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  1. Coming back as not found today.
  2. Iomfats has now overtaken awesomdude in postings, one chapter ahead.
  3. I didn't expect that today.
  4. I'm trying to guess at which trial Johnny reveals his mother used to pimp him out . The criminal one, as a prosecution witness, but behind closed doors, or the libel case, with more publicity. Either should destroy her career, and possibly get her imprisoned.
  5. http://awesomedude.com/nigel_gordon/living-with-johnny/index.htm
  6. GAMER Go ahead, make extra rooms. SPACE
  7. My initials,used as a misspelling of a video game.
  8. Draycott Fitz Payne , England
  9. COUNT Calmly, Owen undid Nigel's trousers. OOHER
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