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Apparently they're trying to get computers to spot gay people.

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27 minutes ago, Paqman said:

What could go wrong?

Actually, seems like it could be the premise for a story.



Yes, I saw this.  Both fascinating and terrifying.  But at least we can now get an answer to the question "do I look gay?'.

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14 minutes ago, William King said:

If you could determine a person was gay from there facial features, then that is tantamount to saying that there is a gay gene.


That's one possibility.  However in my brief reading around this research I'm sure they mentioned other factors, which were more akin to appearance than facial structure, so I don't think it's as simple as a gay gene.  I'm not sure which version of this I prefer though.

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I don’t think there’s a single Gay gene and there are other factors involved. It’s probably like eye color where multiple genes affect the color, but straight is dominant. That might be a partial explanation for bisexuality too.


But this isn’t the first case where they’ve linked genes with unrelated physical characteristics. Facial symmetry (seen as beauty) is an indicator of chromosomal symmetry. Differences in finger length have been shown to correlate with sexual orientation. Trans people have been shown to have brains consistent with their identity, not their genetic gender (male brains differ from female brains). Other studies have shown structural similarities between the brains of Gay men with women and Lesbians with men.

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