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  1. rjo

    Chapter 15

    After reading this saga and this book over and over again, I believe this is one of my favorite chapters . How Zach handles Parnell and his buddies is masterful. Some may think that the evil Zack is at work but I disagree. Zack and Will were attacked and Zack reacted to that attack. However the way Zack did it was priceless. Everything Zack told them was true and it made Parnell and the others look like cowards, even traitors to America. As for JJ I agree with most of the others that if JJ is going to learn and grow he's going to have to do this by himself. As we know he has the inner strength to do that. Thanks again for these wonderful stories and characters.
  2. rjo

    Chapter 36

    Another step closer and only about 45 days away. It is a masterful plot like chess pieces on a board. Who can Granger trust? With Von Beckendof gone and Deventry ploting with the Russians. Hard to say if George's plan will work. If not this saga will end. I admit that my knowledge of Russian history of this time frame is a little weak. However, I do not believe George is walking into a trap. He was gotten out of difficult situations in the past so this one could be won. Only the tools are not cannon and swords but charm and tact and a very clever mind. Which George has. Again Mr. Arbour bravo for another chapter. Thank you for giving us our brave naval hero!!!
  3. rjo

    Chapter 62

    As in life, in this story there lines which express much more than just the words on the page. The last line of this chapter is such a line. “I’ve had one. One true friend who would go to bat for me.” He looked at me squarely, his eyes locked onto mine. “You.”
  4. rjo

    Chapter 35

    With this new chapter, Lord Granger is one step closer to St Petersburg and to danger. Being reunited with Deventry, and delivering the treasure is only part of the mission. The second part is filled with great danger and even death. We are only about 90 days from the death of the Tsar. Know that this story would end with Georges death, it gives me hope he will live and complete his mission. As the tension builds, all your readers pray for Georges safe return to England and home to his family. Again Mark you have given us a wonderful story of adventure and bravery. Thank you so much!!
  5. Who would have thought that a story which started with trouble and evil would end with joy and love. Not only did we find the black widow but Brad who was broken and hurting was healed with Jake. Both of those men flawed but together they have healed themselves and each other. You have transformed a mystery into a love story, not only for Brad and Jake, but also maybe for Will and Colin, and JJ and John. Bravo Mr. Arbour Bravo!!
  6. rjo

    Chapter 20

    As I have said many times before there are priceless lines in this saga and the one in which Stef tells JP that he got to know his father and liked him is such a line. Only you can make us laugh and cry in the same sentence. Bravo Mr. Arbour
  7. rjo

    Chapter 9

    When rereading this saga I sometimes skip this book which is a big mistake. We meet Aaron and Steven ( Stef's father ) and see Tonto again. Thoughts about this part of the story: I like Steven a lot. He is a good person, but in many ways he is alone. As we draw closer to war and Steven's death we feel the sadness. Unlike many of Mark's stories we know the ending. On the other hand we see Tonto. She is almost a force of nature. She is, as I've said before, one of my favorite most characters. She will stand up for what is right no mater what the cost. To see JP, Stef. Brad, and Robbie interact and understand the past gives us even more insight to them and to Steven, Aaron and Tonto. Thanks again Mark for this masterpiece.
  8. rjo

    Chapter 52

    “You're worried that you have too much of yourself revolving around Matt?” he asked, reading my mind. “How come it pisses you off when people read your mind, but you think it's OK to do that to me?” I asked, slightly perturbed. He laughed. “That's an excellent point, Wade. I apologize.” “It's OK,” I said, relenting. “I don't know if I could handle life without him,” I said, opening up to him. “I've had men in my life that I felt that way about, but when I had to move on, I found the strength to do it. You will too. But I don't think you'll have to. I think Matt's feelings are as strong as yours.” “Yeah. Easy for you to say,” I joked, sort of. “Well, for the record, if you two don't make it, if things don't work out, you will still have a place here with us,” he said. “You offering to adopt me?” I joked, using humor to deflect the feelings of gratitude I felt for what he said. “I would. I would in a heartbeat. I'd be proud to have a son like you,” he said sincerely. I felt a tear fall down my cheek, then another, while he just smiled and wiped them off my face for me. “Thanks, JP. I don't think you know how much that means to me, to know that you're there for me.” “You're wrong. I know exactly what it means to have someone like that.” He gestured toward a portrait of an older lady. “That's my aunt. We called her Tonto. You would have liked her. In her old age, she pretended to be all grumpy, but it was just an act. She was there for me when André died and I came out, when I had no one else. I know.” Again one pf my favorite moments in this saga.
  9. rjo

    Chapter 31

    Again another priceless moment the beginning of a relationship. One that will be tested almost to breaking but will grow and be stronger still.
  10. rjo

    Chapter 26

    There are moments in this saga which are priceless and Wade and Matt holding each other is one of them. Sometime the simple things are the most powerful. This is one of those moments. Thank you Mark!!
  11. rjo

    Chapter 25

    It is always sad to see the last chapter of a book in this saga. but this ending was priceless!! Awesome!! and even better perfect!!!
  12. rjo

    Chapter 16

    Of the many things I love about Mark's stories is the fact he brings these characters back after them being gone for a long time. Mark weaves this saga like a tapestry full if different colors and only at the end do we see the finish product.
  13. rjo

    Chapter 12

    After everything all the others they are united again!!
  14. rjo

    Chapter 14

    Again we are at the end of a book in this saga and we are sad and happy at the same time. As we know what will happen in the next books, we know this ending is not to be. However, as we see it now all the parties are happy on Christmas Day. Trouble sadness and loss are just a few months away. However our beloved authors love for happy endings shines through. Again well done Mark!!
  15. rjo

    Chapter 36

    The thing that has endeared me to this saga and these characters is even through great sadness and loss they are able to pick up the pieces and move on even stronger and grow from them. In life as in this story sometimes the hardest lessons are the ones who help us grow the most.
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