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Innocence Waning by chezdon1997

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Greetings. I am relatively new to GA. It is great to have come across such an active and diverse community. I am looking forward to sharing my writing with you.


Currently, I am posting Innocence Waning, which is a novel that I completed earlier in the year. It took two years to finish it and since resurrecting the final draft and now doing the last edit, I will be lucky to have it posted on Amazon and Google Books in the next month. I have also started writing the follow-up to this novel but I thought I would put my head down and finish the first book before typing out more words for the world to read in draft form.


Innocence Waning is the first book in a series of three set in Australia in 2015. It tells the story of precocious sixteen-year-old Chezdon Morrison. He is not only coming to terms with his identity but is dealing with an assortment of dysfunctional adults. He has an addictive personality, faces the rigours of attending a Melbourne-based private school and overcomes the unfortunate spoils of reality and how it reacts to the choices he makes. This is a realistic narrative of teenage life where Chezdon and his mates learn that in order to find themselves they have to lose themselves first.

Self-rated as "mature" because of the multiple adult themes, this story involves complex plot-twists and is addictive as pizza. There is a good mix of adults and teenagers who all have disparate lives which ultimately intertwine.


The book is actually broken into two parts. The total word count is 217k between the two books. I wrote the first part whilst in Melbourne, Australia. It started out as a short story but after some positive feedback, I converted into a long-form book. Seven chapters were written in London and then after taking yet another two-month break from writing to enjoy life (travel to Portugal, France, Mexico and the US) I retreated back to the south of France and finished the book, producing 45k words in 45 days.


It has been compared to "Catcher In The Rye" and also "Trainspotting" so if that is any indication of what you are in for...


That is the story of Innocence Waning. Hopefully, you enjoy the many words that form the book.


[Note, I am posting the Final-DRAFT version. You may find the occasional error and for that I apologise.]



IW-1 Final Cover.jpg

IW-2 Final Cover.jpg

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