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Seed of Harmony, Finally finished!

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Thanks for all of your support and mentoring over the past year, guys and gals!


I finally decided to quit futzing around with the manuscript and release 'Seed of Harmony' (self-published).


It was more of a struggle than I thought it should be, trying to figure out where to end book 1 and start book 2.  I wanted to end it at Chapter 55 with a looming cliff-hanger, but I got so much negative feedback from test readers that I changed my plans.  They didn't want to wait a year to find out what happened.  So, I relented, had the graphic artist enlarge the spine cover image to handle 400 pages and continued through Chapter 58.  There is still a little cliff-hanger, but it feels like most of the plot strings are tied together in a neat little knot.


I'd love your feedback, now that it is published.  Like most of us on this site, I'd really like to improve my skills as an author... I still have trouble calling myself an author...


Now, I've entered the dark, misty and damp underground tunnels of 'Marketing your eBook'.  Man!  Trying to navigate all of this is really overwhelming...


If any of you experienced authors have some insight, I would appreciate a mentor right about now.  Lord knows I need a retirement income!  And I sure hope I can recoup the expense of getting to this point, at any rate.


Kind regards and yours in gayness,


C. Arthur Shuey



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