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Kiss of an Angel: Soundtrack


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One of my very favorite stories by Comicality is 'Kiss of an Angel' which follows the first love of Ariel, an angel of a boy who has two left feet and the sweetest disposition ever given to a heart. The object of his love is the angelically beautiful and exquisitely good natured Tyler who is madly in love with Ariel in return though Ariel has a hard time believing it. It is a lovely spin off from one of Comsie's other popular romances 'New Kid In School'.


You can find the story here:


Because I love the 'happy vibe' of this story so much I created a playlist soundtrack for it. I've coupled it with a graphic I came up with for a cover. The painting is not mine. I will look up the artist again so I can credit him. I love his work!


I love this story SO much! It just makes me happy all over! I could eat Ariel up with a spoon I swear! He's such an adorable character! If you haven't indulged yourself in this story I greatly encourage you take the time. It's like literary cocoa!









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