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Neverwinter F2P


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This game has been out for awhile now and is both PC and Xbox One (and other's I'm sure).  Anyone playing it?  What do you think?


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This is another one I play, from time to time, on PC.


Pros: Good storylines, and even though it's 4th edition rules set, it still follows the current DnD storyline, and the products they put out. So, Storm King's Thunder, Elemental Evil, is all right there. R.A. Salvatore wrote one of the End-Game Adventure Trains. Has a unique Mount, Companion, and Artifact system.


Cons: It's an MMO. You can Solo it, and join into random Dungeon groups for raids, but as all MMOs go, It's who you're guild with. Cash Shop for consumables, mainly boosts, but also mounts and companions. Some of the better ones can only be bought there. They have the ^&()*&(&^%*(*() Loot Boxes, which need keys, that can be had in the cash shop. Dungeon keys are needed for chests at the end of a raid, but you can get 1 free one a day.


Cryptic relies heavily on the Cash Shop for stuff to make the game easier. I won't call it Pay to Win because you can do everything for free with enough grinding and special weekends, but I would say it's Pay for Advantage. If you can get past that, and it being an MMO where the best content is at End-Game, there is some good storytelling with the Race, Class, and Zone quests, and I highly recommend doing all quests.

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