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Awesome Olympic Commercials

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Has anyone seen the new McDonald's commercial running during the Olympics? It's absolutely brilliant. Check it out:




It works on so many levels- the music, the father/daughter relationship, and 1980's Gen Xer nostalgia. It's such a cynically brilliant love letter to the "children of the 80's" generation, who've mostly taken over as the parents to school-aged kids.They did a great job with creating that mid-1980's "feel" in a way that didn't feel overdone or underdone. The house and the car especially felt spot-on for Reagan Era America.


Kudos to the little boy playing the child of the 80's. He really did a good job with giving the paternal vibe even though I'm assuming he didn't actually film with his "daughter."


It's been a while since I've seen an ad this good. Whoever did it, I hope got a great raise out of it.


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In the US, there were two others that were LGBT specific. A Nike ad featured a Transman who is on Team USA although not part of the Olympic contingent. The other, for a school, included a woman in a Same-Sex relationship.


Mini's Defy Labels ad explores similar themes.

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