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  1. sick and tired of being lied to...by "friends" no less...where in the hell did morality in people go and why in the fuck does it not matter to anyone else that it's gone?

    1. Celethiel


      it was never there, and it was always the individual's choice to be moral or not...

      *hugs you* I am sorry Coley.

    2. harcallard


      i agree with celethiel. hugs


  2. WHERE ARE YOU!!!!???????????!!!!!!

  3. to the douches in the world...you're worth nothing more than your namesake...so please...do us all a favor, return the 5 bucks you cost and throw yourself away!

    1. Timboy


      I like this Coley


  4. to the douches in the world...you're worth nothing more than your namesake...so please...do us all a favor, return the 5 bucks you cost and throw yourself away!

  5. "gazing into eternity at our star crossed paths, our hearts entwined, souls entangled, and our love as one."--Me, too lazy to blow it into a larger poem right now...but it is how I feel lol

  6. so...I have no idea why. and there was nothing to spur this kind of emotion in me right now. but I feel heartbroken!! like, literally, curl up in a bed for days, bawl my eyes out, become a recluse and sleep, heartbroken :/

    1. Celethiel


      *hugs you* sorry...T_T

  7. Is soooo in love with people right now -_____________-

  8. Technique juries....who would do me a service and shoot me now?!?!

  9. Question 1 = What is your favorite season? (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) - Winter Question 2 = Which of these do you prefer - Earthquake, Tsunami, Firestorm, Blizzard, Volcanic Eruption, Lightning Storm, Hurricane? - Lightning Sotrm Question 3 - Do you like Castles or Quests? - Castles Question 4 - Do you prefer Chariot or Ship? - Ship Question 5 = Which do you prize more? - Firemaking or lightmaking. - firemaking Question 6 = What sounds better, the deception of the hand or the fleetness of the foot? - Deception of the hand Question 7 = Pick one - Charisma, Dexterity, Constitution, Luck or Intelligence - Intelligence Question 8 = Which is more important? - Knowing your enemies or Knowing your friends? - Knowing your enemies Question 9 = Which do you prefer - The vast and mysterious Amazon or the ancient and knowing Nile? - the Ancient and Knowing Nile Question 10 = Which of the following is more accurate - The hand deceives the eye -or- Wisdom is correct knowledge correctly applied? - Wisdom is correct knowledge correctly applied Question 11 = Would you rather die young and glorious or old and experienced? - Old and experienced Question 12 = Which attracts you more? - A great imperial capital city of murder, intrigue and fortune or a cozy warm cottage deep in a far off forest glade? - capital city =)
  10. Fawkes....I do believe it is your birthday :D


  11. Yo...night trev :D

  12. And the audition process has ended....now...the wait!!!

  13. JOOOOOOEEEEYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The long forgotten toy on the top shelf sees everything thats done...and thus is life

  15. 2 days til auditions...and the freaking out begins!!

  16. A perfectly good smile...ripped and flipped!!

  17. Sitting here.....like a boss!! Suck it!!!!

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    2. jamiiewhiite
    3. 1Coley


      Things will be much better if you stop squirming xD

    4. jamiiewhiite


      Keep your hands to yourself!

  18. Welcome to GA....if you have any questions just ask :)

  19. so tired of the crap and the games...ready to just forget!!

  20. Welcome to GA, hope you enjoy it here :)

  21. A broken heart and a shattered mind...a mess I've become, will stay, and function forth as the world spins faster and faster!!

  22. Happy birthday Bekki :D

  23. Likin the new pic :)

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