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  2. Private Tim isn't a CAP character, but director Christopher Landon (yes, of THAT Landon parentage) is how I pictured him. Can't you just see this guy doing preppy sports at a preppy academy in The OC during the 90's and then growing up to become a handsome lawyer who fosters gay teenagers? Landon also comes from a conservative (for California) family. My alternative Private Tim picks are Chad Allen or Ricky Schroder.
  3. Chapter 13 -When Stefan watches his grandson engage in a threeway. Because of course he would. "Milkshake" by Kelis -When Connie and Will set down to a romantic dinner. "Lady Lady Lady" by Joe Eposito -When Connie and Will acknowledge that their fling is coming to an end. "Angel of the Morning" by Merilee Rush I somehow managed to rep three different decades in these recs. Nice.
  4. Chapter 12 -When Will and Connie get on the yacht and enjoy the sights. "Superstar" by Jamelia -When Will and Connie watch the sunset on the yacht. "The Name of the Game" by Abba -When Will and Connie go snorkeling. "Island in the Sun" by Weezer -When Will meets up with Stefan and JP, getting to introduce him to his new Australian friends. "Tu Es Foutu" by In-Grid
  5. Because I could find nowhere to put my own ebooks, I asked every site, but there was zero interest, so I made my own free site - https://the-gay-fiction-library.site123.me The only problem is, being free, it is limited on storage and you have to rename the downloaded ebooks, but it's free.
  6. That truly is a shame. I hope you find another way to make them available. It’s nice to be able to read one’s favorite stories offline too.
  7. Yeah, we're at a point in the story now where 80's music has officially become nostalgic and "cool" again, while 70's and before are "classic." Meanwhile I'm avoiding 90's music. It's not yet cool again. LOL. But yeah, if you think about it, Will's kind of a male Bette Davis- magnetic, strong-willed, and direct. Kind of like a hurricane but in a good way.
  8. I wondered where you'd slot in "Down Under". That was a good choice. Bette Davis Eyes...that was unexpected but awesome
  9. Sadly GA eliminated their ebook section. I have them, but I have not found a place to post them.
  10. Chapter 11 -When Will and Connie engage in some sexual release after the snake plot is revealed. "Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes I somehow never used this one until now. LOL. All these years. Not even during Be Rad or Man In Motion. -When Will and Tom get high and scope out the area and hang out. "Touch of Grey" by the Grateful Dead -When Will and Tom kiss each other. "Sweet Jane" by the Cowboy Junkies
  11. Chapter 10 -When Will analyzes his relationship with Zach, and decides that he's really, really, really over him this time. He promises. "I Am the Highway" by Audioslave -When Will and Connie fly over the sacred Australian landmark Uluru. "Land Down Under" by Men at Work -When Will and Connie walk around the sacred Australian landmark Uluru. "Sprit of Uluru: Australian Aboriginal Music"
  12. Back before this site was revamped, I know Mark used to put ePub files of completed stories on here for download. I'm not seeing that's a thing anymore, or am I wrong? If they are still available, can anyone point me in the right direction as to where to find them?
  13. Uhmm, I do ? Have I missed Gap Year chapters ? Isn't Will still having fun with Conway ?
  14. Well good news! Peter is better and back at work, albeit at a slowed pace. There's a chapter of "Northern Exposure" posted as a result of his labors!
  15. Truly appreciate the update but I believe we all understand with what is going on. Just hope that he continues to improve and we all await with delight any new chapter that we receive from you and your team....
  16. Thanks for the update Mark. No apologies necessary. I'm glad you've recovered and I hope for a speedy and complete recovery for Peter.
  17. I want to apologize to all of you for the posting delays over the past few months. The first round was caused by my battle with COVID, which I was lucky to have won with what appear to be no lasting detrimental side effects. Unfortunately, I found out that my final beta reader, Peter Anonymous, has developed COVID as well. Since he's a bit older than me, it's a bit scarier. I got an email from him telling me that he wasn't getting any worse, so that's good. In any event, I'm reluctant to post new chapters until he's had a chance to work through them. He's so good at catching de
  18. Look at me, only three months late in responding. Sorry I've neglected this forum but I'll try to do better. 1. What was the inspiration for the CAP saga and for your characters (JP, Brad and Will)? The inspiration for the CAP saga was appropriately enough a musical (because it's a gay story): Hairspray. I watched that and thought it would be interesting to write about that era, when there was so much change starting to happen. The inspiration for the characters is a bit more complicated. JP is an amalgamation of a bunch of different people, but the main character is styl
  19. Chapter 9 -Conflict resolution with Strider. "Beat It" by Michael Jackson I am so glad I can feel okay about using 80's tunes again. They're officially old enough in this story's timeline that you're being retro. Man, I miss 80's themed school dances and bar nights.
  20. I missed the original announcement you had caught the virus....and THEN I missed the announcement you were feeling better! Well I’m really glad for the latter. Keep well, Mark!
  21. Chapter 8 -When Will meets Connie's friends. Basically, imagine frat people, but Australian. "Dirrty" by Christina Aguilera I never thought I'd say this, but I miss the sleaziness of the 2000's. -When it snows. "Rock DJ" by Robbie Williams -When Will makes someone his bitch, but not in the fun way. (Yet?) "Move Bitch" by Ludacris
  22. I completely missed this announcement. Glad you're feeling better, Mark.
  23. Thanks for your good wishes! I was diagnosed with COVID when I went into the doc because of extreme fatigue. I got lucky in that the fatigue was the only symptom I really had to deal with. It knocked me on my ass for a week, and since then I've gotten better to the point where I feel fully recovered. Time to write a chapter or two.
  24. Best wishes to Mark, get better soon😊

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