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  1. Saying hi Cassie Queen. Hope all is well. 😘 

    1. CassieQ


      It's good to hear from you!  :hug:

  2. FormerMember4

    Money Talks

    Thanks for the heads up Sir. Well worth the wait. These characters continue to jump off the screen. The unfolding continues to intrigue. Honest in delivery and holding no punches. As we saw with Ben and Travis... cues don’t have to be verbal. So much was said without words. I look forward to the interaction between Eric and Ben. It will be a big mistake for Eric to underestimate Ben. While Eric May think Travis is Ben’s weakness. He will prove to be Ben’s strength. Thank you Sir. I appreciate the detail to human nature, and psychology.
  3. Hello Sir. I hope you have a terrific day Sir. I will come back for Dissonance. Getting anxious. Congrats again on the win. At least the Knights scored to make 4-3 in the end.

    1. MacGreg


      The Knights really picked up the pace. I was nervous it would go into overtime. The Avs don't do well in OT. 


      Thanks for stopping in here today. I know it takes strength. Talk to you soon and be well. 

  4. Congrats Professor! Did that come with a raise? Well deserved!
  5. Hello again!  :glomp:

    1. FormerMember4


      I’m not intentionally ignoring you. I’ve been overwhelmed with things lately. Anxiety in overdrive. Not staying on long, but wanted to give shoutout. ❤️ 

    2. CassieQ


      I know you haven't been ignoring me, you've been crazy busy.  Glad to see you back!

  6. FormerMember4

    Lesson #4

    Thank you for telling me about the updates Sir. I know you told me a couple weeks ago, but as you know... I’ve been dealing with some things. The beginning is always so difficult. Especially when you constantly doubt yourself. What exactly will be expected? Uncertainty and not wanting to disappoint. Your writing is sometimes like looking at a reflection in the mirror. I relate to that boy on so many levels. His Dom is showing such care. Patient and kind. Setting the foundation of trust. The nurturing center that can, and does bring calm and confidence. Thank you Sir. For the eloquence in your words.
  7. You haven't been around... Hope everything is ok with you :hug:

    1. FormerMember4


      Thanks Leo! I’m ok, a lot going on. Hope you are well! 🤗 

    2. Sweetlion


      yup, I also haven't been super participative in the forums and games, but noticed a while ago that you haven't either, so just thought I should ask. 

  8. Popping in before I travel. Sending you all the safest, and warmest holiday wishes. May your holidays be filled with love and joy... Also, the happiest beginning to 2019.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Brayon


      Merry Christmas, jp. Stay safe and warm.

    3. Dodger


      Thanks JP. Good to hear from you. I hope you enjoy your travels. :heart:

    4. Caz Pedroso

      Caz Pedroso

      Merry Christmas, my friend, hope you have/had a safe journey and have a great holiday.  :hug: 

  9. Hope you are doing well friend.  

    1. MacGreg


      That boy is missed around here. 

    2. FormerMember4


      Thanks Cass! I’m doing well sweetie. Happy Holidays! xo

  10. Hello BlindAmbition. I think if you are reading this, you will have realized by now how much you are missed and cared for by  your friends here at GA. Your average was 8.9 posts each day, so from July 24th to now is around 800+ posts we have missed out on from you, yes one person(like you) can make a big difference. Your family here are worried/ concerned. If you can, let us know how things are going for you. Till then you remain in my thoughts and prayers.

    When you do come back I want you to see my BD wish along the many others from your friends here. So, I wish you a very Happy 46th Birthday and the celebrations that go with it. Positive thoughts going your way.


    Take care


    1. FormerMember4


      Thanks for the Bday wishes. I appreciate you reminding me how old I am. 😊 

  11. Happy Birthday my friend

    i hope that you are well

    1. FormerMember4


      Thanks molly. I’m doing well. Hoping the same for you. 🤗 

  12. Hey jp, happy birthday.

    I see you haven't been around lately so I hope all is well for you

    1. FormerMember4


      Thanks Clo! I’m ok. Hope all is well! xo

  13. Happy Birthday, jp... missing you, and hope all is well.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Brayon


      Good to see you, man. I hope all is well. 🙂

    3. FormerMember4


      I’m still kick’n. Think of you while watching hockey. Not a stellar season for my Knights.

    4. Brayon


      Touch and go with my boys. With Hedman down, our Defense has been lacking.

  14. Happy birthday, my boy! Everyone here misses you. I'll pass along their well wishes.



    1. FormerMember4


      Thank you Sir. A double dose from one of my fave groups. Wishing you a good end to the weekend.

  15. Happy Birthday jp. Miss you...

    1. FormerMember4


      Thanks Reader! I miss you too. Thought I responded earlier. There has been some site changes. 🤗 

    2. Reader1810


      No worries, jp. Better late than never as they say. hugs

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