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  1. I'm alive.

    1. Kitt


      Was starting to wonder.

    2. dughlas


      Good, it's been a while.

    3. wildone


      You have been busy watching and celebrating the Stanley Cup championship :D In a responsible way :P 

  2. Trust me, stay away from Baby Shark... EDIT: The UN should classify it as a War Crime.
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    2. Mikiesboy


      Canada is a good place to live.

    3. Ron


      @Mikiesboy Yes, yes Canada is a great place to live. Especially Toronto where I lived for three years, yea!

    4. Mikiesboy


      @Ron yep, Toronto is a good place. That's where we live. Where i grew up.

  3. tim, my brother. This is one of your poems that takes me a while to digest, and the reason why is in your note at the end. Suffering from the same starting point as you. I felt this poem in my soul. It spoke to me on several levels. Being there, and knowing first hand the struggle. Fantastic piece of work.
  4. True, but... Under safety precautions, it lists ropes and harnesses. So, just strap yourself down, before popping the cork on the bottle, and you should be fine.
  5. Shouldn't that be Wine, not Water? Enjoy your vacation.
  6. Brayon


    I could feel the love radiating in this poem, tim. Excellent work!
  7. It's been a little light in the Writer's Circle lately. Perhaps I need to bring back Topic Tuesdays.
  8. I've watched a few shows on Amazon Prime's IMDB-TV. Even as a prime member there is still ads, but they have been pretty low interrupting. Like maybe 5 times for 1.5 minutes each.
  9. Good to know. I've been wanting to get into baking, more, and anything that makes it easier, is a blessing.
  10. I just spent the last 20 minutes watching bread machine videos. I want one now.
  11. Thank you, everyone. I'm really trying not to panic right now, and according to Mom, her roommate was asymptomatic until the last 24 hours. Had a in person Dr. Appointment today, due to asthma acting up, and got swabbed for Covid-19 testing anyway. It'll be my second test since the pandemic started. I told the doc it was all the dust from Africa that started it, but it just hadn't cleared up from it.
  12. Update from my Mom. Her roommate passed away due to Covid-19. And more employees have tested positive (8 total since it started, most in the front office, and 2 have been agency nurses that they are STILL using. WTF!). She's been tested several times now, and has been negative each time. But, she's under quarantine. Can't even go outside to smoke. (Which I have no issues with, she should have quit years ago, but it's her choice.) That said, I'll be around, maybe, perhaps, who knows.
  13. Damn, Harry Potter was hella dark!


  14. Just saw on the news that Tropical Storm Fay is heading for NY and NJ, so I suspect you might get some rain out of it.
  15. You have me doing the Snoopy Happy Dance right now.
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