Minneapolis burned. The city has begun to rebuild and today was an important step to restore the soul of this place. Sorry but this is an important day for this city this state and this country. I hope you agree
  3. rjo

    Chapter 14

    There is an old saying what a tangled web we weave. Well Mr. Arbour you are a master weaver. It is what forces us to come back over and over again. Please don't stop weaving.
  4. rjo

    Chapter 13

    In this family saga, there are some priceless moments. Moments which reflect what this story is all about. Brad's toast at the wedding was one of those moments. It showed the love Brad has for Claire and Jack but even more for his family. Add to that the memories of his childhood, the hell he had to live with, before moving to California and we can see who Brad is. I've always thought through pain and suffering, love and loss, we as people grow stronger and become more human.
  5. rjo

    Chapter 40

    Be happy. Be confident. Be forgiving. Always love. Words all of us should live by.
  6. rjo

    Chapter 13

    Again David and I agree both about JP and Will. I feel so lucky that all those years ago, I found you Mark. It has brought me endless joy and during the lockdown was a lifeline. Thank you Mark for your sagas and thank you David for all your comments along the way.
  7. rjo

    Chapter 13

    Being 70 i can relate LOL As I have said above this story is about growth. Will's reason to do this gap year was to see if he can be on his own. So far he has done a masterful job. Both at the bar and later with Randy. I can only wonder what new adventures await our young lad. Unlike George he doesn't have pirates or crazy rulers but the world is still dangerous and I feel more than ever he will be able to handle what is before him.
  8. rjo

    Chapter 13

    In this chapter I see three things: first is the bond between Will and JP. They almost understand each other without words, and the trust between them is unbelievable The time Will has spent in Poly has been worth it. The second is the dinner between Connie and Will. This shows us two things how Will has grown over the last few years, and that this may not be an ending but a pause to resume in the future. The last is how Will handles the situation with Stef. Getting him to hire Tom. All of this shows us again how these characters have grown. At this moment I have started rereading the whole
  9. rjo

    Chapter 25

    this is the first of many losses in JP's life. Some people believe through loss you can either be broken or as in JP's case grow stronger. Underneath that facade is the loving, caring, gentle man who needs to be loved. In many ways it is a lesson for us too. We must take our losses and grow, grow stronger, care more. When rereading these early chapters i can see how Brad and Will have the same needs and now all of them have grown. It is what this story is really about Growth.
  10. rjo

    Chapter 47

    The answer is no, we can't love Winkler more. I think we forget that Winkler is smart, loyal, and brave. In this chapter, the strong bond between these three men, George Winkler, and Jacobs. Together they will be able to overcome almost any thing thrown at them. This is why we love this story so much. Any of them would risk their lives for the others. That Mr Arbour is truly awesome Sir
  11. rjo

    Chapter 47

    Well as our beloved naval hero is getting off a number of times. The tsar is being offed for good. For some reason that makes perfect sense. We are almost at the end of the tunnel and I can see a home coming down the line. Thank you Mark. After further reflection, I can understand this chapter better. We all know George and who he is. The idea of him being an active part of the assassination would be unthinkable. It is against everything he believes and is. However, creating a diversion is not. Also hiding the future tsar creates a lasting bond between him and Alexander. As the dirty dee
  12. rjo

    Chapter 28

    “When do we leave, my lord?” Winkler asked. Granger smiled at Winkler and his loyalty. As long as Winkler was alive, he would never be in the position Cochrane had been in, of being deserted during his illness and left to die alone. Granger cynically wondered if Cochrane was like Elgin, his fellow Scotsman, who paid his servants next to nothing, and that was part of the reason they’d deserted him. When I read this story, I am overwhelmed with the bond between these two men. Loyalty is a powerful thing. It is what drives George to leave his ship, to follow the orders of his king and it als
  13. rjo

    Chapter 12

    Happy Easter!! Now we know what got Stef stressed. It is good to see JP and Stef joining Will. Now the feeling of danger has passed. Will is safe. Mark that doesn't mean you should do something evil to Will. And in a few days Brad and Jake will join the group too. I think it will be a good holiday for all of them. The idea of Tom being Stef's personal assistant is great. I've been rereading about George and his adventures. However Will is still important to me too. I love both sagas. It is almost unbelievable you can write both of these sagas at the same time. As I have said before you are a
  14. rjo

    Chapter 46

    I am not sure if Panin was part of the assassination or not. However I am sure more and more people see the Tsar as unstable and we must also remember that his own mother had his father assassinated. So the thought of it happening to him is not a foreign idea. As we see the time shorten and March 23 appear the tension increases and all of us await the next chapter with longing.
  15. rjo

    Chapter 46

    As David said the bond between these two is so strong it is unbelievable. Every time I see them I think of their first meeting. In this life we have so few true friends like these two. Thank you again for George and Winkler.
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