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  1. I was last in California nearly three years ago to the day. Besides the old nugget of "show us your ID, it is not legal to drink if you are 19" but my Aussie drivers license confused most including the managers that would inspect it, I found being in the area challenging as nobody could or bothered to try to understand me. It is an interesting place where it took six hours to drive from Sherman Oaks to San Diego where I thought I was going to go berserk and have a heart attack shouting in traffic, to be annoying that I have to tip for everything. Never carrying cash in England (or Oz) is a thing to prevent the black market from flourishing and the vagrants hearing coins rattling, which was bemusing. However, I loved the amazing Mexican food and service-oriented mentality (thus tips) I spent a few years in Malibu as a tween and can understand the dilemma of the local eucalytus sans koalas) but still remain in awe of the grapes and what are produced in Santa Barbara. So much so, that I disgraced myself there where my accent made up for suitable ID to prove my age to taste the wonderful wine. Oh, those are the days... Chez
  2. I gained 5kg whilst driving Europe during the summer. I blame Sicily - hot days, sitting by the pool and eating too much amazing pizza. Since returning to England, I went keto and lost the 5kg in five weeks. I substituted beer and wine (sadly) for gin. Lattes for Americano. No bread, rice or sugar. Besides acting like a maniac the first week, my energy returned and my body adapted. I would much rather alter my diet instead of languish at the gym or try to get motivated to run on uneven payment in near freezing temperatures. The butcher and fishie know me now because I am always buying fresh stuff. It seems, win-win. Gin is much better than beer too!
  3. What an interesting thread to find given that I just had words with my boyfriend. I taught him a life lesson that if you use the hoover to suck up food from the kitchen floor that it would be wise to empty the dust trap when the task is complete. It sounds reasonable don't you reckon? I found rotting food (cauliflower) in the filter from when he last tried to help out and clean up. I wasn't this naive when moving out of home when I was 18, when I ended up relocating overseas. I made heaps of mistakes since I was not properly inducted into the world of Adults. I can't iron clothes to save my life. If I try (despite the iron) I end up wrecking the clothes. The dry cleaner is getting rich off my hard work. I also suppose my Aussie sense of humour isn't as funny as I think it is. Cracking jokes on the underground or to the butcher tend to be misunderstood. It is hard to keep calm and carry on in this wonderful country. Also, the lost art of writing a complaint. I perfected in Australia when I was dissatisfied and it usually led to a positive response. Here though, perhaps it is the Aussie humour I inject into the diatribe that I will send on occasion has led to suggestions that I will get my buttocks kicked if I return and my commerce is no longer welcomed. Like learning that clothes do not like languishing in a damp state in the washing machine for a week, like with the rotting food in the hoover, lessons learned.
  4. To all The Surrogates readers: I made a mistake when copying 'Bitch Trials, Part 2' over a few days ago. I accidentally cut off two paragraphs which are very crucial to the story. I have since corrected my mistake. Thank you for all of you who have been reading my story! It means so much! - Bryce

  5. Dear readers of THE SURROGATES. This past week was test week for my trainees so I did not get to write that much. I am about to post Chapter 11 so I hope you enjoy. Thank you for being so patient! - Bryce

  6. I just wanted to thank everyone who has been reading THE SURROGATES. I used to write quite regularly and even posted here regularly but due to circumstances, my confidence got shaken. After taking some time to read and listen to podcasts, I have once again been bitten by the writing bug. I hope you continue to enjoy this story and the characters. I cannot wait to share more!

  7. Happy Birthday!

    1. Former Author

      Former Author

      Thank you so much! Sorry for the late response!!!


  9. Chapter 2 is on it's way! Had to step away from writing for some personal issues.

  10. Chapter One of The Wilderman Assignment has been completed. I am going to start on Chapter 2! Enjoy!

  11. I have just finished the 21 chapters of  the love song of Lenny Bradshaw, OMG its amazing! I love and can't wait to read more of it. I have also read chapter 1.1 and 1.2 of the Wilderman assignment, I like what I have read so far and I'm looking forwarded to reading more. Thank you posting. 




    1. Former Author

      Former Author


      Thank you for taking the time to read my work. When I wrote The Love Song of Lenny Bradshaw, I had difficulty finishing it. I deeply enjoy the characters so much and I'm totally open to finishing the story at a later time.

      I'm glad you are enjoying The WIlderman Assignment. I just finished Chapter One and I can't wait to start Chapter 2. I hope you will like it! Thank you for reaching out. That means a lot!!!


  12. Wonderful to see you back! I promise to play nice :yes: muah

    1. Former Author

      Former Author

      Glad to be back! Thanks for welcoming back!

  13. I think it is good that this movie was made and I am happy that it entered the mainstream has created not only an impact but is a support mechanism for questioning teens in the community. What I didn't like is that the character who blackmails Simon seemingly gets away with it. Sure, he is "embarrassed" but what he did is technically a crime and it is glossed over in order to progress the plot of forcing Simon out of the closet. In reality, Simon needed to headbutt that character and then deny anything was going on. He was using an alias, as was the other boy, so there was technically no material to blackmail old Simon with. I thought it was a poor catalyst to move the story along and was very unrealistic.
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