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  1. rjo

    Chapter 7

    Who would know that a battle , wounded leg and being robbed would bring these two together. This is the beginning of a bond which will only grow stronger over the years. Other than George, Winkler is my favorite character in this story. He is loyal, brave and trustworthy, without question. As I have said before I love both of them. Thank you for giving us our brave naval hero and his faithful steward.
  2. rjo

    Chapter 37

    As I reread this saga and this chapter, I like many of your readers know what will happen. We along with this family will lose this good and caring man, Robbie Hayes. Along with Tonto seeing him alive again is very bitter sweet. Many times I stand and wonder about these characters and this story of a family not much different than many of our own. And when I do, I can not express the thanks and joy this story has given me over these many years
  3. rjo

    Chapter 58

    At the end of this chapter, Brad thought about his relationship with Will, the father son bond. As we know that bond will be tested a lot but even with all the fights and trials to come that bond, that relationship will not be broken. In many ways that is what this saga is, the bond between fathers and sons. Again, Mark you have shown us what is important in this world we live in. We may have lost some freedom but we still have these relationships which comfort us and make us stronger in this weird world we find ourselves in. Thank you again.
  4. rjo

    Chapter 42

    It is interesting how George comes across as a much more honorable person then Daventry. We are only about a month away from the deed. I hope George and Charles will remain safe. It will be interesting to see how Mark weaves the story as the assassination grows closer. Thank you Mark for this gift and the other chapter too. Have a blessed New Year
  5. rjo

    Chapter 7

    Now we know why Will is here. This chapter also shows us that Will is playing this smart too.
  6. rjo

    Chapter 19

    As Miles says we know the ending that Steven is dead. However we don't want to believe it. As we read, we grow to love Steven. In some ways he and George Granger are the same, both in war, both gay and both alone. It breaks my heart to know this wonderful man is dead. The only good thing is that we got to see Tonto again. She was a remarkable woman in a day it was hard for women to be that way. Mark has forced us to care about these characters and even better to love them. Seeing them die is painful for all of us.
  7. rjo

    Chapter 36

    It has been said that dinners at Escorial are always interesting and many times exciting. This one, however, takes the cake. Two things come to mind Brian's action and Matt's parents reaction and maybe even more important the actions of Matt's adopted family. Their love and acceptance over shadows everything else. Their love is like a warm blanket on a cold winter night. Warming all who are covered by it.
  8. rjo

    Chapter 23

    The old saying THE SHIT IS ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN. You can feel the tension and the drama building. Little do these characters know what is to come, both at dinner and in the next book of this saga
  9. rjo

    Chapter 20

    After rereading this chapter and the next book I was able to guess who was Matt's father. That is when I began to comment on Mark's stories
  10. rjo

    Chapter 18

    I have learned over many years that secrets are bad for those who don't know them and maybe even worse for those who made and have to keep them.
  11. rjo

    Chapter 3

    And as Miles said that is what this saga is all about. The family we create around us
  12. rjo

    Chapter 27

    This is the beginning of Will's story. Naming him after three of the most important men in Brad's life was priceless. Thank you Mr. Arbour.
  13. rjo

    Chapter 35

    The problem with this is that we will never know what caused Billie to act the way he did. I know this will bother Brad for years to come. All of them will play the what of game. As they will again 21 years on 9 11.
  14. rjo

    Chapter 27

    Again Mark shows us Brad can be a caring person. Saving David shows us the good person behind the teenager. Mouse is one of my favorite characters. With the guys befriending him I know he will shine. Good job Mark and good job Brad too.
  15. rjo

    Chapter 16

    This is the beginning of the rollercoaster ride which was Brad and Robbie's relationship. As JP asked Brad so many years later were the highs worth having the lows? I believe they were.
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