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Hehehe, family..


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One of my younger cousins came by and wanted to spend the weekend over here, which has been a lot of fun. She's 12, but she LOVES horror movies just as much as I do, so we had a marathon last night! LOL! Thank God, I finally have a kindred spirit in my horror fetish! Hehehe!

Then I put her in VR and she became obsessed with the Exorcist game and refused to go to bed until she finished all of the chapters. And that game is freaky as shit, even for me! (Snakes crawling in a baby's crib and wrapping themselves around the baby's throat??? GAH! Nope!) But she loved it! :P

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow night with more stuff. I'm just doing the whole family thing as they come into town for the holiday. So I will see you then!

Coming up next? "Gone From Daylight"! :)

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