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  1. FROMA Freedom remains oppressed men's aspiration. SLAVE
  2. I've been following it. I'm not sure if the narrator is writing a book on metrology, meteorology, or combining both (a book about the science of measuring metrological phenomena). I thought of emailing Nigel , I did a couple of weeks ago as he left a suggested edit in ([ brackets, suggestion), but didn't want to appear as if I'd missed something in a chapter explaining why the book on measurements was about the weather.
  3. Paqman

    Mayday, May Day

    Certain tinned goods? Everything was stripped from the shelves, I went to my local supermarket on the way home (6pm) on a Monday and they had a few carrots left, Wednesday, not even that. Not a single tin (food or beer), toilet roll, bag of anything dried, no flour for over 2 months. I think it took 3-4 weeks for them to get anywhere near normal stock levels of tins, and about 3 months for flour. They kept saying on the news that everyone was baking to pass the time, my question was "with what?".
  4. I wonder who's idea it was for candidates to dress in a flimsy white robe , wouldn't something a bit tougher provide a bit of protection from dragon claws? Ps, can you get gay dragons?
  5. Paqman

    Chapter 1

    Fortunately my local Odeon , although it got a couple of extra screens where the stalls were, never covered up the 1930s décor. http://www.cinemaprojectionists.co.uk/Odeon Richmond Web/odeon richmond.html The local Gaumont closed, it's most distinctive feature was the sliding roof above the stalls, it could open to the stars (not in my time though). Or they ended up as bingo halls , this one still in its original décor , Gala bingo Tooting Or churches Rainbow Astoria , Finsbury Park. , now restored. The Who, The Beatles and more played there.
  6. Surely biased towards someone could be good from that person's point of view. Biased against however.... Hopefully Christine was only online with her boyfriend.
  7. Norton-juxta-Twycross, England
  8. ACHVD Another cretin has volunteered, David. HAHAH(hahaha) (mad scientist laughing)
  9. Paqman

    Lifting Weights

    How old are you, didn't they retire 1600+ years ago? 🙂 Hopefully it was Dyonysus, he seems fun, some of the others seemed a bit pompous. And Zeus , hell, he might appear as a swan, or a golden shower.
  10. The book's too long for one movie. I thought the Lynch version was an abomination ( a bit like Alia ), from what I saw of the series, it follows the story better.
  11. Paqman

    Lifting Weights

    I hope note, look at statues of Greek gods, not very well endowed at all. 🙂
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