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  1. rjo

    Chapter 32

    Again another chapter with our naval hero. Thank you so much!! I feel that Lord Granger will not get to St Petersburg in time to meet the Tsar. The plot against Paul will be already in motion and hopefully the new Tsar will be in place. This will help Britain to join most of the European powers to defeat France. Again another piece falls into place. Our brave hero is always in the thick of things. Did you not say Wade and George were the most like each other? I am glad George has found a person who can satisfy him and help him along the way. It looks as if all our heros ( George, Brad and Will) have found happiness. Let's hope it continues. Thanks again
  2. Thank you for the new chapter. In this weird world we now live in it is the best present for the birthday of our country. I loved all three parts. Will and Colin seem good for each other. Brad and Jake may be better than Brad and Robbie. That is saying something!! But the best was JJ!! Yes I really said that!! That happy kid is coming out again. Not the bitchy little dude any more I am so happy for him!!
  3. After rereading this chapter a number of times, I feel compelled to comment about something you said about Father Serra. I lived in California for a number of years and visited the missions, including Carmel. I also read about the history of early California. Also I believe VERY strongly that we must judge people in the times and situations in which they lived not in our present time. Father Serra treated the native population as they were children and did everything in his power to protect them from the local authorities. This included traveling from Carmel to Mexico City when he was in ill health to petition the Viceroy to replace the Governor of Upper California and create a bill of rights for the native people under his care. Also after one of his priests was murdered by a raid and the murders were captured he stopped the execution and forgive them. He even threated the authorities with excomunication if they would not release the natives. If you compare what happened to California to other places in the new world the treatment was better in California. Again, mistakes were made, but Father Serra did everything in his this power to make lives better for the natives. Mark this has bother me for a some time. As a lover of history I thought you should know the whole story and not just part of it. Bob
  4. rjo

    Chapter 31

    It never ceases to impress me how Lord Granger can work his way out of tight situations. Again Mark you have shown us a masterful tale of adventure and daring. George Granger is one of the best characters in your stories. Him with Wade and Will are on the top of my list. I also have a great love for Winkler, the faithful steward. As I read this story I always have in my mind the assassination of the Tsar which is only about three months away. Only the mind of our beloved author know how George will play a part of that event. Again another great chapter!!
  5. Wow!! Four people in two cars. Honestly I am not sure what to say. I like Beverly and love Jake. I am hoping Will and Colin with work and I know Brad and Jake will. Again Mark your talent shows through and pulls us in. Thank you Mr Arbour
  6. Since the last chapter I've wondered how Will and Collin would get along. Hoping against hope things would grow into a relationship. As David said we wonder why Will picks these guys who can't be out. I think JP said it that Will goes for the underdog. It is just in his nature to do that. I am hoping one of those will work out to be his soulmate. As for JJ, I feel this trip to visit John will be good for both of them. Maybe if we are lucky the truly happy kid of long ago, will return. That would be truly a good thing. After all that has happened to JJ he deserves that. Well, really we all deserve that. don't we. Thanks again Mark for this chapter and for all the joy you bring to us your readers. Bob
  7. Will has begun looking for the perfect boyfriend, his soulmate. From Berto, Kai, and Zach all seemed good cannidates. However Colin seems to fit the bill. Colin is a little older, mature, honorable and noble guy who will not break Will's heart. With Will moving to Boston they will be closer. Also after December Will will be free to be with Colin. Honestly these two seem more compatible than Will and Zach were. I hope this relationship will grow and be strong. Again thanks for these two chapters , these great sagas and above everything these wonderful characters we love so much. I hope you are safe and well. Things have settled down here, thankfully Take care. Mark Bob
  8. rjo

    Chapter 30

    The mind of our beloved author is truly evil put Granger in this perilless situation. However our beloved hero will I am sure be able to get out of this trap.
  9. You never cease to impress me with all the twists and turns. The two brothers add an interesting twist. My favorite part was really two both about Will. The first was Will's standing up to JP at dinner Saying: "sometimes voices need to be strong." The second one is Will, his brothers and cousins giving JP the car. To add to that Wade's confronting the two wicked women. Both of these characters are strong, kind, noble guys. Mark you have forced us to love these people. Even worry about them and cheering them on. Bravo!! As I've said before you are a master story teller. I hope you are safe and well. Tonight, so far, Minneapolis isn't burning unlike last night. Please pray for our city, state and our country to heal and grow stronger still. Bob
  10. rjo

    Chapter 29

    The great adventure begins. It will only be a few months until the Tsar will be replaced with his son. Since George maybe traveling by land, It may happen before George gets to St Petersburg since traveling by land takes a lot of time. I believe Alexander will give Lord Granger a much more friendly welcome... I can't wait for the next chapter. Leaving his ship will be very hard for George, It s like losing a child.. I hope and pray you are well and safe. Things up here are weird. The National Guard has been called up!! Thanks again for this wonderful story. Bob
  11. rjo

    Chapter 28

    After reading the comments, I remember the saying that this was the time of wooden ships and iron men. George is as strong as any tempered iron (steel). As I think of all the people Lord Granger has met during this saga I think this meeting will the Tsar could be the most memorable. Honestly, if anyone would be able to undertake a mission of this nature it is George. He is smart, charming, noble and brave. I only wish there were leaders today like him. In this time of uncertain times, we need leaders like him. Thank you, Mark for giving us our navel hero and for making him so real. Your talent as a storyteller is beyond measure. Thank you again!! Bob
  12. rjo

    Chapter 27

    When I was 14 yo I started a love of history which has never ended. One of the things which have drawn me to this saga and the CAP saga is the historical background in which these stories are set. Mark, your talents and characters bring these times to life. I have been drawn in and hope never to leave. From the first CAP story with Jeff JP and Stef watch the event of November 22, 1962 to the first day our brave navel hero first went to sea you have forced us to love and care about them. I was hoping that George would be able to return home safe and sound but again his mission and his honor draws him into harms way. We as readers know the future and know what is to come. The death of the Tsar and Nelson's great victory and his death, the battle of Waterloo and the kings 10 year illness and death. All that is before us. And only you know how George will play his part. Again a wonderful chapter and a wonderful story. Thank you so much!! Bob
  13. rjo

    Chapter 26

    How terribly sad. That noble young man dead. What is this mission? What danger must George and his ship encounter?
  14. rjo

    Chapter 25

    After reading this chapter for the second time I am at awe how Lord Granger handles difficult situations with the ease of a much older person. George has shown how much he has grown from the wide eyed lad of 14 to this talented Lord. Truly master of anything task he has been given. I believe this shows the skill of our beloved author. While George is my favorite character in this saga, I love Winkler too. The bond between these two is so strong!! I remember the time Winkler was tasked to leave Granger in the Med and go home. The courage is our brave steward in racing home to Portland Place and the touching reunion between Winkler and Granger during Grangers homecoming. This sage has bought us many heroes both real and fictional but I truly thank you for our brave Captain and his faithful steward. Again hoping Mark you are safe and well. Thank you again for this gift and these characters we love so much. Bob
  15. rjo

    Chapter 23

    I am rereading the Bridgemont saga. Two things strike me. The first is the person George Granger is strong, caring noble, honest, loyal. In many ways I wish I could meet him. However, the other thing compared to the CAP saga his is alone. Yes he has good friends, a wife, children, his father but still mostly alone. Maybe that is the fate of the naval officer. But it saddens me. In many ways he is like Wade or Will. George will always do the right thing no matter what. Thanks again for this great story and again coming back to us. Bob
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